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Hurray! This photo made it to Explore's front page. It is not photoshopped or superimposed or anything. I used a little digital enhancement to bring out the detail in the clouds and color in the backgroud. The balloon was sharp and detailed in the untouched version. © all rights reserved


Today there were 3 balloons up. I had 10 passengers. It was a pefect flight and a perfect day. Just the right amount of clouds and wind and sun and hassle-free landing fields.


This photo shows the Remax Balloon flown by Bill Baker with Black Mountain (San Diego city park open space area) in the background, and way to the back left can be seen Mount Woodson, between Poway and Ramona, a popular rock climbing spot.

I was intrigued by the shadow of this elephant and to emphasis that I made a negative of the actual photo.

Have a nice start of your weekend!!

;)) Have a great day,dear flickr friends!


Please don't use this image without my explicit written permission. © All rights reserved


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Thank you ALL my friends for faves,comments,notes & lovely support.:))

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series: proof of life | Detroit, MI


I've given up calling the random stuff that I shoot "street photography". Some of it is quite literally on the street, some of it isn't. Don't get me wrong, I love street photography, street photographers, "streettogs", or whatever you want to call them. But the term itself is just such a baffling bucket, and I wonder if trying to fit work into that concept is limiting my thought process. I don't know. It seems there are as many definitions of the genre as there are photographers; I'd rather get out and shoot freely than think too deeply about the buckets. Besides, no matter what I call it, it's not going to make my bad photos any better. Which reminds me, I need to do some stream pruning...

I was adjusting the colors and thought this looked cool.



© 2009 Helmuth Boeger - All rights reserved.



© 2012 Licensed under Getty Images

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More of the Hayman Fire Landscape.


Was Dream like - Awesome color of the distant mountains with haze & fog. A foggy/Misty day on the skyline drive, Virginia.

I appreciate the feedback.

Taken on Novemeber 1st at Eagle Ridge.

Just playing with light...

taken today on a quick jaunt to Yosemite. It was freezing cold and misty but oh so pristine and beautiful. I can never get enough of this place.

The small park does look surreal when the sun setting around it.....

Sitting on the tide - Photomanipulation


This composite took me about an hour in Photoshop and was inspired by numerous artists that I follow.


I'm looking forward to an upcoming trip to Jordan where I can put my camera to use. For now, I'm enjoying pushing the limits of my PS knowledge with these surreal pieces.


Learn to create stunning images, with instantly downloadable, high quality video courses: Cityscape Tutorials & Luminosity Mask Tutorial & HDR Tutorial

A surreal sunset taken in Arches National Park, Utah.

For one of my best Flickr friends!!!! Fabiela

Converted, inverted, and HDR'd. Hope you like it.


Thanks, as always, for stopping by and for all of your kind comments -- I appreciate them all.


© Melissa Post 2015


All rights reserved. Please respect my copyright and do not copy, modify or download this image to blogs or other websites without obtaining my explicit written permission.

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Hot air - Photomanipulation


I've been having some more fun creating this conceptual manipulation in PS.


Learn to create stunning images, with instantly downloadable, high quality video courses: Cityscape Tutorials & Luminosity Mask Tutorial & HDR Tutorial

This image has had no PP. Its straight out of the phone.


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