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Most of us think that we are done away with our e-filing task as soon as we submit our ITR online. And perhaps this kind of notion is one of the main causes for the troubles and the income tax notices which is faced by the taxpayers after e-filing ITR.

For instance the taxpayers are required ...

The architekt Pierre de Meuron and General Director Christoph Lieben-Seutter could tell us an endless story about this Disaster Hamburger Concert hall, called Elbphilharmony...:-))

I just can tell the short story

They started with 115 Million Euro for this project in April 2007. Now it will cost the inhabitant/ taxpayer from Hamburg already 323 Millionen Euro (plus the donation funds from 76,6 Millionen Euro) and nobody can see the end now.....they guessing 500 Million Euro

In the perspective of the taxpayers, it is not less than a nightmare. Becoming the subject of such an nvestigation can bring certain difficulties and sometimes a complete destruction. Now let us explore which department is known for its Tax Crime Investigation and later we will add a few basic steps that can be taken by every taxpayer for ensuring their security

gear. After sitting idle for an eternity stuck under the dirt near downtown Seattle the support infrastructure is starting to deteriorate. The only thing flowing is the money from the taxpayers who have to fund this humongous boondoggle. No timetable is set for repairs to get it working again much less a final completion of the tunnel bore project itself.

Two huddled together ...

This should not be the way that people have to live ... It is a tragedy. I'm not a Daily Mail reader but the headline they had today, which I saw in the supermarket, that over 500 people who work for local authorities get paid more than the Prime Minister ...

Taxpayers money should not be doled out to the few to the detriment of the many ...

Two of the "little people" whose taxes are now backing up a multi-billion euro guarantee to the Irish banking system. The building is part of the Bank of Ireland complex in College Green, Dublin.


The Irish government for years said the building development business was sound and , oh, wasn't it unfortunate that the little people had to pay a million euros for an ordinary small house. The finance minister, now prime minister, kept on denying that the business was about to go belly-up. Now it has. And the banks who had been giving people 100 per cent mortgages, now have all their money tied up in building projects where the debtors are going broke and cannot pay.. So it is the taxpayers who are left t o bail out these greedy fools.


Explore #342

This is Three Friends

Stupid as I am this one nearly cost the taxpayer the price of a lifeboat launch! just wanted to get a different angle on our three friends before the tide cut me off,got the image I wanted but not the soaked boots and jeans up to my waist getting back,and before anyone else says anything it was deeper than knee deep for normal people :-)

Hope you like it and please leave a small comment if you have the time

cheers :-)

The man who has no refuge in himself, who lives, so to speak, in his front rooms, in the outer whirlwind of things and opinions, is not properly speaking a personality at all; he is not distinct, free, original, a cause -- in a word, SOMEONE. He is one of the crowd, a taxpayer, an elector, an anonymity, but not a man. On the other hand, he who asks of life nothing but the improvement of his own nature, and a continuous good progress towards inner contentment and spiritual submission, is less likely than anyone to miss and waste that life.


-- Henri Frédéric Amiel


I use the title “money shot” tongue-in-cheek here since you would have thought that most of the photogs out there with me were going to loose money if they didn’t get the shot. See below to find out what its like for a dillatante like myself trying to get the elusive iconic shot.




I am a walk-around photographer. I do not carry a tripod. And photogs that do carry a tripod make me nervous because they are probably better photogs then me. I do OWN a tripod, and I brought it with me to Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park last week to take the above photo. This was the second time (in 10 years of photography) that I have had the courage to try an iconic shot. (The other time was the must-have wide angle shot from “that place” on the Merced River in Yosemite Valley.) Iconic shots scare me for the same reason that tripods scare me. How am I going to add any value to the great global corpus of imagery with my photo? And if I just want a snapshot…….Well, there are plenty available. I know that is a defeatist attitude, but I always feel that my photography has more value when I am taking a unique approach, and there aren’t many unique approaches left at Tunnel View, or Mesa Arch, or “the barn” at Grand Tetons.


So, here we go. Up at 4:30am for the 45 mnt drive from Moab to the Arch. That means that we will get there more than two hours before sunrise. First on site! Right? Wrong. The tripod crowd was already there. (BTW, tri-podders, I like you. Really. “Some of my best friends are tri-podders”.)


