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right around the time things started to get weird...


Full set

The J.R. Bob Dobbs of SXSW


this is everything I'm taking with me to Austin tomorrow. except for demon puppy.

Sam, Jim Long, David Eckoff, and Sarah Karlson

Happy Cog's OK! Happy Cogaoke

Zombie poster outside Austin Convention Center

SXSWorld Magazine included a picture of FlatHicks in Cindy Li's hatband.

He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

Gingerman, Austin TX first night of SXSWi. As I said to friends after taking this shot - one good shot makes the night, time to crash early(ish) and be rested for the next days. So with that, we exited.

I stayed with my friends Steve and Sonia in Austin while in town for SXSWi. As luck would have it they like to brew beer, really good beer.

Pictures from our trip to Austin for SxSW Interactive 2011. You are free to use any of the photos in this set for a blog post, all we ask is that you include the following html under the image - Photographs by Web Designer Steve Floyd

pictures from around SxSW in Austin

Check out what Irina did at SXSW instead of going to panels. Very cool.

pictures from around SxSW in Austin

pictures from around SxSW in Austin

pictures from around SxSW in Austin

pictures from around SxSW in Austin

Jared and Dana came over for brunch earlier this year and I joked that he should do this at SXSWi. He wouldn't tell me if he was going to but I was in the front row just in case. :D

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