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pcb arrangement, Fat Burns b&w mix on PS. My daughter, pcb, has her own Flickr page @


I decided to grow some black (as described on the packet!) sunflowers to add to the garden this year & chose 2 different varieties. I sowed 6 seeds of each variety & they all germinated nicely & I planted them in the garden only to have them completely taken out by the slugs (greedy pigs)! So I repeated the excercise & ended up with 12 more sunflowers which I duly planted out. This is the sole survivor (slugs again) which is just about to bloom. I'll post another shot when it's blossomed fully, that's if I can get to it before the slugs do lol!

The weathered barn (c. 1890) and the gnarled tree stand strong against another northeast Ohio winter.


Pontius Road - Portage County, Ohio

Summer morning, Dankin, Saskatchewan.

10mm (15mm equiv.)

Lake Makoan.

No computer access. Will catch up on everyone's posts next week.

Retrospectively looking and being able to say that we can face any situation in life, even the one we thought we never would survive

I bought and planted two plants of Blåsippa, Hepatica nobilis, a few years ago (Liverleaf in english??). Since then they've been eaten clean, grown over with grass and generally had a hard time. A few weeks ago a cleared up around them, but saw no signs of the plants.

Then I happened to glance in their direction yesterday - and there it was! I blue dot - one of the plants had survived the hardships!


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pcb arrangement, Fat Burns b&w mix on PS. My daughter, pcb, has her own Flickr page @

(C) 2013 Meri Aaron Walker, iPhoneArtGirl, Talent, Oregon


pencil cam, snapseed


My wallflowers continued to flower all far. But last night's storms did terrible damage to them. This is one of the few survivors


We're all survivors . Hallelujah...


One of my personal favourites.....

and ....nothing else matters (set)


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NikonD300 Nikkor 16-85VR Settings: 1/125 ƒ/5.6 ISO200 38 mm


Forêt de Compiègne . Oise . Picardie . France



"Black and white are the colors of photography. To me they symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected. " . Robert Frank

Le Noir et Blanc représente les couleurs de la Photographie .Pour moi il symbolise les alternances d'espoir et de désespoir auxquelles l'humanité est à jamais soumise



Sorry for my absence ... Life doesn't always allow us to do what we would like ...


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"HAUNTED PLACES" - The Dark Side Of The Light Contest Second Place



None of my photos are HDR or blended images, they are taken from just one shot


La Puebla del Río (Sevilla - Andalucía)


Sony A900 + Carl Zeiss16-35mm + Cokin filters : 2 X121S


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Make your memories of Pain strong motivation to continue in life. Memories gone and will not return.just forget it .

Two rosehips hang on, resisting the winds and cold of winter.


Free texture from les brumes

Despite the gales and rain, the handful of lavender flowers in my front garden are still surviving. This was taken in yesterday's sunshine.

A tiny rose I thought hadn't survived the winter bloomed.


old books... one of my favorite things.


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Before I head out to the airport for my uneventful trip home (saying it makes it so, right?) I leave you with the survivors. These are what are left of the tulips after the hailstorm of last Friday. Cut down in the prime of their life, they soldier on in a glass in my bathroom.



At the end of battle, when she can draw a breath,

Tired from the fight, tired from the death,

Greatful to see another dawn, to draw air into her chest



Skin ~ Fallen Gods ~ High Elf Natural ~ Joy

Outfit ~ Fallen Gods ~ Elven Outfit Golden Blood

Sword ~ Husky's

Hair ~ eXxEsS

Explore #108 on 11/19/08. Thanks to Yobs for informing me and thank you all for your visits!


It's getting so cold here and I think this image really shows that. I have to say it's one of my favorites. These little leaves were the only "survivors" left, as you can see the trees in the background are all bare! Have a great Thursday and stay warm :)


I really suggest if you have time that you View On Black







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It's impressive to see how things become more colorful in the end of the afternoon.


É impressionante ver como as coisas se tornam mais coloridas durante o fim de tarde.




Destinys Child


Thought I couldn't breathe without

I'm inhaling

You thought I couldn't see without you

Perfect vision

You thought I couldn't last without you

But I'm lastin'

You thought that I would die without you

But I'm livin'

Thought that I would fail without you

But I'm on top

Thought it would be over by now

But it won't stop

Thought that I would self destruct

But I'm still here

Even in my years to come

I'm still gon be here


I'm a survivor (What?)

I'm not gon give up (What?)

I'm not gon stop (What?)

I'm gon work harder (What?)

I'm a survivor (What?)

I'm gonna make it (What?)

I will survive (What?)

Keep on survivin' (What?)


Second edit from this mornings shoot at Barrenjoey Lighthouse. I much prefer this one. This is a 10 shot pano, taken from the centre of the track. Hope you like "Survivor". Cheers, Mike

olympus omd - lightroom - silver efex pro

A last green survivor of winter.... or is it the first sign of spring?! Naaah, I don't think so, we had snow last night again *sigh*


Happy Perfect Purple Saturday :)


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A solitary flower remains after our lawn was mowed this afternoon...

Taken at our country "hut" where it was blowing a gale!


Flypaper textures used in processing...all from the second pack this time.


Nikon D800 + Sigma 180mm 1:2.8 APO macro DG HSM. Single shot.






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Before works on the extension of old pier in Postira (Island of Brač) wasn´t clear whether this beautiful old stone light house will be demolished because it won´t be at the top of extended pier.

Luckily is decided to dismantle the lighthouse, stone by stone, and rebuild it at the new location. The lighthouse will survive!




None of my photos are HDR or blended images, they are taken from just one shot


Sony A900 + Carl Zeiss16-35mm + ND8 + reverse GND8 filter


Barrika (Vizcaya/Bizkaia - País Vasco/Euskadi)


On Black


More pictures of Barrika


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Someone, probably 100 years ago, made the decision to spare this tree the ax when they were clearing this land for agriculture. Without any competing trees this oak could spread our its branches and develop a beautiful symmetry. We have many trees like this in our area---real beauties. I have an ongoing project to create images of them.


Ansel Adams said "The negative is the score, but the print is the performance!" My RAW image has undergone a lot of changes to get to this "performance"---the one I envisioned when I recorded the image on my Pentax K5. First, to capture it I used a Pentax 55-300mm lens and then I processed the image in Aperture 3. In Aperture 3 I blurred out the background trees and added a little vignette. I went to OnOne Software's Perfect Effects to fix the sky and the halo around the tree.


Camera settings: ISO 400, aperture f/20, 1/400, focal length 210mm


winter oak

standing alone in a field

as the chosen one


Image and haiku by John Henry Gremmer

Not everybody made it to Noah's Ark...


On Black

Real shot, Not a digital manipulation. - Check out my Wonderland lecture (subtitles available) - Nadav Bagim - WonderLand lecture - PhotoX2012

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