So what’s the big deal about getting there early? Glad you asked. Its not just about being there before sunrise. It’s about being there FIRST! You see, the first photog on the ground choses the near-point for everyone else that shows up. Its like planting a flag. You plant your tri-pod. If you have a 24mm lens, you will plant it at a distance that allows you to get at 24mm shot. If you have a 14mm lens, you will probably plant it a bit closer to the subject. So if you are an ultra-wide angle dude/dudette and you show up AFTER the 24mm guy has planted his are NOT going to get the shot you came for. (BTW, the tri-pod crowd always comes for a SPECIFIC shot. Its the money shot. Its the one that they have in their heads before they arrive. They have visualized everything. So you can imagine their disappointment if that first flag (tripod) is going to stand between them and their artistic vision.)


So, anyway, back to our story. We showed up 2 hrs 15 mnts before sunrise, and not surprisingly, we were not first. The most bad-assed of the tri-podders had slept (or sat) in their cars all night at the trailhead, 10 munutes away. And in this case, the flag-planter was a 24mm guy. Now really, I did NOT care. Us non-tri-podders have no real “artistic expectations”. We’re just there to see what happens and to see if we can find anything interesting/unique. So, I sunk in my $49 tripod (more about that later) and started getting down to business. (Business for me, in this case, was figuring out how the damn thing worked.)


So there are 4 of us now, and to be honest, its a pleasant group. Nice folks. My buddy (a tri-podder) told me that there would be another 100 or so photogs on the ground before sunrise. I blew him off. No way. There is only room for about 15 tripods infront of the arch, even at the 24mm line. I was wrong.


Photogs 5 and 6 were actually pros….the only pros I was aware of that morning. (I think a pro is someone that does photography for money, but I’m not sure. Most people that make money on photography are stuck in studios, since iconic landscapes cannot write checks. Sometimes, people call other people pros because of their gear, or because they have a following..... in this case these two guys shot for a company that did media for the Utah Tourism I’ll call them pros.) Anyway, they were clearly frustrated by the situation they found. Lots of whispering among the “original four”..... “Well if they wanted a specific shot, they should have gotten here earlier.” I kind of agreed, but I felt bad for them too. They HAD to get the shot. I shouldn’t have felt bad though. They were pro’s and they knew what to do next. Here began a long process of negotiating that I will refer to as “bending the line”. They slowly moved forward with their wide angle glass on the left end of the line. We were all supposed to give them feedback of when/if they started getting into our shots. This was a 10 mnt process during which time the original geometry was mutilated and more than one of us, ended up changing our approach in deference to “the pros”. (Really nice guys though, and the rest of the tri-pod crowd seemed to accept the process as a completely natural phenomenon.). The original tri-pod did remain in place for the 24mm shot. I had to move up a big deal really. That being said, I was not having fun. Really!? I have to stand here for another TWO hours to take one photo. (Its a walk-around thing. You tri-podders wouldn’t understand.)


By the time that the pros are finished adjusting the line, there are more than 15 photogs there and I found out just how many tri-pods fit in a single line. A lot. So many that if you so much as jiggle your tripod, there will be gnashing of teeth as the seismic vibrations travel down the long line. Now we have so many photogs on site that they are starting to stack up behind us, and that makes me REALLY nervous. What are they doing behind us? Are they waiting for us to give up? Pass out? Do they have some plan on how they are going to take our places? Creepy. And I’m still not having fun.


So, now its time to introduce the concept of the “Alpha Photographer”. The alpha photog may not have been the first on the scene, but he/she takes charge of the line....kind of a battle captain, so to speak. Really, it seemed kind of a logical progression to be honest. By this time, things were getting kind of chaotic and the alpha restored some degree of order. “OK, no white lights for 20 seconds. We are going to light the arch with a red flashlight.” “OK, you are free to use your headlamps for the next two minutes”. “OK, milky way shooters, this one is for you. Single light on arch, all others dark.”. Even the non-English speakers in the line seemed to get it. I think maybe the instructions were interspersed with some kind of universal tri-podder code....


With order somewhat restored by the alpha, the zombie photogs behind us, seemed to accept their fates and began moving towards what I will refer to as “non-traditional” vantage points. Lots of sighing. Lots of comments about how they never dreamed that there would be so many people out here on a Saturday morning in October. (I tended to agree.)


