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First and foremost, I'd like to thank my virtual friend, Mr. Philippe Sainte-Laudy,

that I've met a while ago here, in this beautiful world, virtual world.

Well, he got Saint as his middle name, He might just be one).


I've told him a few times that he was very generous, (besides, a great photographer and I bet, a great father and husband as well), for taking part of his precious time to construct and put up my web page.

(I'm very important now, VIP, web host,

full of crap, insane, but for some of you,

a simple, nice guy).

My web page and a Metrocard, will get you anywhere in Manhattan).


So, please visit my "under construction,

work in progress, never going to be finished, web page.


I know, the music that I'll choose will not be what you like, and for that, my sincere apologies, but I have to keep true to myself, that's what I listen to, and that's really what I love.


Philippe, Grand Master,I sincerely thank you....


Primeiramente, eu queria agradecer ao meu amigo virtual, Sr. Philippe Sainte-Laudy, que conheci aqui, nesse mundo virtual maravilho.

Bem, ele tem como nome familiar "Sainte" ou Santo, e quem sabe talvez ele seja um, (pra me aturar tem que ser santo).


Eu o disse varias vezes que ele era muito generoso, (gente, alem de grande fotografo eu ate aposto, que ele deve ser um bom pai e bom marido tambem), e por isso, agraeço a ele, por ter tirado um pouco do seu tempo precioso, para construir e colocar la minha pagina na internet.


(Ta vendo, agora eu sou importante, VIP, cheio de merda, insano, mas talves, para alguns de voces, uma pessoa legal, bacana}.

To igual Gilberto Gil, "criar seu website,

e colocar na rede".

Mas nao se contentem, um cartao do Metro e minha pagina, os levarao a qualquer lugar em Manhattan.


Entao por favor, visitem minha pagina, constantemente em contruçao, ampliaçao, revoluçao, em progresso, e que nunca vai teminar de ser assim.


Bom, eu sei que a musica que eu vou escolher para colocar la, nao sera justamente o que muitos de voces gostam, e por isso, eu ja pesso logo desculpas.

Mas eu tenho que me manter honesto comigo mesmo, eh justamente o que eu escuto, e parte do que eu amo.


Entao, sinceramente Grande Mestre Philippe, meu muito obrigado.


Max Tuta Noronha

TCC (Tambem conhecido como,

Wanilton Ferreira Noronha.

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Wendy's flash clash is awesome. take it. the end.




Here are the details:

flash set on light stand set up high and pointed down on me

no umbrella


full power

24mm on the flash

18-200mm lens

ISO 120

f 16


Pocket Wizard was used

I'm so good at the Strobist lingo!!! uh yeah.


Night view of famous Tarrytown landmark with Tappan Zee bridge in background on Hudson river

The Nikkormat FTN and 35/2 Nikkor-O loaded with slide film for some sunset shooting. I can't say how happy I am that the sun is out.

Eu estava na Bahia.

Meu Deus do ceu.

Bahia eh tao quente

que eu precisei de um banho

de agua fria.


E a morena alisava a bunda

descoberta pelo biquini

como se estivesse chupando cana caina,

toda tranquila...


Eu fiquei com medo da Bahia...

O que que a Bahiana tem eu nao sei

Mas eu nem olhei com os dois olhos.


O que tem a Bahia

eh pura mulher,

chocolate e nostalgia.


E intranquilos ficam os mineiros

com tanta cor de dende

e palha da costa

e agua nao ajuda aos homens

pois nao eh fria.


Se eu puder, vou viver um dia na Bahia.

com um chuveiro portatil

com balde cheio de agua fria

pra acalmar o sangue

dos temperos de hoje em dia.


Farmacia por la vai a falencia

pois eu achei ate um pouco de indecencia

a moca alisando o rabo

com toda a sabedoria

que homem ate que olha

mas com medo da Maria.


Este lugar eh muito lindo

tem muita beuzadia,

maldolecencia e bruxaria.


Se eh assim na Barra

o que sera da periferia?

Como as curvas e o centro

do rabo

e toda a sua magia.


Um dia eu termino

pois eh muita covardia.

Judia de mim



©William Powe Photography

It's been a while since my last upload. Been very busy. I hope you all enjoy this image. Thanks for looking.

“You can’t have a light without a dark to stick it in.” – Arlo Guthrie

Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse on the Hudson River

Wish I had time to hone in on the focus.

Tappan Zee Bridge, Tarrytown New York.

Autumn colors were vivid on the cliffs that descend to the Hudson River. In the far distant horizon the river is spanned by the Tappan Zee Bridge. This historic cantilevered bridge may soon be replaced.


Taken from the Interstate Palisades Parkway in New Jersey.

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Thanks! :)

Kingsland Point Light and Sleepy Hollow Light, is a sparkplug lighthouse on the east side of the Hudson River in Sleepy Hollow, New York, United States. It a conical steel structure erected in the 1880s

...and a lighthouse :))


Been there, done this before. THis is the Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse with the Tappan Zee Bridge and NYC in the background.

Wow! I just realize my stream finally made 1000 views. Thank you to everyone. I am very grateful to everyone that stopped in to have a look. :-)

riding home on the train the other night, reading the grapes of wrath, i looked up and out the window... and saw a line i had just read, acted out in front of me on the hudson river.


it was a weird, otherworldly moment.

Foggy night, Tappan Zee Bridge.


Check out this awesome blog written about this shot!! -

This is what it normally looks like...

The mighty Hudson River. The bridge is the Tappan Zee Bridge and is slated to be replaced in the next couple of years.

coming into the light

TZ Bridge as viewed from northbound Amtrak.

Took a trip to the river towns tonight with Becki. This is in Dobbs Ferry, where I grew up from ages 7-14. I don't miss the town itself, but I do miss the waterfront very much so. Even though Port Chester is right off the Long Island Sound, we don't really have any nice areas on the water like the river towns do on the Hudson River.


Also, most of my pictures especially in the winter you will notice are in the dark since I don't really have much time when its still light out to shoot, and I really do love the night and shooting in it with long exposures and I'd really appreciate if anybody has some tips on settings that will reduce the noise and help me get a better focus with long exposures.


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My view never gets old!

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Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

The lights of the Tappan Zee Bridge reflect off the surface of the Hudson River during evening twilight as seen from Tarrytown, New York, USA


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View of the Tappan Zee Bridge and an incoming thunderstorm. Shot at the Tarrytown Waterfront.

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