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My last upload was of a green sweat bee...entire body the same color. One of my good contacts -- mattspics -- then uploaded one showing green bee with yellow and black striped abdomen. He did reference my previous photo.


I wrote to him, asking him if he would mind my going back into my archives to find yet another species of the bee; he didn't mind.


I also did a web search to try to determine how many different metallic green sweat bee species there are. Failed. The word repeated on most of the sites was 'many'...but no quantification.


Here is one more...with black and white abdomen.




Nikon D7000. Nikkor 105mm Micro. 1/800th @ f/14. ISO 800. EV = - 2/3. Handheld.

We were at Portland Bill an hour before this photo was taken at Durdle Door. The GPS said 52 minutes which coincided with the sunset. The car flew (well almost, 5 up + luggages) to catch the light show. We got there just in time before it popped! This was taken after the show and rushing down to get a personal portrait her



I m working on a some pictures for a club atm. Not sure I m getting somewhere, so I end up shooting my bum. lol- ...

Even the buildings seem to sweat when the humidity is 100% all day. View of Philly's Westside. Shot from a dirty window high above, after another day of torrential thunderstorms.


Have a few from this perspective, releasing this one now, will likely archive the rest until I settle on a post process treatment.


Enjoy the view!



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I was just out messing around with my little speedlights… really just to get an idea of how powerful they were in direct sunlight. So I set one up pointed at some flowers. While shooting, I noticed a sweat bee in the center of one of the flowers. These little guys are really tiny, so it surprised me how close I could actually get. I have to be honest and say that I am not a big fan of all the yellow in these images. I think they would have looked better had the sweat bee been on a blue flower.

When I spot one of these metallic green Sweat Bees, I tend to chase it all over the garden. I ignore other insects and flowers until I can get the green bee photographed, or it goes away. More failures than successes, but the wins are worth it.


This one from a previous summer worked out pretty well.




Nikon D7100. Tamron 180mm Macro. 1/1250th @ f/8. ISO 1000. EV = - 2/3. Handheld.

not in summer heat but cold moisture of kodaikanal.

My face above the water

My feet cant touch the ground

Touch the ground, and it feels like

I can see the sands on the horizon

Everytime you are not around




Large ver


Work tune♬ : Mr. Probz - Waves (Robin Schulz Remix Radio Edit)






Hair : *ARGRACE* NATSUME - Blacks

Top : Howl - JOON Sweat Sleeveless Shirt M [Black]

Shorts : Howl - JOON Sweat Shorts M [Black]

Shoes : [ hoorenbeek ] SL Balance - Grey/Black


ACC : -Entente- Tardif Watch

ACC : Uncut Cross Bracelet - Black Pearl


pose : 3M



mountain heather

phyllodoce caerulea

Looking over the North York Moors Railway in a valley near Levisham the track snakes through the trees in to the distance. This stunning area of outstanding natural beauty never ceases to amaze me. The sweet heather and lush green valleys of the North York Moors keep my enthusiasm alive to photograph more of this great national park.

The Men Only Hunt 5 (MOH5)


Starts: January 10, 2015

Ends: January 31, 2015

...........a Sunday workout.



Ho Chi Minh City [Saigon] // Vietnam // april 2015 //


Ciudad Ho Chi Minh [Saigón] // Vietnam // april 2015 //



From a photograph taken in a waiting room of the International Airport of Doha // Qatar // august 2013 //


A partir de una fotografía tomada en una sala de espera del Aeropuerto Internacional de Doha // Catar // agosto 2013 //


© Jorge Deepsea 2012.


Tokina 12-24mm@12 | f/9.0 | 5 sec | ISO 100

B+W Neutral Density ND (8x) 103 Glass Filter

Hitech 150 x100 Series ND SOFT edge 0.9


Well worth show in lightbox please


© 2009 tapa | all rights reserved

Taken today. These green Sweat Bees are about the size of a normal black ant you might see on the sidewalk. They are smaller than Honeybees.




Nikon D4s. Tamron 180mm Macro. 1/2500th @ f/20. ISO 4k. EV = - 2/3 Hand held.

He was cutting some plants.


At the beach.

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