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7-inches , OOAK Polymer clay figure, mushrooms, mouse.Painted silk wings

A one of a kind of polymer clay. She is 22" tall

A little mini I made for my Mum's 95th birthday

I chose this photo for Hidden Beauty in the scavenger hunt because of the eastern traditions of hiding beauty behind veils.

This doll had an eastern theme so for my contribution to the round robin work I researched then did "Mehndi" painting on her hands and arms

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Monthly Scavenger Hunt

April 2008 #10 hidden beauty

painted Resin/Fibreglass portrait doll

Quite likely the poshest address in Abu Dhabi; the St. Regis Residences on Saadiyat Island. Not too shabby.


Photographed with Canon 5D Mk3 and Canon 24-105mm f4.0L from AS350b3 helicopter.

'My humble abode'


Not too shabby exterior deck with the view of the mangroves at the Al Yamm Villa Resort on Sir Bani Yas Island in Abu Dhabi's Western Region.

Well - here we see the largest ever Pumpkin Folk so far along with the TINIEST Pumpkin Folk so far! Vernon is hanging out with "the Boyz" - a trio of young Pumpkin Folk that often hang out together on the outskirts of the Patch.


Vernon is currently listed on eBay and the Boyz will be listed there soon - as a set! :)


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The idea of 'inspirational pioneer' captures the ambition of TDIC and the Emirate, with strong accent colours from the landscapeand an enriched visual palette, which injects energy and vitality into the brand.

Polymer clay and fabric fairy-godmother doll inspired by a Grimm fairytale.

8" OOAK, polymer clay figure. The mouse & mushrooms are also sculpted of clay. Wings are painted silk.

ORISE MLEF undergraduate and Carbon Storage Team member Maya Hunter, who comes to NETL in Morgantown, WV as a junior from Prairie View A&M University. Maya works with mentor Jerry Carr and mentor supervisor Kanwal Mahajan.

Pru wearing her witch's hat


A little mini I made for my Mum's 95th birthday

Just another way to show how big he is.

painted Resin/Fibreglass portrait doll

Polymer clay and fabric girl doll inspired by a Grimm fairytale.

painted and clothed Resin/Fibreglass portrait doll scale refernce

Girl with Bluebird, 10" seated OOAK, polymer clay.

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The 1.3 km-long bridge provides a 29m vertical clearance, and carries six lanes of traffic and two walk ways. The suspended bridge is the biggest of its kind in the UAE; its tall height means that ships are able to pass underneath it. More than 650 people and a total of 5 million man hours were dedicated to the timely completion of the bridge. Work began in October 2009 and was concluded in March 2012.


Captured with Canon 5D Mk3 and Canon 24mm TS-E lens.

Identifier: homomicrocosmush00meye

Title: Homo microcosmus, hoc est: parvus mundus, macrocosmo, id est: magno mundo, in variis æri incisis figuris totq; carminibus Latinis, per selectiores veterum poëtarum fabulas, nec non elegantiores quasdam historias, emblematice expositus; cujus hæc editio tertia. In qua Latina ista carmina puris rhythmis, Germanicis sunt donata ... Opus, non solùm ad studiosæ juventutis, sed etiam pictorum, sculptorum ... usum et delectationem adornatum

Year: 1670 (1670s)

Authors: Meyer, Martin, of Hayn, Silesia

Subjects: Macrocosm Microcosm

Publisher: Francofurti

Contributing Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Digitizing Sponsor: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


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Text Appearing Before Image:

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Text Appearing After Image:

Sacra fuit Roma: vaftis innixa colnmn r$ ^Ldes quapopuli (*) tris cohicrcDnu*Infignitafuitbenefa&inomincprima, Muncrafufcipiensalteradi&afuit»Grataque mens poftrema ftctic: nil pukhrius llla, Utnihilineratafccdius eflc potcft»At velut intacta: funt ha: cafta:que puella:, Peipctuopurus ficretinendusamor.Utqaecarcntrugis, utfuntflorentibusannis, . Vultibus & lxtis, ut quoque vcfte carent;Sic amor& vigcat, ficdandumfroritcfercna, Sictarcatfuco, ficfinclabcmicet.His quoniam fiunt contraria, pefte famequc £t longe hoftilicxdimur cnlc dic. tit *Kbmer $af f en borf au£ Stobacfcf anffcrbaaef/fa) rcn&rcyftt:copyright:bffinncn ctniS«u£ ju ftubmunu*fgrdf. $cr crfTcn paf fcn fle oie 2Bo!f paf anvcrfraucf /£iebur# biemilbc .£>anb crjcigf bergreunbfcfcajfit tDic anbrc ti>ar gtnf igf oic :registered:abe $uf mpfanflf n/ Dic brif f e tt>ar ein Q3ilb bcr recfcf en *)ancf barf eif /£)iepfleafba£bocbffc£obbfr$ua,fnbftutr!ana,en/ fDer Unbancf itf tjerbaft* unb fiincfet weif unb brcif.


Note About Images

Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability - coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

Polymer clay and fabric trool and girl doll inspired by a Grimm fairytale (detail).

'Al Yamm Villa Resort' by Anantara @Sir Bani Yas Island


It's always a pleasure to return to Sir Bani Yas Island in Abu Dhabi's Western Region. This place will never get old.

Crystal clear waters, unspoilt sandy and rocky beaches unlike any in the UAE, free roaming wildlife, spectacular sunsets, crystal clear skies and starry nights. Sir Bani Yas Island is a remote paradise straight out of the movie.

If you haven't been there yet, you're missing out big time.


This photograph is a combination of hand painted luminance masks, dynamic blending and 9-stop HDR photography which is my favourite way of processing stylized, impressionistic architectural scenes.

As usual, I tried to express what I felt in this place, not necessarily what I saw.

10" bjds - all share the same body with different heads, cub (the lion) has different hands and feet -

a bird and his bear - off to conquer the world

7-inches , OOAK Polymer clay figure, mushrooms, mouse.Painted silk wings

Front view.


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Abu Dhabi, UAE


"The establishment of this museum was approved by the French Parliament on 9 October 2007. The architect for the building is Jean Nouvel and the engineers are Buro Happold. Jean Nouvel also designed the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris.


The museum is part of a US$27 billion tourist and cultural development for Saadiyat Island, a complex which is planned to include three other museums, including a Guggenheim Museum and the Zayed National Museum. According to the government sponsored website UAE Interact: "The French Museums Agency will operate in collaboration with the Tourism Development and Investment Company (TDIC), which is behind the transformation of Saadiyat Island. It will be chaired by French financier and member of the country's Académie des Beaux-Arts, Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière, publisher of the periodical Revue des Deux Mondes." Bruno Maquart, the former Executive Director of Centre Georges Pompidou, will take the position of Executive Director."

Ain't he just the most cool little critter?


I really LOVE this guy!

A little mini I made for my Mum's 95th birthday

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