So fast-forward a bit. We are about thirty minutes from sunrise, and a new crowd is arriving. Its the hard-core nature crowd. They’re here to watch the sunrise at Mesa Arch. I get it, completely. What a beautiful place, and quite frankly, if I thought I could step away from the tripod line without having my spot stolen, I would be doing the same thing they were doing.....just finding a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the grandeur of nature unfolding in one earth’s most beautiful places. Not so fast though. Tri-podders do NOT LIKE these people. Well, maybe “do not like” is a little exagerated. Lets just say that they do not understand them, and as humans we tend to be suspicious about things that we do not understand. The nature crowd is there to absorb beauty, while the tri-podder is there to capture it. These two very respectable approaches do not always exist symbiotically. I can still remember the “smell of fear” as a nature dude and dudette climbed onto the bridge of the Arch for a look-see into the canyon. “Would they stay?” “Did they understand the tri-podders’ aesthetic they understand that humans CANNOT be in the shot?” “If they do try to stay, what will we do? Will the Alpha go talk to them, and gently explain?” “If this gets ugly, then CERTAINLY we can call a ranger. The ranger will make them get off of the arch, right? The ranger understands the tri-podders needs, right?” Thankfully, these questions in our case did not need to be answered. The nature lovers (not really sure if they were really lovers) looked around and descended on their own. Sigh of relief down the line. Another obstacle to that perfect shot averted.


Its now 15 minutes before sunrise. There are indeed well over 100 poeple on the ground now, at least 50 of whom are tri-podders. Lots of anxiety building along the line, as the sky starts to glow a bit. “Is this really the composition I want?” (Of course the only option available to change a composition at this point is to adjust focal length.) While there has been some night-time photography going on, under the supervision of the Alpha, the money shot is the approaching sun-burst as it reveals itself between the bridge and base of the arch. The time window is short, and each photog in the line is going to want to take multiple exposures during the event. So you really do have to have a plan. I don’t. I’m pretty much just set to Aperture Priority: F16 on my Sony A7R. BTW, I don’t think the tri-podders are into Sony. Mostly a Canikon crowd. That being said, I can tell you what tri-podders ARE into. Tripods. Boy, are they into tri-pods. How did they GET those tri-pods to the Utah desert from Sweden, Japan, Spain and Seattle? These things are not “travel tri-pods”. They are massive wonders of engineering, some of which remind me of the robot invaders in Tom Cruise’s rendition of “War of the Worlds”. I saw tripod heads that would have made an astronaut dizzy.


OK, enough equipment talk. Time to introduce a new character. I will refer to him as as the “Photographer Taxpayer”. Photographer Taxpayer pays his taxes and has a right to be wherever he wants to be. By gosh, is this a NOT a public place? Apparently, the profile of the taxpayer photographer is pretty consistent: white, male….. late 40’s to early 60’s. (Hmmm….like me.) Usually American, but occasionally French. (I am told that a French taxpayer showed up a in a slot canyon nearby last year and eventually had to be engaged in fist-to-cuffs. And I am told that what I am experiencing here at Mesa Arch is a picnic compared to the stress and interpersonal friction that occurs among tri-podders in certain slot canyons at the precise time that the light fliters in.)


Anyway, its never good if taxpayer photographer shows up. Ours showed up at about 10 mnts before sunrise. I will say this…… He was not a tri-podder. At least not that day. He had a pretty nice rig, but it was built for mobility. He stepped right in front of everyone...right into the window of the arch. Tension. Yes. There was tension. Thank God for the alpha. “Sir, I believe that you are blocking the shots of many of the photographers who have been here for several hours.” That, apparently, is a very important step in dealing with the taxpayer. You have to politely raise the issue of their unfortunate positioning. This gives the taxpayer the opportunity to explain himself. “I don’t believe anyone here owns this property. I have just as much right to be here as anyone. I’ll move when I’m done with my photos”. Anxiety ratchets up across the line. What will the alpha do now? We certainly can’t just allow this to continue. We are tri-podders by gosh, and we are here to get the shot. No need to worry though. The main reason that the taxpayer stepped into the arch was the opportunity to share his libertarian (“small l”) views. He has done so, with grace and passion, so he is now free to move on. “He will move on, right?” There is one more requisite step for the taxpayer. He must take several photos of the slowly illuminating canyon below, and then move a couple of steps to take a few more. He does this to ensure that we know that the previous exchange had no impact on him. He is his own man. He keeps his own counsel. He finally exits, stage-right. Would he be back? Or had we survived our requisite encounter with the taxpayer this morning without any real altercation… It turns out that we had indeed survived. And I am thankful. Another photog told me that things had gotten physical with a taxpayer at another arch just three weeks prior. I feel relieved. I really am not a confrontational person and it was all making me kind of if I wasn’t anxious enough after almost two and a half hours of quasi-methodical tri-pod madness.


