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Harbour Bridge - Check

Opera House - Check

Vivid - Check


Every night as part of the annual Vivid Festival, the Sydney Harbour Bridge lights up with 2,000 LED tubes that change colour based on selections from users on the ground.


The lights are controlled through a giant touchscreen that lets you select a rainbow of colours for all aspects of the bridge, including the roadway and the arch.


Australian lighting and events company 32 Hundred Lighting manually carts all the gear up on the bridge in backpacks, installing the LEDs and cabling above traffic.


In the harbour itself, ferries and cruise boats are fitted out with Intel Galileo boards. In conjunction with GPS, the LEDs change colour depending on the boat's location in the harbour.


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In Explore! July 9th # 463 thanks everyone!!

This is after the rain last night. - Look out for a posts on our hometown Sydney! We will show you where to go and how to get around.

just as the sun was setting it created a rusty, golden look with lots of shadow

Another of the Harbour Bridge taken from McMahons Point on the 29th December.


This was taken the same morning as the preceding two Bridge photos. It was nice to get three very different looks over the course of half an hour or so as first-light became sun-rise.

This is in the previous night of the starting day.

Vivid Sydney (light event) starts from 26th May.

from Overseas Passenger's Terminal at Circular Quay, Sydney


It was yesterday. Late in the evening a huge passenger ship had just departed from the port.

Taken from McMahons Point on a nice winters day!

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Zoom blur of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, NSW, Australia

This hand held shot was taken from a ferry on Sydney harbour; the colours kept changing on the bridge and every minute was a new photo opportunity. I made the most of the opportunities, but most were lost. Still, it wasn't about getting the perfect shot so much as capturing the spirit and magic of the Vivid Festival. An appropriate colour for a shot taken in Lavender Bay, don't you think.

Excerpt from Wikipedia:


The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a steel through arch bridge across Sydney Harbour that carries rail, vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic between the Sydney central business district (CBD) and the North Shore. The dramatic view of the bridge, the harbour, and the nearby Sydney Opera House is an iconic image of Sydney, and Australia. The bridge is nicknamed "The Coathanger" because of its arch-based design.


Under the direction of Dr John Bradfield of the NSW Department of Public Works, the bridge was designed and built by British firm Dorman Long and Co Ltd of Middlesbrough and opened in 1932. The bridge's design was influenced by the Hell Gate Bridge in New York City. It is the sixth longest spanning-arch bridge in the world and the tallest steel arch bridge, measuring 134 m (440 ft) from top to water level. It was also the world's widest long-span bridge, at 48.8 m (160 ft) wide, until construction of the new Port Mann Bridge in Vancouver was completed in 2012.

Good Morning from Sydney!

All the best for 2015.


This was taken from a cruise ship @ Circular Quay.


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Just as these brave/foolhardy/awesome(you choose) bridgeclimbers reached the half way mark for their Sydney Harbour Bridgeclimb at sunrise the other day - I too today have reached my half way mark. Today (New Years Eve - yes, I am ahead of a lot of you ;)) is my 50th birthday. They say a lady never reveals her age however , as most of you may now know , I ain't never made no pree-tence of being a lay-dee ))) .

So 50 years down and just 50 to go - does this mean I have to stop wearing my beanies and hi-tops now ???(I don't think so !!!)

Now, even more importantly - this bridge is the centre of the New Years Eve celebrations tonight and there will be just 1.6 million people hanging down around the harbour . Will I be there ? - hell no, unless its on Paul Allens superyacht which is docked centre stage right now - I will be heading for the hills, literally, up to my friends in the Blue Mountains where there will be 1.6 people there ;)

Happy New Year to you all - I will check in next year and let you know all know how 2015 is looking as I am a day ahead of most of you :) .

Joining the tourists on the Manly Ferry on a hot and hazy Sydney afternoon

Taken with my point and shoot because I was out today without my DSLR. An opportunity missed. Taken from Bradley's Head.

"Explored" 13/7/08 #50

From the South Pylon of the Harbour Bridge.


Looking east from the top of a pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge down the harbour and toward the Sydney Opera House, on a beautiful autumn day. In the foreground, to the right, is the shadow of the pylon on which I was standing and the shadow of the bridge's arch is to the left.


It is sometimes fun to play tourist in one's own home city.


Have a wonderful weekend!


Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate very much the very kind comments and faves.


People walking on Sydney Harbour Bridge on Australia Day.

One of my favourite walks from Circular Quay to Milson Point.

Amazing panoramic views and it's free.


Happy Friday :blush:

Today morning at Sydney Harbour bridge, Australia.

God bless you.

From the South Pylon of the Harbour Bridge. Due to camera movement in some interesting conditions, I did not end up achieving what I had planned to achieve, however the light trails I find pretty spectacular.

Resting under the shade of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Kirribilli after walking across it.

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