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me and my cat :)

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Tdc506: Write a Human Observation Report based on the photos of TDC498 (really TDC499) Review the photos from the Daily Create of May 21, 2013 “Take a picture of where you are right now from a weird point of view, like an ant, an alien, or a ghost.” Pick one image, and write up a report to headquarters from the creature that was observing one of these humans. Be sure to include the URL of the image so HQ can verify your observations.


Just have to say!!Looking at this photo that Michael Smith took of himself in a weird POV! It’s such an out of the ordinary kind of picture! This photo really caught my eye! It’s a fun and so out of the ordinary kind of photo! I think he was definitely brave for taking this picture! I would have never taken a picture that the world can see up my nose! Very bold! I give you props! The title of this picture is “Little Alien Hiking up my Face!”


If I were this alien and this was my current view and I needed to write up a summary to my headquarters about observing humans I would say…….


“Headquarters do you hear me?! These so called “humans” are giants! They have a weird texture that layers them. They have a huge dark cave that is planted on their body! It’s very strange. I wonder what lives in there. In looking up farther from my position I see furry antenna’s that are clustered together that have sprouted over their eyeball. They have antennas that are even on their eyeballs! How many things do they need to detect?! What kind of planet do they live on?! Their eyeball creates a reflection of their vision. They have swirls of colors that fill their eye ball. Headquarters do you hear me?! We cannot take on these “humans” they are too large and are strange weird species. Climbing off of this giant that lives on this planet called…EarTh.. Coming home! Over and Out!”

I was up working on my scrapbook, and I realized that I hadn't done my The Daily Create for the new #ds106zone summer course.


I'm going to use this picture for both the Monday and the Tuesday assignments -- I hope that my True Friends won't think too badly of me for doing that. It's NOT cheating! And I'm not a cheater.


So, for Monday, I was supposed to take a picture of myself to introduce little ol' me to the new summer ds106 students. The rest of you (especially those of you who have signed up for your True Friends badges) know who I am already. Or you better. But for my New Friends, I am @iamTalkyTina. And The Twilight Zone is one of my favourite shows, because I worked for Mr. Rod Serling back in 1963 on a special episode called Living Doll. I have lots of friends in The Twilight Zone. So this is my photo for #tdc498 "Welcome to the ds106zone! Take a photo that introduces yourself to the class." Hello, New Friends!


And for Tuesday, #tdc499 "Take a picture of where you are right now from a weird point of view, like an ant, an alien, or a ghost." Well, I hope that ant comment isn't about my height, but like I said, I just happened to be up at midnight working on my scrapbook when I remembered The Daily Create and so I took this selfie in the hallway. I didn't seen any aliens or any ghosts, bub.

Today's Daily Create 20 May 2013


Welcome to the ds106zone! Take a photo that introduces yourself to the class


Upload your photo to flickr and tag it dailycreate and tdc498

This is just my normal, not-smiling normal face. But it looks creepy and mean.


I grew up and went to Uni in small towns, but as soon as I moved to cities I realized I felt much more at home there. My neighbourhood (in Melbourne, Australia, where I'm living until July 2013) has heaps of street art. This urban park, complete with autumn leaves on the ground, gives a flavour of my current home.


#ds106 #dailycreate for May 20, 2013: take a photo that introduces yourself to the class (#ds106zone, starting today).

Snap shot of me for DS106, What up?!

The new, crisp, white, anticipating, ready to serve.

The old, discarded, dejected, forgotten, forlorn.


Gotta love those bathroom mirror shots. Oh, wait you can't see my!

I am part mermaid.


Labor Day: Sandbridge Beach with Laurel and the family.

This is my thoughtful face, trying to decide what kind of photo to take. I'm excited to learn with you this summer!

My Lifeguard management team! Some of the coolest girls I've ever met!

It's just not like any other class, experience anywhere. I would tell you be prepared, but you cannot be prepared. Just be there.

Saturday afternoon road trip find: derelict building alongside a lonely New Mexico two lane blacktop highway.

In Georgia with my two sisters!

My dog and I having fun on a snow day!

For the class introduction to Daily Create

I chose this picture because it catures three words that describe me. Smiling. I am always smiling. Awkward. I often make awkward faces at the wrong times. Loving. I am always there for other people.

The Daily Create 498: Welcome to the ds106zone! Take a photo that introduces yourself to the class.


Actually looks kinda eerie but I'm a gardener and this is my attempt to create from bamboo, tulle, wire ties, and hair pins a protective barrier from wascally wrabbits and pesky insects.


Enjoy DS106!

My dad and I after a race we did a week ago. I'm the one that still has hair.

#dailycreate #tdc498 #ds106


sunglasses at night like a boss.