The sun rose. I stuck with one exposure setting and played around a bit with my focal length. Well, that’s not really true. I took a couple of shots on auto HDR. I did not do well with that. A bit some artifacting in camera. Tri-Podders just shoot the bracketed frames and then do the blending later in Photomatix. Much nicer.


I can’t say I am disappointed in my shot.....after some gross manipulation of dynamic range in post-processing. I guess I would have been happier if I could have gotten a bit wider....but since I had no particular expectations, I think things turned out fine.


Looking back, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I got to spend over two hours with some of the most knowledgeable and generous photographers I have ever met. I gained a lot of respect for their craft, whether hobbyist or professional. Tri-pod photographers deal with technical and interpersonal issues that I could never master, and for which I do not have the patience. I will stick to walking around and snapping photos of butterflies, or my cat.......or the Goodyear Blimp (I live near Akron.) That’s the stuff that makes me happy.


Also, I don’t like waking up early.

Building of Toshima Ward is the first local government office in Japan which built condominium above the office building. All expense for the construction was covered by the sales of the luxury 430 rooms of the condominium and expenditure of the local government was zero. Taxpayers are satisfied with its clever way.


Taken in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan

Lighthouse at the north end of Chautauqua Lake. Erected in the last few years with Nfew Yourk taxpayers' dollars. Why??

This is not a golf course , just a little part of the royal gardens, financed by the Belgian taxpayers ........


More candids here


Inline images 2


More Gent here :


Please do note fave my photos without commenting ( what do people do with thousands of faves, look at them every morning ?)

The architekt Pierre de Meuron and General Director Christoph Lieben-Seutter could tell us an endless story about this Disaster Hamburger Concert hall, called Elbphilharmony...:-))

I just can tell the short story

They started with 115 Million Euro for this project in April 2007. Now it will cost the inhabitant/ taxpayer from Hamburg already 323 Millionen Euro (plus the donation funds from 76,6 Millionen Euro) and nobody can see the end now.....they guessing 500 Million Euro

A little information about the pier

1899 Work started

1900 Opened

1903 Extended by434 feet making it a whopping 750 feet long.

1987 The seaward end of the Victoria Pier was closed to the public for safety reasons

1991 Victoria Pier closed down to the public and vandals attacked the pier and set fire to it

1993 The pavilion and the seaward end of Victoria Pier were to be demolished

1995 Victoria Pier was bought by a private buyer who carried out repair work on the boards and revamped the Golden Goose amusement arcade into areas for smaller businesses such as a café, bar and shops.

2003 Victoria Pier was put up for sale and again purchased by a private buyer for £100,000

2004 A section of the Victoria Pier reopened with the intention of gradually restoring the pavilion and reintroducing small business and fishing whilst being filmed by the BBC2 Wales

2008 Victoria pier unfortunately closed it's doors due to the owners bankruptcy

Information from Victoria Pier Colwyn Bay Official Website

December 2013. Vote cast to demolish Victoria pier Colwyn Bay.


Update 2015

Campaigners hoping to revive Colwyn Bay's dilapidated pier have been granted one "last chance" to save it from demolition.


Councillors voted to await the decision of a £9.6m Heritage Lottery Fund bid by the trust fighting to save it.


The council wants permission to demolish the pier if that is refused.


Meanwhile, a legal fight between former owner Steve Hunt and the council is continuing, with both sides claiming they own it.


The redevelopment of the pier is expected to cost £12m, and the council could be asked to provide £850,000 towards it.


Sasha Davies, Conwy council's strategic director for the economy, said the regeneration of the seafront was blighted by the eyesore, which had already cost taxpayers more than £668,000.


But Jess Steele, an advisor to the Colwyn Victoria Pier Trust, told the council saving the pier would be far less costly than demolishing it.


