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Sydney was hammered by massive dust storm this morning, turning the entire city orangey red under a blanket of thick dust . Since I don't live there, I wasn't there to take any shots of coz :) However I do have this shot taken last Dec when Sydney was under another weather storm attack! Sydney is truly a happening place =) That's why i want to move over there haha!


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The View of the Circular Quay in Sydney, Australia


The Shot


Standard 3 exposure shot (+2..0..-2 EV) taken handheld using Sigma DC HSM 10-20mm lens




- Tonemapped generated HDR using detail enhancer option




- Added 2 layer mask effect of 'curves' to increase the contrast

- Added 1 layer mask effect of 'saturation' (yellows) to decrease overall saturation

- Added 1 layer mask effect of 'saturation' (reds) to enhance the dramatic sky

- Added 1 layer mask effect of 'saturation' (cyans) to enhance the reflective building

- Blended a 0 EV single tonemapped hdr shot to correct the boat movement

- Stamp cloned away some stained marks from the lens

- Used 'unsharp mask' (as always) on the background layer




All comments, criticism and tips for improvements are (as always) welcome




Scorpions - Dust in the Wind



Just before sunrise @ Turimetta, Sydney


Going through some photos in achieves.


This shot is as it is out of the camera in terms of brightness, colors and saturations. Only thing done in post processing was crop to the panoramic format and some cloning of those annoying dusts.


It’s quite interesting how digital cameras capture the scenes with certain WB settings.


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So my camera has hardly been touched this year. On a rainy morning a few weeks ago I decided to dust it off while driving up the coast to visit family and stop in at Somersby Falls just north of Sydney.


When I shot this the rain was absolutely bucketing down, I was precariously perched between two rocks with my trusty tripod somehow reaching it's anchor points at angles I'm sure it wasn't made to reach.


I think the volume of rain in the days before had really built up the water levels and the waterfall was really peaking - which was certainly fun but also resulted in some muddy brown water which was a little unfortunate.


None-the-less - it felt good simply being back out with the camera. I'm not sure how many opportunities ill have over the next few months to get out and shoot but fingers crossed they aren't to few and far between.


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Some local dust storm shots (sunrise), around where I live. The temptation to go into the city and get some good shots was great, however after sucking in the dust for half an hour and seeing the mess my cameras were in I decided to stuffit!

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Woke up at 3 am to catch the sunrise at Turimetta with Kenny. Unfortunately there was another dust storm in Sydney and completely obscured what could have been an awesome sunrise. Will definitely come back here and hopefully catch some dramatic clouds :D.


Have a lovely weekend everyone!

OMG!! the predicted gale force winds have blown thru the outback of our state bringing with them the red dust. . this was taken at 530am sydney time SOOC!!

20sec exp, f9.0, ISO 100, tripod used.

Take me all the way...


its not a bridge, but i always hear that music in my head when i'm there :)


More places i love on my website



©2009 Jason Swain, All Rights Reserved

This image is not available for use on websites, blogs or other media without the explicit written permission of the photographer.



Distant Sun

Crowded House


You're still so young to travel so far

Old enough to know who you are

Wise enough to carry the scars

Without any blame, there's no one to blame

It's easy to forget what you learned

Waiting for the thrill to return

Feeling your desire burn

You're drawn to the flame


When your seven worlds collide

Whenever I am by your side

Dust from a distant sun

Will shower over everyone

Dust from a distant sun

Will shower over everyone


Went to the harbour this morning with the Focus Crew for a sunrise shoot. Great sunrise, but stuffed it. Didn't notice my Pano gear wasn't line up properly, so ended up totally out of whack over 5 frames. Photoshop helped line it back up a bit, but not happy Jan!! Prob went a bit overboard here with the gausian blur on the water, but trying some new things to see where they take me. Thanks to the Focus gang for a great laugh and brill brekky. Hope you like "Distant Sun". Cheers, Mike

Liddell Power Station is a coal-powered thermal power station with four 500 megawatts GEC steam driven turbo alternators for a combined capacity of 2,000 megawatts.


The first generator was completed in 1971, two more in 1972, and the fourth in 1973. At the time of its completion, Liddell was the most powerful generating station in Australia. The completion of Liddell aided in the retirement of earlier power stations in Sydney, such as Bunnerong.


