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"I need you to play up the breakfast on Saturday morning" said Hugh, "maybe some clip art or something"


So of course, I did this last. I was planning to use the infamous "bunny with pancake on head," but then at about 1 am, I realized they might not even be serving pancakes. And it was too late to ask. So I drew a coffee cup instead.


Turns out they did serve pancakes after all.

The Aquabats.

@ Emo's March 19, 2005 during SXSW.


Afterward I met most of the band, the lead singer said this was a "badass picture" and for me to send it to their website and they'd use it. I send and am awaiting response.

"Julien, why did you take a photo of butts?"


"Mom, I was just taking pictures of their backs."


Lesson learned: kids eye view of adults can be quite unflattering.

Dug this out of the archive. It was taken one late night at Suite Budiaction at SXSWi 2005 by Greg Veen.


(Not bad for a cellphone shot, Greg.)

Right before performing @ emo's, austin, tx.

Electric Eel Shock

at the vice party

The author of The Tipping Point and Blink at SXSW

Something very very wrong happened here, in the six thousand six hundred and sixtieth picture.





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