"This is definitely the last chance," she said.


If an application for lottery funding was refused the pier would not be saved, she said.


The pier once hosted entertainers such as Morecambe and Wise, Harry Secombe and musician Elvis Costello, and remains the focus of a long-running legal dispute about who owns the structure.




1st February


The end of the pier collapses. Reported as a partial collapse. The area in the left hand side was the effected part.


11th - 14th February

It was declared the pier will be dismantled to save the historic elements for future use.


23rd February Storm Doris hits the pier. The end of the pier fully collapses. A fate which has effected other piers around the United kingdom over the years.


1st March


1st phase of demolition work begins. Phase 2 demolition not announced yet. Phase one will remove the now very dangerous section which has collapsed. Phase two will be the dismantling of the main buildings and structure.


2nd March


Conway Council has agree to support Colwyn Victoria Pier Trust (CVPT) in their bid to restore the pier.


Wishing Conway Council and Colwyn Victoria Pier Trust (CVPT) the very best of luck.


Currently Conway council are busy trying to improve the sea defences in the area.


Greetings my friends. Wishing you a happy week ahead.

Mississippi University for Women, originally the Mississippi Industrial Institute and College for the Education of White Girls, was the first taxpayer supported college for women in the United States.


The college was established in 1884 with the passage of Senate Bill 311 by the Mississippi Legislature, which agreed to locate the new college in Columbus because that town had a long history of promoting women’s education. Columbus was eager to have a state college for women. In fact, as early as the 1870s, the town had tried to persuade the state to take over the operation of an academically superior, but financially strapped, local women’s college, the Columbus Female Institute. This time the city offered the state $50,000.00 in bonds and the buildings and grounds of the institute. Mississippi accepted the offer, and in doing so made history in another significant way. Since the Columbus Female Institute, chartered by the state in 1847, did not cease operation before it became the Mississippi Industrial Institute and College (II&C), Mississippi University for Women’s original founding date makes it the oldest public university in the state.

NRHP District

Quote: Recep Tayyip Erdoğan


the new, big mosque (2,000 peoples)



founded by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Paid by the Turkish taxpayers.


@Photo was taken from moving bus.

The Buckingham Memorial Fountain, one of the largest in the world, is located at Columbus Drive (301 East) and Congress Parkway (500 South) in Grant Park.


Kate Buckingham dedicated the structure to the people of Chicago in 1927 in memory of her late brother, Clarence. At the time, she also established a $300,000 trust fund to ensure that the taxpayers would never have to cover all of the repair and upkeep costs associated with the fountain.


Beginning at dusk, every hour on the hour for 20 minutes the fountain's major water display is accompanied by a major light and music display. The final display of the evening begins at 10:00 p.m.


Please View On Black our public services..MPs are demanding £4billion of taxpayers’ money to refurbish the Houses of Parliament

I processed several Golden Ponds sunset shots and I did some tricks some time ago. This autumn scene of RAW layers ACTUALLY edged highlight and but clipped shadow gamuts leaving the silhouette. I just kissed and lifted the shadow detail. Then, I had been waiting for the sunset shots to come around. I did tackle several of them but I posted a load and let this one unedited. I wanted to look for new possible locations because autumn was marching on and we may have it end in a week. I wandered to the path between the first second and ponds and took the detail shots that were available, They have to stock these gravel pits after the "overburden" topsoil is stripped or we would have a mosquito and West Nile outbreak. Industry has determined it's their right to strip and our overburden and to tax ourselves (not them) to patch the messes up. They can just dump the "land" back on the taxpayers and dissolve their puppet company.


This evening found pleasing sky that separated from the deep background, creating a bold statement I could not pass up. I like the way the sunlight still illuminates the scene. I love shooting backlit scenes with this camera and lens. I lugged the tripod for the sunset shots even though I might have been able to handhold this exposure. Some of the shots were slow enough to be a bit dicey and required the tripod.


Opulence by TaxPayers

Not to be confused with City Hall opulence etc.

