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I can see the water splashing as the sparrows enjoy their bath in the yard.

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Roma 2002


Epson StylusSX130

Photoshop Cs4

The array of beauty caught my eye and could not pass up a shot. Taken just before the sun set.

Tiny weed flowers in my front yard, but so so beautiful.

My nigga goin in the hardest. Dtla stuffz

First Allen's Hummingbird, in all it's glistening copper and green! Beautiful little guy!

Two original textures - Fire and Mist and Italian Canvas used in processing


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Enclosed tract

Adjoining volume

Grounds associated


The home of many great once

in Dartmoor National Park

Devon - UK

Cherry Blossoms in Front Yard


May 2015


This is not a full resolution image.


CP 4008 and CP 6250 hang out at the roundhouse while CP train 473 sets out their inbound train in the yard. Even though most of the roundhouse was shut down, the remaining staff tends to the local power and fuels mainline power as necessary.


February 10, 2017.

Ruins of St Peter's Church, Alresford, Essex

View On Black Taken in my neighbor's yard. The idea for the composition comes courtesy of Tozofoto. It's a wonderful time of the year for this sort of thing {-)!.

The box at the south end of Basford Hall Yard, Crewe looking in a sorry state. A steel laid up the steps suggests the upper floor is out of bounds, whilst the locking room provides some storage these days. 66505 lurks alongside, with a throng of photters thereabouts, during a yard tour, Saturday 27.5.17


For the Phoenix Railway Photographic Circle and alternative railway photography, follow the link:

It snowed last night and this is what I saw when I got up! The sun came out and its all gone now!

" The last light has gone out of the world, except

This moonlight lying on the grass like frost

Beyond the brink of the tall elm's shadow.

-- Edward Thomas


Picture taken in the public park around brasserie Olmenhof (dutch for Elms yard) nearby Herk-de-Stad, Belgium.

The biggest elm of the park was standing right behind me.


Front page @ Crayola Creations (thank you admin!)

Front page (febr.) @ **The Perfect Picture** (thank you CheyneySan, Paul, Roy, Merilee & j/bimages !)

I love yard sales because they are real treasure hunts. These are the items I purchased yesterday and I just loved that they all go together colorwise. The prices were as follows - cast iron pan $1, bottle $.50, kettle $1, blue dishes and bamboo mat $2, table $4. No, the lemon, eggs and flowers weren't from yard sales.

CP kept pretty busy with track work in the yard at Sault Ste. Marie and also the branch over from Sudbury. The rail was light compared to CP's mainline but as a COFC corridor this line was fairly well maintained. Four axle power was the rule and C-C units were pretty rare. 911 arrives at the west end of the yard with 4234, 1806, 4227 and 115 cars on June 18, 1983. New ties are scattered about for use on some of the yard tracks and switches.

نور به قبرشون باریده


Ein weiser Mensch ist wie ein Friedhofsverwalter. Er hat viel zu sagen , aber keiner hört zu.


A wise person is like a cemetery administrator. He has a lot to say but no one listens.

Another photo for msh. I'm not usually interested in bringing my camera into cemeteries, but I enjoyed it today, with the snow and the black and whiteness of everything.

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