Originally fitted with the then-standard electrostatic precipitators for dust collection, the more efficient Fabric Filters (as used at Eraring, Munmorah units 3 and 4,Vales 5+6, Bayswater and Mount Piper) were retrofitted in the early 1990s, reducing particulate emissions to a barely visible level.


Much of the coal is supplied by overland conveyors from mines it shares with the nearby Bayswater Power Station.


Liddell was the first major power station in NSW to be built inland, using fresh water for cooling instead of the more abundant salt water used in coastal power stations. To accommodate this, Lake Liddell was expanded to provide more water.

Yes...the sky really was that bizarre! Apocalyptic and end of world stuff, great!

Close to Sydney two weeks ago there were bush fires burning and in areas close by over 200 homes were lost. HUGE plumes of smoke and cloud blanketed Sydney - it was TRULY a unique event matched by tragedy. The sky turned red at sunset. I took this right on sunset and kept the image slightly dark to highlight the contrast and reflect the time when I took this image,


The night before I had just been to a lecture by two of Australia's living legends in photography Peter Eastaway and David Oliver - it had a huge impact on me and I can still see their images in my head.


Brendan is an amateur photographer based in Sydney who loves, exploring and shooting sea and landscapes in different areas sometimes with good mates other times and increasingly by himself to improve his skills. His photography is changing as he learns new capture and processing strategies.


The slight dust spot on the earlier image has now been fixed!

All elements shot using an iPhone 4s and collaged using an iPad2. Apps used include Photogene2, Jazz!, Pixlr-o-matic, Tiny Planets, Camera+, Superimpose and Laminar. No desktop applications were used.


Sonnet 174


Leave me, O Love, which reachest but to dust;

And thou, my mind, aspire to higher things;


Grow rich in that which never taketh rust;

What ever fades, but fading pleasure brings.


Draw in thy beames, and humble all thy might

To that sweet yoke where lasting freedomes be;


Which breakes the clowdes, and opens forth the light.

That doth both shine, and give us sight to see.


O take fast hold; let that light be thy guide

In this small course which birth drawes out to death,


And think how evil becommeth him to slide,

Who seeketh heav'n, and comes of heavenly breath.


Then farewell, world; thy uttermost I see:

Eternall Love maintaine thy life in me.


from "Astrophel & Stella; wherein the excellence of sweet poesy is concluded" by Sir Philip Sydney.

AD 1591


For those interested in reading the sonnets, they may be found here:


For the handwritten copy, I make use of this texture from Boccacino, that he graciously shares via Creative Commons:

in Prince Alfred Park, Sydney

Thought i'd start writing something in here from now on...hopefully :)


I woke up this morning to drop my wife down the train station at 5:30 am, and to my surprise the sky was absolutely stunning. It was lit up from the sun hitting the dust in the sky creating a misty effect, but only a million times better.


I threw the camera and tripod in the car and heading down to the lake where I knew the jetty would make a perfect shot with this dust storm. I have a few other shots which I will post in the next day or so but thought i'd start with one of the better ones.


What a crazy start to the day. Bring on more of this unpredictable weather.


Shot with my Sony a350 + Sigma 10mm - 20mm, which I havent had much of a chance to use yet but am very pleased with it so far :D However it isnt so new now as it got covered in red dust from shooting!


:: Dust Storm :: [?]

Every summer as the storm season rolls around I dust off the camera and try my luck for some lightning shots but never with much success.


This week Sydney has turned on the lights with spectacular thunderstorms rolling through in the evening every day so I was determined to try and change my striking misfortune.


With one eye on the radar I decided to leave the comfort of the lounge (and a very gripping episode of The Walking Dead) to see what I could catch from a storm cell slowly moving north from Wollongong.


I met Laurence in La Perouse and caught the northern end of the cell before it began to swing east. After a short while it was obvious that we should as well so with Metallica’s Ride The Lightning turned to the max we chased the lightning east and settled at Ben Boyd pool for a magical night of no rain, a starry sky and the lights I’ve so desperately wanted to see on the other side of my lens.


View large and, as always, thanks for looking!


A light dusting of snow in the Vulcan State Forest, Oberon, NSW.


