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Women are like teabags. We don't know our true strength until we are in hot water!

Eleanor Roosevelt

Poetography - Week 68 - Strength

Thank you SkeletalMess for texture

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THANK YOU folks for stopping by and

all your invites, comments, and faves

much appreciated ;-))

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That is not blood on the teabags, its the colour of the Rooibos tea;-) This is my interpretation of Nature for : 30 day Photo a Day group. It should reperesent plants and animals, here's why...

..... My older sister by five years has been a veggie since before her teen years and having grown up in South Africa with its strong meat eating culture, it was not easy for her. I remember many a meal sitting with a churning stomach because she got a sadistic delight in telling me, in great detail, how animals were slaughtered and exactly what sinew and muscle I was about to chew. I wish I could say it eventually just made my stomach stronger but the truth be told I still struggle with needing to eat red meat for the iron and my stomach churning everytime I do so :-))... So what about you... are you a veggie or a meat lover??


texture~Les Brumes

pencil drawings and wire-teabag copy of a seed



Bleistiftzeichnungen und Draht-Teebeutel-Kopie von einem Samen

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Decided to revisit one of my old shots for week 38 remixed with some flash :-)



Lumopro 160 - gelled with 1/2 CTO - camera right

attack of the professional coffee thrower



box for sprouts,


used and dried teabags,


threads from fleamarket



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So I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was going to make a picture out of 1000 teabags ... and here it is!!


It's a picture of my Grandma from when she was very young, the same picture I made out of tea leaves not so long ago ( <--- click on that 'tea leaves' link if you want to know the story behind why I used my Grandma).

The original photo I copied it from is in the comments.


Sooooo ... the average British person drinks approx 1000 cups of tea in a year ... so it's kinda a visual reference to that as well as to do with my identity / heritage / personal habits, I guess.


Errr so this is my little area at college (those weird pictures at the side aren't mine btw, they're my friend Holly's) :D

I have a desk but I moved it out of the way to fit my teabags in.


This picture isn't staying squashed in this corner though, my tutor said I can put on a big wall at the end of the studio. Which will be better because then people can stand away from it and view it from a distance.


Officially the biggest piece of art I've ever made XD




| |




Haare in Teebeuteln, gesammelt in Drahtkäfig

Do these relate at all? Probably not. Do I care? Obviously not. I just like it.

I took this shot, among many, of a little utensil that I use to squeeze my teabag when it is done. The real purpose of the object was to squeeze lemon slices but works nicely on teabags also... I like this particular shot because of the reflections on the counter top !!! Only treatment was enhance (sharpen) with Topaz Detail and frame...


The Group Pool is HERE!!


To view other objects in today's challenge Go Here !!!



Our Daily Challenge: Floral

Poetography: New

anna texture by Kim Klassen


The first morning after we lose an hour is always kind of rough. Especially when your husband snores all night (grrr). Have a good one, friends.

For this week’s Macro Mondays ‘Evolution’ theme, I have chosen to photograph loose-leaf tea and a tea bag.


As a kid, I was taught to make tea with loose-leaf ‘Typhoo Tea’. It had to be made in a pot, and ‘brewed’ or ‘infused’ for exactly four minutes! The tea-caddy spoon in the image is about 120 years old, and still used to this day!! I’ll not go in to the ‘milk in the cup first / tea then milk’ argument, but suffice to say, it’s different when you make tea in a cup with a tea bag! Tea is the panacea to life, and a staple drink of most (but not all) residents of the UK! I love tea, so it was a pretty simple choice for me :)


Simple set up: All natural light, with post processing in Photoshop and Lightroom CC.

photos trapped in teabags


Macro Mondays. Members choice - 'Found in the kitchen'

okay, okay I know it's really twee but I love it! My brother got me this tiny tea set when he went on a school trip years ago and I have loved it ever since. HMM : )

teabag inspiration: live in your strength

words to remember- in photography, in relationships, in LIFE

Taken for Be Still 52- working on side lighting (a front door shot)

inspired by Kim Klassen

From loose tea to using bags, my favourite cotton teabags.

Macro Mondays ~evolution

"7 Days of Shooting" "Week #10” “Shops and Shopping" "Minimal Sunday"

I did the grocery shopping on Wednesday and thought I had plenty of teabags ... ran out yesterday ... so today I have been using an infuser and some tea samples I was given. Will have to go shopping tomorrow!






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hand stitched embroidery on teabags mounted on Japanese paper

Work in progress


For my exhibition in 2011 "The Dark and other sorts of Light"

I fixed 5 little paintings on 40x40cm canvases because they were

too small for the exhibition.

Afterwards I removed them again and now I use the canvases for new experiments.


I have a question for you:


Do you always have concepts for your work?


I ask myself if I would exhibit this kind of work what could I say?

Must a concept be there from the beginning or does it develop

during the process? Or must there be none?

Is art only art when it makes seems to me like that

when I read introductions in art books.

BTW I mostly have a problem with art explanations ...or what experts say

about artists work.

It often sounds to me too intellectual that I cannot follow and find it rather boring

that I stop reading after 1 or 2 sentences.

Maybe I cannot understand it because I was not in that process...


I am interested in your opinon about that...pls feel free to write your comment here.


Please also follow the pictures in the comment box below.

I couldn't resist making some Lavender Teabags to go with the Quilted Teapot! My teabags are larger than a normal teabag so the teapot is really larger than it appears!

Handmadebymoi also makes lavender teabags.


This is my attempt at a professional looking photo after much research and many photos.

Here are the 2 links that helped me out:

Here is another:

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