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Swamp Wallaby Wallabia bicolor

Not sure if this is a Yellow-footed Antechinus, Brown Antechinus or Dusky Antechinus. I suspect the Yellow-footed Antechinus flavipes.


Caught in with the biscuits... She's been running around the kitchen all day and we have come face to face a few times but with such speed I couldn't tell if she was a native or a baby rat. Definately a native, so she can stay.


With that girth, I also suspect there'll be more soon... She's the most active and bold Antechinus I have ever encountered.

First night she's brought it down to meet me anyway...

A mother Common Wallaroo or Euro (Macropus robustus) with her female joey in the rain. The ears are twisted (and blurred from movement) as I was whistling to them to get their heads up from eating.


The joey is more often in the pouch than out and this is the first time I have seen her actually eat grass rather than give up on it within a minute and either hop around like a toy annoying the rest of the mob (about 7 adults including one huge and two smaller males), or get back in out of the cold for a warm drink...

Swamp Wallaby Wallabia bicolor hiding

Swamp Wallaby Wallabia bicolor (while I was on the phone to Russ)

Swamp Wallaby Wallabia bicolor

A mob of young female Wallaroos (Macropus robustus) with a fleeing joey blurring through

One of the boy babies went to great lengths to get my attention for a carrot

Swamp Wallaby Wallabia bicolor

Trichosurus vulpecula Common Brushtail Possum

Got a photo with the pouch open! I think that's an elbow.

Swamp Wallaby Wallabia bicolor

Swamp Wallaby Wallabia bicolor

Swamp Wallaby Wallabia bicolor

Mum and joey. Normally shots like this are scrapped but this had a brush-like quality I kind of liked

Watching out for the mob (Macropus giganteus)

Common Brushtail Possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) wanting a handout outside the window at my desk

Mum, keeping out of range of baby boy who she is a bit over carrying around at the moment... This is the telescope the moonshots were taken through...

But he can't lift it so I had to bite it off for him. He's tiny! The brave little angel was trying to catch moths on the window after mummy abandoned him (temporarily - hiding on the telescope 3 metres away)

Swamp Wallaby Wallabia bicolor (shot through a window)

Swamp Wallaby Wallabia bicolor

Two mothers, two sons, one uncle, one nephew, one grandmother, one grandson, one daughter, one sister and one brother and if they get together there's a lot of hissing and barking noises... (yes there are only 4 possums in the shot and none of the above are missing... lucky the fathers didn't show up or I'd be really confused)

This little man carried this apple that is bigger than his head up the pole (around a few times on the way up as his little head was twisted by the weight) all by himself.

Thinks he's big enough now...

This is the second baby, not sure of gender yet, the other baby is a boy!

The first solid food that I have seen taken by this baby, the other one emerged tonight as well but her mum (this baby's big sister) is keeping it away from the house.

Showing the milk vending machine, now located outside the old residence

Mother is focussed on holding a very soft pear

Stood there for 20 minutes while I took photos about 5M away. Wallabia bicolor ♀ (note the American spelling in the obviously Australian-based Latin species name). Scientific nomenclature seems to follow it's own rules!


The Swamp Wallaby is the only living member of the Genus "Wallabia" having different genetic, dental, reproductive and behavoural characteristicts to other Wallabies in the genus "Macropus".

Hanging upside down by only the front feet in the pouch.

Just realised tonight that there is another mummy here as she came up during this session with a full pouch, I have two babies!

First night out on Mummy's back

not very graceful but she forgives me

I saw the new baby through the opening in the pouch but it closed up before I got the camera.

Another shot of the one Lisa likes

Stealing the birds breakfast