2nd place winner in NSW/ACT (inc Sydney) November 2014 1st half - Australian Photographers.

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Hey all. Sorry for my lack of commitment in stopping by on your streams. I do however on a daily basis check all my contacts shots. Just been very lazy in the commenting department. Its very hard for me time wise to allocate 1 hour or so a day and say gday to 110 or so contacts ;~)


Anyways. Last week end i met up with Ninos as per usual and another bonus for me was i finally got to meet up with one of my contacts Hugh. Great guy who is sincere and generous. Two elements that are a rarity in photographers as some of us have experienced.


Last weekend i got in contact with the boys and told them about this place. Its about an hour and a half south of sydney. On google earth we researched and found an island that had a rocky foreground that would make a beautiful shot. When we arrived to our surprise we saw this and more. The island shot was scrapped in favor of this. Minnamurra has loads of potential and im eager as are the boys to explore some more.


Yesterday i met up with Hugh. Ninos is extremely busy with wedding arrangements and the poor bugger recently ( i found out yesterday ) had a very close auntie pass away. My heart goes out to you big boy ;~)


So Hugh and i it was. In some very very cold conditions i managed to come away with a shot im pretty happy with. I couldn't get this shot with one exposure and had to do a blend for the splash on the right side of frame.


Enjoy your sunday all and because its pretty early and Karla is still asleep, i will endeavor to stop by your streams and say Gday ;~)


nikon 12-24mm @14mm

0.3 seconds for both shots, exposure f13

b&w polarizer

lee filters 0.6 and 0.9 soft grads


Replaced original shot. Found a few dust spots and centered the wave more in the middle of frame.


Bryan Adams


Oh - thinkin' about all our younger years

There was only you and me

We were young and wild and free


Now nothin' can take you away from me

We've been down that road before

But that's over now

You keep me comin' back for more


And baby, you're all that I want

When you're lyin' here in my arms

I'm findin' it hard to believe

We're in heaven


And love is all that I need

And I found it there in your heart

It isn't too hard to see

We're in heaven


Went to bed earlyish last night, praying for heavy rain (unusual for me).

Woke up about 11pm, and it was bucketing down. Woke again a few times through the night, and it was still coming down in spades. So, even though I've shot this location on a few occasions, I've never got it with the waterfall, and the tracks exposed (its been flooded every other time in the past, and I never got the tracks in the image).

So, met a few friends there at 6:30am this morning, and it was perfect. Not a mozzie, leach, or another person in sight. Just us, the tunnel, the tracks and the waterfall, surrounded by lush foilage. Done and dusted here now.

Hope you like "Heaven"...cheers, Mike

well actually it's Cronulla Beach during rare a dust storm.

On Abelia in Sydney Australia


I headed across the Killcare Ridge from McMasters Beach.Along this ridge the dust storm wasn't as dark.The forest along the ridge was recently burnt out and this beautiful tree caught my eye.With the smell and taste of dust already omnipresent it was most unusual to then be walking through a recently burnt out forest and adding the smell of ash to this equation!This beautiful tree stood out like a ghost.Photographed at 8.14am

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I had trouble keeping the camera still during this morning's shoot.

Although, I turned out to be a good wind shield for the tripod and camera. Who said putting on weight was all that bad! :P


Additional Note:


I was notified by a few fellow flickr members that my photo was used on SBS TV (& web) and Yahoo France homepage for the story of the Dust Storm in Sydney.


Both did not seek permission to use my photo nor did I contact them to have it published. You would think companies of their size use their own images from their paying photographers or people who's willing to trade their image free for publicity. I pay a fee to use flickr (Yahoo's) services to upload my images and don't have desire or need to trade my photos free for publicity.


This is not the first time to have my photo taken but it goes to show how your images in your photostream can quickly become "anyone's" property.




In response to some requests, my photos are not for sale, publications (web or magazine) or use for any other purpose at this time. The photos may not be copied, reproduced, redistributed, manipulated, projected, used or altered in any way.


