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The Daily Create 498: Welcome to the ds106zone! Take a photo that introduces yourself to the class.


Actually looks kinda eerie but I'm a gardener and this is my attempt to create from bamboo, tulle, wire ties, and hair pins a protective barrier from wascally wrabbits and pesky insects.


Enjoy DS106!

Links provided where relevant

@DrGarcia it's a holiday, we're sitting outside a closed Starbucks laughing at all the dejected vente-less hipsters mourning locked doors.


{{Oh, and hello #ds106, this is what we like to do in Canada on sunny holidays celebrating Queen Victoria's birthday}}

Daily Create #498 "Welcome to the ds106zone! Take a photo that introduces yourself to the class" -


Can we build #DS106? Yes, we can! Uh, yeah, I think so! #DS106 is the ultimate DIY course for digital storytelling, so I figured I'd save this photo of me at the Chicago Children's Museum at Navy Pier for just the right moment. Now would be appropriate. I love the way the Hipstamatic filters made my eyes stand out in an intensely energetic, yet slightly creepy, way.

For today's daily create, I had to write my name with my foot! As you can see it was really hard an turned out really funny! #dailycreate #tdc498


#dailycreate #tdc498

Hello fellow ds106zoners

First Daily Create, self portrait. I smile for no one!

My girlfriend and I

The new, crisp, white, anticipating, ready to serve.

The old, discarded, dejected, forgotten, forlorn.


My grandson and I on our first Spring 2013 outing in MN.

My dad and I after a race we did a week ago. I'm the one that still has hair.

My dog and I having fun on a snow day!

The first of many daily creates. An image to introduce myself to the class.

I was up working on my scrapbook, and I realized that I hadn't done my The Daily Create for the new #ds106zone summer course.


I'm going to use this picture for both the Monday and the Tuesday assignments -- I hope that my True Friends won't think too badly of me for doing that. It's NOT cheating! And I'm not a cheater.


So, for Monday, I was supposed to take a picture of myself to introduce little ol' me to the new summer ds106 students. The rest of you (especially those of you who have signed up for your True Friends badges) know who I am already. Or you better. But for my New Friends, I am @iamTalkyTina. And The Twilight Zone is one of my favourite shows, because I worked for Mr. Rod Serling back in 1963 on a special episode called Living Doll. I have lots of friends in The Twilight Zone. So this is my photo for #tdc498 "Welcome to the ds106zone! Take a photo that introduces yourself to the class." Hello, New Friends!


And for Tuesday, #tdc499 "Take a picture of where you are right now from a weird point of view, like an ant, an alien, or a ghost." Well, I hope that ant comment isn't about my height, but like I said, I just happened to be up at midnight working on my scrapbook when I remembered The Daily Create and so I took this selfie in the hallway. I didn't seen any aliens or any ghosts, bub.

Working through issues and trying to balance the day, realized at 10:30 I still didn't do my Daily Create. I am getting too old for this :)