25 windows in the crown represent: "natural minerals" of the earth -

Toga represents: The Ancient Republic of Rome -

Torch represents: Enlightenment -

Chains underfoot represent: Liberty crushing the chains of slavery -


Poem by Emma Lazarus written in 1883 to help fundraising for the Pedestal: (Bronze plaque with the poem was mounted in the base of the Statue in 1903)


The New Colossus Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame, with conquering limbs astride from land to land; Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand a mighty woman with a torch, whose flame is the imprisoned lightning, and her name Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame, "Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she with silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"


Note: nothing in the inscription says :give us your lazy, violence criminals, or those wanting to live off the government via the American taxpayer."


If you live in America - PLEASE VOTE! Not for the party - but for the person. Not for (or against) skin color, sex, or the small important issues... but for FREEDOM, RIGHTS, and our constitutional legal system. Because, IF lose them, abortion, death penalty, gay issues, borders, illegals, and taxes won't matter... they will all be dictated to us... and we'll have a major fight to get them back.


Consider the laws, bills, and controls that have been passed this last year... pushed through congress, and their 'we have to sign it into law before you can see what's in it' (regarding the healthcare bill... the consumer protection bill). NOW is a sad state of history. VOTE for patriotism, honor, integrity, and reality!


This statue exists in Las Vegas, Nevada - but thought it too cool looking to ignore. What the real one stands for is too important to pass over. I loved the way the sky (and shadows) hit this statue... and the blending of the clouds. Hope you enjoy it.

(>500 hits) Juniper or Olive Hairstreak (Callophrys [=Mitoura] gryneus)


Stop low density free-standing single family home development in your area:


1) it will put upward pressure on pre-existing home values,

2) sprawl is inefficient and costly for taxpayers to provide municipal services too,

3) it either:

(i) takes agriculture land out of production and puts upward pressure on food prices, or

(ii) destroys wildlife habitat further suppressing bio-diversity and frustrating the proper development of our children’s immune system.


Wake Up - Its a whole new world.



The side of the Bank of Ireland building in Baggot Street, Dublin.


The Irish banks were in bad trouble until baled out by the government, using taxpayers' we are the ones providing a life-line....

Another from the Canary Wharf buildings photos.


This image has been used on this website -


Thanks for your Views & Fave & your comments are always welcome.


Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. :copyright: All rights reserved


Images can be used with permission commercially or non but must have creditation and link back to flickr. Please contact me via email or flickrmail.

The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the largest possible amount of feathers with the smallest possible amount of hissing

(Jean Baptiste Colbert)

As a religion, bilingualism is the god that failed. It has led to no fairness, produced no unity, and cost Canadian taxpayers untold millions. - Stephen Harper -. Find us at SIAJNAD.COM

From Trennet, above Chop Gate. A tranquil scene with glorious blue skies marred by the smoke of heather burning on Bilsdale West Moor. Heather burning is a practice carried out for the sole purpose of increasing the density of Red Grouse breeding on the peat moors. In its wake it carries the risk of complete incineration of whole ecosystems of invertebrates and small mammals, reduces peat formation and water and carbon storage and increases rain run off and dissolved organic carbon in streams and rivers. Of course there are regulations to control burning. The “season” is from 1 November to 31 March for one thing and the smoke should not be likely to damage health or cause a nuisance for another but the amount of burning of our moorlands has increased. The Committee on Climate Change found that:


“The area of burned moorland has increased significantly in recent decades across much of northern England. A comparison of aerial photography from the 1970s and 2000 of over 200 km2 of the English uplands found that the extent of new burns had doubled (from 15% to 30%) over this period. A recent study found that the annual number of burns between 2001 and 2011 increased by 11% per year, with an accelerating trend in more recent years.”


And all so the maximum number of Red Grouse can be killed which we, as taxpayers, are probably subsidising to the tune of £56 per hectare per year as an agricultural subsidy.


Taken from my daily photo blog Out and About

This treatment makes me a little bit dizzy when I first look at it. But I kinda like that!

View On Black


This rail-line has been decommissioned, although those of us who live in Port Alberni would much prefer to have freight hauled over the tracks instead of the hundreds of large trucks hauling chemicals for the pulp mill and lumber or logs back and forth over our one highway into town. There are frequent accidents that hold up traffic for up to 4 hours , and sometimes people miss important court dates or medical appointments. Not to mention that the accidents, if they involve large semis, are often fatal for the citizens driving their cars. Plus there is more wear and tear on the highways, which our citizen's taxpayer dollars go to repair, instead of the businesses whose large trucks do most of the damage. Also important to consider....a couple of trains are less polluting than hundreds of trucks. But our right wing provincial government allowed the rail line to be closed down despite the fact a huge portion of Vancouver Island had been given to the CPR to build and maintain it. That land has been carved up amongst various multinational corporations.....who are now raping and plundering the forests and sending boatload after boatload of raw logs to mills overseas while local mills slowly shut down. A sad commentary on the decline of rural BC, and why this is "the line to nowhere".


