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One of several ads in the Live! campaign. I chose several photos from times I felt especially alive and made them into slick graphics with an online tool at Big Huge Labs.

Make a motivational poster at Big Huge Labs

How to build a motivational poster ad campaign


A personal marketing ad can be as simple as placing a Post-It note on your bathroom mirror. Be sure to state what you DO want, in present time.

Write your copy like the result you want is already true

This is TBYB!'s mom, who is awesome. To make this ad she printed the slogan she wrote in Microsoft Word, then cut it out and pasted it on her photo.

Here I used a photo of myself on a trail near Mt. Rainier as the background image on my cell phone to remind me to get out and hike more.

Change the picture on your cell phone screen

Write a headline for your cell phone ad


So I got me a new fancy cellphone and the first text message I got from it was a Backpack reminder that: I have my dream home


This is a picture of my dream home, forgive the VERY blurriness of it. The cell phone text says I have my dream home and the blue text on the left says: Tada! A house!


The original picture can be seen here