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Here you can see David Glasser and CL Kao, the two Best Practical guys at the conference. Yes, they really are wearing company shirts that say "Shut the Fuck Up and Write Some Code" on the front. I managed to snag one from CL, now I just need to find an occasion to wear it to. In the background is Brian Behlendorf.

From the final day of the summit, here we see Dan Rall walking David Glasser through the details of one of the changes that was proposed for backport to the 1.4.x branch.

The back of the shirt the google guys had made up for the Subversion Summit.

Max Bowsher listens intently to whoever is presenting. In the background are Dan Berlin, Ben Collins-Sussman, and partially obscured by Max is David James.

Here we see Jack Reppening, Karl Fogel, and with his back to the camera is Mike Pilato. I believe Karl was presenting about his incomplete directories work.

The front of the shirt the google guys had made up for the Subversion Summit.

A Best Practical shirt I got from CL Kao at the Subversion Summit.

From one of the first two days fo the summit, Paul Burba and Ivan Zhakov. I ended up with a bunch of pictures of them because they happened to be sitting right across from me.

On the last day of the summit Leiven, Ivan, Justin, and Sander spent a bunch of time trying to fix up some windows specific problems. I believe they were trying to fix some ra_serf related issues when this picture was taken.

Here you see Dan Berlin, apparently about to say something, Branko Čibej, and Ben Collins-Sussman.

From the first day of the conference, Dan Berlin and Ben Collins Sussman.

Karl still pondering on what to add to the white board. "We've taken over the white board"