Copyright warning: All the pictures in my stream are my exclusive property and not to be used by any other person , business or entity without written terms and permissions. Please contact me if you are interested in this photo.

New Street, across from the New York Stock Exchange, Lower Manhattan, New York..

Explore #124, June 28, 2012

Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM

©2012 Patrick J Bayens

i find it really annoying when councils waste money on signs that are unnecessary, stop wasting taxpayers money on your own


Audi R8 V10 Anderson Germany.


CD is Diplomatic Corps in France. This stunning R8 followed a nice C63 AMG, with a "CD" plate too.

Attorneys for Tax Relief- Atlanta consists of Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents, ex-IRS Agents, CPA's and Tax Analysts. We assist taxpayers Nationwide and offer many tax solutions.We are proud to serve the Atlanta, Georgia area .


Address : 2625 Piedmont Road Ste 56-338 Atlanta, GA 30324


Phone : (404) 596-4043




Safeco Field in Seattle, shortly after sunset. 7 frame HDR, hand "held" with exposures from 1/3rd to 2.5 seconds, f2.8 & ISO 400, 14mm rectilinear. For the record, I'm still slightly offended that "taxpayer's stadium" is now called Safeco Field. But in all fairness, and while I'm not exactly a baseball fan, good beer, garlic fries and Dixie's BBQ *and* baseball is not a bad way to spend an evening. And, in additional fairness, about $70. Plus tax.


(Copyright © Michael Holden 2012, all rights reserved. Contact or visit for info about prints and commercial/editorial use of this image.)

Means, they can assist you with either the federal or state level tax issues. However, as a taxpayer you should consider what kind of issues you are facing. An IRS lawyer cannot work well for too specific matters related to a certain locality. So, keep this point in mind.

Pay no more than the correct amount you owe! The California Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights requires that the rights, privacy, and all property of California taxpayers is always protected.

What is it, with these people ??


Besides the kids trashing their own skate ramp area in the park, and side stepping sharp bits of broken glass from smashed beer bottles on doggy walks there too, I was even more saddened and frustrated to see recently that visitors to our rural area having so little respect for these places which are really such a gift to us in this country.


The show grounds next to our main park also had piles of mess left by the last big club meet/camp over a few weeks ago, and now we arrive at our nearby lake and find things like this with the bins not far away. But apparently too far away..


And that's not all of it and not the first time.

Selfish Morons.


Plastic bottles bobbing among the lily pads and in the creek closer to home, drifting merrily downstream.


I'm starting to have the older folks' attitude of 20 years ago, who eyed newcomers with suspicion !


In the 1960's there was a huge anti-litter campaign, in schools and on TV.

Wonder what's happened with the educational system for the two generations that followed me.


In certain highly populated countries, off you go to jail.

Thought that was a bit harsh at first, but now I'm with them !


Do we really have to employ more park rangers to hang around and check on people using these places all the time ?

If so, their wages will be coming out of taxpayers' money.

Wouldn't mind at all, seeing clean ups as one of the 'work for the dole' programs, if that's the case.

Boo hoo.

Education will come in one form or another.




Ever heard of the chicken cell experiment ?

It was to observe that if live cells were kept in an environment Free From Waste And Toxins, ( and yes, fed good nutrients ), would they actually die ?

The answer concluded was No.

From 1912, and for 34 years, the same live chicken heart cells were kept alive in a test tube, bathed in a nutrient solution which was changed every day to get rid of waste excretions.

Chickens themselves only have a natural life span of 3 to 5 years.

This experiment was conducted by Nobel winner, Alexus Carrel, and these cells outlived him by two years, and was carried on by lab technicians until the decision was made to end it.

This goes for the bigger picture, I'm sure.


If something doesn't change, we'll be all drowning in it.

And yes, I do pick up after my dogs, thanks.


