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I just found out this photo won Sutro Towers' 40th Anniversary photo contest!

there were no survivors


none found alive


Might be too much to have going on in a single image. This was an old shot from an outing with RZ68 that I had completely forgotten about.


(6 minute exposure)


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The views on SanFrancisco Bay are so cool. And the Lady Washington posed in front of them all. She was in the Pirates of the Caribbean, Curse of the Black Pearl, so she knows how to take a turn in the spot light,

As seen from my car window on the way to last weekend's SF Mini Flickr Mixr. Why yes, I did park on the side of the road before I took this. :-)


Late afternoon long exposure of the fog rolling in. I've really enjoyed going through my shots from last night. A part of me wishes that the fog didn't swallow up everything so quickly, but considering how many times I've been skunked, I'll take what I can get.


Long mid-afternoon exposure using the Lee Big Stopper. (color cast fixed in post)


This past Saturday, I made my way to one of my favorite lookouts. As the sun set, I noticed that the rocks acted as a dividing line between night and day.


To the West, the glow of the setting sun illuminated the right hand side of my frame, while to the East, the darkness of the coming night put everything into shadow.


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Low Fog at Golden Gate Bridge, CA


We are expecting some fogs in GGB area in the next couple days, and hope the fog can stay low and let us enjoy the special low fog event.

Taken during an e-session in Potrero Hill, San Francisco

Irises in the twilight after dinner at The Blue Plate.

I was standing on the Marin County side of the bridge clicking away when I was approached by two couples from Missouri. One of the women asked if I would take their picture with the bridge in the background. As I clicked the shutter, her husband remarked that he was extremely disappointed in the bridge. I asked him why and he said, "it's just so much smaller than I imagined."


Hmm--sounds like a typical case of doused expectations, I thought, but I said, "you know it's not about the size, it's really about charm and atmosphere. Like the Eiffel Tower, you can show practically anyone in the world a photo of this bridge and they will recognize it."


Mr. Hubby looked at me, than he looked at the bridge for a bit. I could see the wheels turning. Pretty soon he looks back at me and says, "you're right. It is beautiful."


"Are you going to walk across it?" I asked.


"Well no, we weren't planning on it," he said.


"You mean you came all the way from Missouri to this point, to see this bridge, and you're not going walk across it?" I asked him. At which point the rest of the party chimed in with "yeah let's do it. Come-on Jim lets go for a walk."


"Alright, let's go," he said. And off they went.


Sausalito, CA

Best viewed by pressing L.


Here's another shot from the helicopter tour of San Francisco I did last month. If you get a chance to do one of these, I recommend requesting that the doors be taken off the helicopter. Besides the awesome unobstructed view, there's nothing quite like hanging your feet over the edge of the chopper while flying over your favorite landmark.




Someone once told me that a city's skyline is a mirror image of the bedrock below it, and that the deeper the bedrock, the taller the structure it will support. I don't even know whether it's true, but I enjoy imagining the symmetry above and below the ground floor of these tall downtown buildings.




I've been managing to get out and shoot quite a bit lately. As much as possible, I've been trying to take advantage of the late sunset and an unusual weather pattern the past few weeks. Yep, we've been getting some nice cloud action. It's a welcome change from the norm, which for us in semi-inland Northern California means blue cloudless skies from May to early November.


I hope everyone's week is going swimmingly. So far mine's been pretty nice.





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Sometimes all of the conditions line up to make it very easy to capture that beautiful moment. This is one of those sunrises where all I had to do was point the camera and press the shutter. I hope you enjoy.

Bay Bridge - Oakland Side Looking at San Francisco with the fog rolling in

Sutro Tower with a contrail at sunset, before waiting to see Comet PanSTARRS. (I did see it, but it was very faint and I'm not sure I'd recommend trying to pick it out from the low twilight to most.)

Went exploring with etherjag. Also got a chance to test a NEX-7 with the Metabones Speed Booster. No camera test is complete without a shot of the infernal bridge. This little camera did exceptionally well, despite having to shoot through a less than exceptional optical adapter.


While we were waiting for the sun to go down, a photography workshop instructor gave us the evil eye. It was obvious he wanted our spot, but he stopped just short of telling us to move. Yes the bush is ours.


(13 second exposure)


This view turns me upside down.