Nick Brandt is a photographer who photographs exclusively in Africa, one of his goals being to record a visually poetic last testament to the wild animals and places there before they are destroyed by the hands of man.[1]


In 2000, Brandt embarked upon his ambitious photographic project: a trilogy of books to memorialize the vanishing natural grandeur of East Africa. His photography bears little relation to the colour documentary-style wildlife photography that is the norm. He photographs on medium-format black and white film without telephoto or zoom lenses. (He uses a Pentax 67II with only two fixed lenses.) His work is a combination of epic panoramas of animals within dramatic landscapes (for example, Hippos on the Mara River, Masai Mara, 2006; Cheetah & Cubs Lying on Rock, Serengeti 2007), and graphic portraits more akin to studio portraiture of human subjects from the early 20th Century, as if these animals were already long dead, from a bygone era.


Although he shoots on film, Brandt scans his negatives, and then dodges and burns the images in Photoshop. He doesn't add or clone animals or skies - with great luck and patience, the scenes are as he saw them. Brandt's limited edition prints are of two kinds- archival pigment prints using a wide format inkjet printer, and large platinum/palladium prints using giant digitally manufactured contact negatives. His large limited edition prints, up to 60”x80” (150x200cm) in size, have, as of May 2012, sold for up to $160,000.


Since 2004, Brandt has had multiple solo exhibitions worldwide, including in New York at the Hasted Kraeutler Gallery, Los Angeles at the Fahey Klein Gallery [1], London, Berlin, Sydney, Munich, Brussels, and Paris.


His first large sole museum exhibition was held at Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm, Sweden in October 2011-January 2012, with 140,000 visitors.


A dust storm envelopes Sydney

Dust Storm at Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia 23 September 2009

SOOC (other than web sharpen) (we live almost at the bottom of a valley)

Best viewed on black


The Harbour Bridge is barely visible, the Opera House and Sydney CBD blanketed and out of sight. After taking the photos around the central business district that morning and swallowing half a kilogram of dirt and dust, I decided wisely not to cycle to work or even take the train. I drove over the harbour to McMahons Point thinking it would be an interesting perspective, and indeed it was. The city and the Opera House were nowhere to be seen.


Strange light fell over Australia on 23 September 2009. An unexpected dust storm blanketed New South Wales and Queensland, turning everything an eerie shade of amber. At its peak, the storm swept up 140,000 tons of soil per hour. In spite of the worst dust storm in 70 years, intrepid photographers ventured outside to document what was happening to their homes, neighborhoods, and country.


Long time Internet geek blogger/publisher Derek Powazek has collated images from the day and produced the book “Strange Light”. Two of my pictures have been featured in the publication.


You can purchase your copy at Magcloud.

Usually, you can see the city just over the horizon... not today, not even Balgowlah heights which is a mere 3 kilometres away.

Dust storms hits Sydney Harbour, 23 September 2009. Photo by Janet Kavanagh

'See it on slideshow'


Never seen anything like this before.


There were a few photographers out there and some of the locals still taking their morning walks along the harbour in this condition.

When I got back, I noticed all my clothing and gears were covered in the orange/red dust. No surprise to see more dust when I blew my nose. lol




In response to some requests, my photos are not for sale, publications (web or magazine) or use for any other purpose at this time. The photos may not be copied, reproduced, redistributed, manipulated, projected, used or altered in any way.


South view George Street toward the airport

I stopped when I saw dust in the rear view mirror. Then the truck came over the hill and I had to leave quickly! Taken on my way home from work last Friday.

Thinking of our friends in Sydney tonight. Our son who works there has had lunch at the Lindt cafe a number of times but not today!

Thanks for your comments and faves. Much appreciated. Next photo is from the top of this hill looking back.


I didn't take this picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A friend of mine sent me this one...If you want, take a look at my set.

I have others pictures of this dust storm...


Anyway it's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tempesta di sabbia in Australia.

Non ho scattato io la foto ma mi è stata mandata da un mio amico.

'See it on slideshow'




In response to some requests, my photos are not for sale, publications (web or magazine) or use for any other purpose at this time. The photos may not be copied, reproduced, redistributed, manipulated, projected, used or altered in any way.


The shot is from the "Misty Morning Shoot".

I got the idea from the many photos you see from the sandstorm/dust in Sydney these days and wanted to see my mist red/orange as well ;o)


Welcome to my Sydnesized world!

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