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after the plague of riots and looting this became the theme for saturdays wall so i ran with it and this was the result, the bust background detracts from the soft piece but its been up for 3 days in leake st so its doing well so far.


its such a shame that london and the uk has had the piss taken out of it like this and the police were powerless to stop them.


if someone wants to do something illegal then im all up for them catching a beating if they get caught, there is a fine line between police brutality and doing what needs to be done but its obvious that we need bigger deterents to stop this happening again.


i dont make a lot of money not much more than a minimum wage but i have and do work exceptionally hard for the life i live, i started at the bottom and worked up and there's nothing stopping these scum from doing it, there just hidding behind the class system as a scapegoat to justify there selfish actions.


all in all all they have achieved is spending x amount of millions of taxpayer money that could have been spent helping these less fortunate souls in tidying up this mess.


well done for catching these scum.

everytime they catch another one the normal working person rejoices.


I processed several Golden Ponds sunset shots and I did some tricks some time ago. This compilation of RAW layers ACTUALLY avoided both highlight and shadow gamuts. Then, I had been waiting for the sunset shots to come around. Perfection will have to wait. I did tackle several of them but I posted a load and let this one unedited. I wanted to look for new possible locations because autumn is marching on and we may have it end in a week. I wandered to the path between ponds 1 and 2 and took the detail shots that were available, Some people were still attempting to casually shoreline fish the ponds hoping to catch a bass while lounging about. There is a name for that, I think. They have to stock these gravel pits after the "overburden" topsoil is stripped or we would have a mosquito and West Nile outbreak. Industry has determined it's their right to strip and our overburden and to tax ourselves (not them) to patch the messes up. They can just dump the "land" back on the taxpayers and dissolve their puppet company.


This evening found pleasing sky that separated from the deep background, creating a bold statement I could not pass up. I like the way the sunlight still illuminates the scene. I love shooting backlit scenes with this camera and lens. I lugged the tripod for the sunset shots even though I might have been able to handhold this exposure. Some of the shots were slow enough to be a bit dicey and required the tripod.


DorsetForYou has a new and very welcome policy of planting wildflower meadows. This ultimately saves the taxpayer money and adds to the joy all who pass gain from these glorious verges.




DorsetForYou has a new and very welcome policy of planting wildflower meadows. This ultimately saves the taxpayer money and adds to the joy all who pass gain from these glorious verges.

Banks - they may give you low returns on your savings and they may cost a lot of taxpayers money getting saved from falling over but hey, they do have some great buildings!


The headoffice of a Dutch bank in Utrecht, Netherlands, shot on a windy afternoon.


A 58 second exposure - 10-stops Lee Big Stopper + Hoya 3-stops ND (which is forever stuck in my old Lee adapter ring).

do you know who this mugger is?--- can you guess if this pic was taken in the evening or at sunrise?


Andrea M. Parness, CPA

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Fax: (718)-634-2833


Our conclusions are based on the facts and assumptions as stated and on authorities that are subject to change.


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We were in the park the other day and witnessed a tragedy of sorts. I played in this place as a kid and now, my daughter and I go there to do the same.


She loves the playground, as I did when I was her age. Especially the swings and the slides. The place hasn't changed much in 30 odd years but when we arrived on this particular day, the area was fenced off and the bulldozers had destroyed it.


Ripped it up and smashed it down. When she asked why, I said they're building a new one, a better one, a modern one.


The fact that she protested the old one was perfectly OK didn't matter. When the local council decide to destroy a perfectly good facility, who can stop them?


So, we decided to sit and watch.


Silently, sadly.


What else can you do?

when I was a kid there was never this much bullshit & hassle and roadwork. it's changed so much, to get through Massachusetts is a hassle beyond belief..Who is running Mass DOT and is there corruption?? This roadwork in this state is Frivolous and doesn't need to be happening..where is the funding coming from??? it's coming out of taxpayer dollars and is directly tied into federal funding and the put America back to work program....AS YOU DRIVE around I encourage everyone either with a dash am to photograph the traffic backup...the you realize people what a hazard , and what a hassle it you realize what happens when an 18 wheeler encounters a road where the lanes are being cut from 2....that truck or car freaks out....and you end up dead ....this construction is putting everyone at risk for nothing...Who is heading up the DOT and is there any corruption or ties to Money Laundering Thru Paving Contracts??

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