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replacement of earlier, smaller scan. The section relevant to bras , in bottom right hand corner, reads:

"Buste de 30 a 38

16-741, Bandeau d'etoffe "Swaml," [sic] garni de galon fantaisie.

Prix de la vente.......50c."

It's really just a bust flattener - goodness knows what swaml was..



PRABHU PREMI SANGH is the fruit of the divine dream of HIS HOLINESS SWAMl AVDHESHANAND GIRI. It has been founded and being directed by him. The major objectives of Prabhu Premi sangh are regular Spiritual gatherings (Satsangh), spread his message of tolerance for all religions, a sense of service to mankind, promoting the rich and ancient knowledge of Indian scriptures and providing peace and bliss through regular spiritual discourses. Prabhu Premi Sangh has grown as the big banyan tree and have branches all over India and abroad.


PRABHU PREMI SANGH has been divided into five major zones East, West, South, North and Central for administrative purposes. It has several branches all over the country. All the branches are engaged in spiritual and social activities for the welfare of living beings and frequent guidance is provided by HIS HOLINESS SWAMl AVDHESHANAND GIRI.

Identifier: baganda00john

Title: The Baganda

Year: 1911 (1910s)

Authors: John Roscue


Publisher: MacMillian

Contributing Library: Gumberg Library, Duquesne University

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FIG. -A ROAD AND BRnjGE THROUC^jIf A SWAMl. of any improvements he might make, or of the houses hemight build, was reaped by his successor. Each District-Chief had to maintain in good order a road, Roads andsome four yards wide, reaching from the Capital to his ^^^ Pcountry scat; in some instances, as in the case of Budu, this ^^^ 240 THE BAGANDA chap. road was nearly a hundred miles long. A chiefs country-seat was more like a small town than a village, for there hewas supreme, living in great state, and having a large enclo-sure in which there were often hundreds of women and slaves.In front of his main entrance a wide space was cleared, vary-ing in size according to his rank, but often two hundred yardssquare; this was kept free from weeds or grass. In theprovinces the District-Chief was the principal magistrate, andhe had his sub-chiefs to assist him in trying cases in theirdistricts. The sub-chiefs were independent of the chief in


Text Appearing After Image:

FIG. 36.—MAKINC; A BRIDGE AND ROAD IN A SWAMP. managing their own portion of land ; they ordered their mento work upon roads, to bridge swamps, or to build for them ;but they had to consult their District-Chief about mattersconcerning the State and State work. The sub-chiefs werealso appointed by the King and by the Council (Lukiko) totheir office, and they could not be deposed except by theKings consent. Each sub-chief had to keep in good repairthe road from the District-Chiefs residence to his own resi-dence ; thus it was possible to reach all parts of the countrywith comparative ease. The rivers, owing to the growth inthem of papyrus and grass, often formed large swamps, some- VIII GOVERNMENT 241 times several miles wide, and it became necessary to makepaths of raised earth through them, with bridges thrown overthe actual streams. If the streams were too wide for thepeople to bridge, they had to make a long detour till theycould find a place sufficiently narrow to bridge. Sometim


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Parida que le hará gracia como muuuuucho a los asturlinuxeros XD