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This is classic San Francisco. Dude in suit, skating on inline skates, carrying jacket in hand (warm summer day), talking on the cell phone, and walking a dog. Serious multitasking.

After years of declining Tech-Conference expectations, this one was really brilliant.

A slide about games at Supernova.

"Rise of the Videonet" panel discussion. From left to right: Jonathan Taplin, Mary Hodder, Jeremy Allaire, Robert Levitan (Pando CEO)

FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps speaking at Supernova in San Francisco, June 23, 2006. Copps said we need to begin talking about "Internet freedom" rather than net neutrality.

at the supernova party.. so i saw them at the PDF party in NYC 13 months before and they were happy.. then they got unhappy, then they moved to SF and got happy and pregnant. And now they are sooooo happy.



If you're at Supernova and want a Running Man pin, just grab me in the

hall. It's the first time they've given me shwag to hand out, and I'm

crap at offering it, so just come get it.

Jeremy Allaire (Brightcove CEO), Mary Hodder (Dabble CEO), Jonathan Taplin (USC) and Robert Levitan (Pando CEO)

Yaron and Caterina Fake (Flickr co-founder!)

Customer Service Rep and Founder of Craigslist.


Showing off a microformats tee!

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