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Added a Water Tower and Windmill today and Wolfe got busy busting up a pile of firewood like Logn possesed. Very manly. I may have drooled. All new props from Sari-Sari. Now we're self sustainable at Witch Woods! You can just barely make out Bieij and Dragon and the wolves in the background if you zoom in!

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"Halle-Neustadt consists of rows of apartment buildings surrounded by pleasant-looking green spaces, with a central commercial area and road corridor featuring large, articulated buses. The new city was also connected to Halle by an extensive streetcar system and an S-Bahn (commuter-rail line), and the city met the "Ideal Communist City" density of about 70,000 people per square mile.


The Stockholm planners' paper noted that almost all the apartments had two bedrooms because government planners decreed "that the ideal family consisted of four family members and that the number of flat rooms should be one less than the number of family members." They also noted that the government discouraged car ownership by placing most of the parking on the outskirts of the city "at a relatively large distance from the residential houses."


What the Swedish researchers failed to note in their 1998 presentation, but faithfully recorded in their full paper, was that Halle-Neustadt was only "sustainable" during the socialist period."

Randal O’Toole: Smart Growth and the Ideal City

I had to sustain myself with coffee and biscotti.


Macro Mondays - Theme: Coffee (02/29/2016)


ODC - At the or on the table (02/23/2016)


Nachhaltige Rohstoffe

Light breeze, early morning, ebb tide, fish biting — maintaining social distance on the lagoon.


Gold Coast sunrise on the Currumbin Creek Estuary — where fish are big and boats are small.

This was my reward for waking up in the early morning... Light, crops, clouds. Perfect.


Nap time now...

I've been wanting to do a photo to go along with this one for a while and with the theme of "Blown Away" going over at Theme of the Week, this image came to mind.


I think that turbines are both beautiful and scary at the same time. While I appreciate the benefits of using wind as energy seeing these huge robots spanning the horizon really freaks me out. They're like artificial forest slowly taking over the landscape although they tend to harm birds rather than protect them. I'm certainly pro-sustainable energy.


I feel like the last week I was in zombie mode. Wake up, work, eat, run, photo, sleep, repeat. Hopefully it was only a week-long funk and I can get back to normal soon.


TOTW: Blown Away

Saving the planet by drinking beer... (in bio-degradable cups made from plants, not oil)

And another exercise series with the different focal lengths of the S10+

Irene (on her birthday, morning, outside): daddy, today is a gorgeous day, don't you think so?

Me: why, love?

Irene (firm): because the clouds are splendid!

Nature sustainability:

The small creatures and plants we fail to observe and respect.


Sigma 105mm, 15mm extension ring, and ring light. Focused on bee's eye.

Local vegetables and sustainable stock photography look beautiful together, don't they?


(shameless pllug:


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Sustainable and clean energy?

History shows that it is easy to do!

Watch this fossil machine,

grab it out of the blue.


Poem: Jan Elemans




Old Dutch windmill


The Netherlands


local fishermen fish the way they always have in Mactan, Cebu, Philippines

Yeah, after 400,557 views later. What does it mean?


weird song: Dorit Chrysler - Sustain me


oh yeh! esses anéis são do DesignTun, totalmente sustentavel e produzido com camera de pneus usados, ele são tão charmosos, conheci por algumas professoras minhas que são fãs desse trabalho e esta semana eles chegaram (: +1 comentario!


genteeeeeeeeee muito obrigada por todos esses comentarios e visitas, cada um mais lindo que o outro, fico tãaaaaaaaaaao feliz de ver o que vcs escrevem que vcs não tem noção ;') MUITO OBRIGADAAAAAA!!!! umas trocentas pessoas me adc esses dias e não tive tempo de dar um pulinho e retribuir, mas farei logo, prometo! bom acho que é isso, vou por ai curiar as coisas lindas que vcs postaram por essa semana (:


obg genteeeeee <33333

Art Week Gallery Group

~~~~ DAYS OF RAIN ~~~~


Thank you for your kind visit. Have a wonderful and beautiful day! ❤️❤️❤️

Added a Water Tower and Windmill today and Wolfe got busy busting up a pile of firewood like Logn possesed. Very manly. I may have drooled. All new props from Sari-Sari. Now we're self sustainable at Witch Woods!

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Created in Bryce a 3D program - no post manipulation or camera I have revisited this image and really worked it with High resolution it took 2days, it feels and looks so different from the first 2 versions

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I witness those guys releasing under size lobster to catch on a later date . That's sustainable harvesting . Well done .

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Skokholm Island Pembrokeshire

The Tour Carpe Diem is a 162-metre (531 ft) tall skyscraper in the La Défense business district, near Paris in France. Completed in 2013.


In days of yore, promoters were selling square meters in the highest possible skyscraper. Nowadays, there is much buzz around sustainable skyscrapers. Sustainable design calls for holes in the building, dented facades and dodgy angles. High-rise buildings boast green energy efficiency, some even claim sustainable vertical density.


The Sustainable Chemistry Building at University of Nottingham

The beauty of photography lies in exploring: places, fields and ways of living. A photographer has to wonder all the time in order to document what he sees. That most of the time means coming back to the origins and enjoying life.


Hope you like it, enjoy!

Photo: Tyulenovo, Bulgaria

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