Sunrise on a boat near Yerba Buena Island in San Francisco Bay. A touch of Sunday sliding makes it look like a postcard. Looks lovely large.

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This shot I took just after the sunset from a tricky spot in Treasure Island in San Francisco. I wish I could have stayed little longer to get a better shot. Read my earlier post for details on why I could not stay.


Technical : Canon 5D mark III, Single shot, ISO 50, @50mm, @ F6.3, 30S. Processed using CS5.

257 / 365 - The Sea of Fog


Large On Black


So, I've been taking my parents around some of the scenic spots in the Bay Area... This is the view from Berkeley Hills where the low fog created a scene that was nothing short of magnificent...


Camera Info: Nikon D700 | 70-200mm VR II (ƒ/2.8G) @ 200mm | ƒ/22 | ISO 200 | 13s — Camera on tripod


More of my Golden Gate Bridge photos here; San Francisco photos here.


Kirby Cove was quite the popular spot on Tuesday morning. I ran into a few other folks down there, including Mark Lilly and Matt Walker. Matt and I have been friends on Flickr for quite a while, but we'd never actually met in person until Tuesday morning.


This 11-frame pano was taken about an hour before sunrise. Things got a lot more colorful and explosive as the sun got closer to peaking over the San Francisco skyline, but I decided the first shot I would post should be this mellower, more sleepy view.


I hope everyone's week is going well. It's hard to believe it's almost Thanksgiving. Time sure flies...





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Folks - I've been publishing a picture a day for a little over two years now (!) and I'm slowing my regular posts to one a week to recharge my creative batteries over the winter; I'll resume at full speed in the Northern Hemisphere spring :)


I'm going to be out on a sort of sabbatical, focusing on spending time with the family, doing a bit of academic research to get back to my computer science roots and somewhere in there finishing of a pile of unfinished projects. However, I'm still running I Live Here:SF - subjects required - contact me if you're interested! :)




Sutro swimming through the fog, as seen in Potrero Hill, San Francisco.

San Fransisco and the Bay Bridge shot from Berkeley CA, November 18, 2013

kodak 160t. cross processed. lomo lc-a.


larger size.

Sutro Tower is an amazing structure up close. I loved framing the City in its spires from the helicopter.




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Twin Peaks and Sutro Tower, San Francisco.

San Francisco Bay Area, Ca


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Moments like this make me speachless.

Much more detail at the large size.


This is not even one-third of the original panorama I took here (21 shots, gulp!), but a panorama can become ridiculous at some point, and I definitely hit that point with this one.


This six-shot stitch was done atop the Berkeley Hills (with my private guide, Joe Defao) through some low layers of atmosphere and moisture, hence the darker tops of south SF hills and tall buildings.


This is sort of a strange image, but I liked the colors and the huge view of the East/West Bay connection. Here are some cool things you can see here:


1. The new section of Bay Bridge being built (to Treasure Island), completion ETA 2013

2. The large cargo lifters in the port of Oakland which inspired the AT-AT creatures in Star Wars

3. The Transamerica Pyramid Building, tallest building in SF at 853ft tall

4. The oddly shaped Sutro Tower, built in 1972


Feel free to put notes on this image. I am not too utterly familiar with landmarks in the Bay Area...


Thanks for looking!


Canon 5D Mark II

Canon 100-400L @350mm

6 vertical exposures stitched together, 1/200 second each @ F8

Maybe a hard ND grad, I can't remember

ISO 50

Met up with RZ68, Blue Hour and Annie for some moonlight photography. Unfortunately the ladies had to retire for the evening, leaving just Ian and I to light this one together.


(8 minute exposure + LED lights + gelled strobes)


Should be viewed larger on black.

This panorama was taken from Grizzly Peak Blvd, located just off of Route 24 on the Orinda side of the Orinda-Oakland Tunnel. Take the exit for Fish Hook Road, and eventually you'll be greeted by a beautiful panoramic view that spans from the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge to the Colma radio towers on San Bruno Mountain and beyond!


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Layers of the morning sunrise colors over the fog city this morning from Grizzly Peak Berkeley Hills this morning. Yellow, ping, red, and blue with blanket of fog. It was't much fog that covered the whole city yet at this time.. still have the San Francisco bay open. What a perfect fog city view.


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twin peaks / sutro tower - cororna heights, san francisco, california

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