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to be honest, i didn't see

it when taking the photo...

i was simply focusing on

the reflection of the leaves!


heard this going into the

office, just like heaven


have a super day!!!


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Come to think of it, beside my blueberries shot I haven't taken much photos of fruits.


Mandi said a pepper is not a fruit! hehehe :)

Although I eat it raw like a fruit. lol!


Have a nice day!!

this one reminded me of you, sally, not only

because of the title and your marvellous

moon shot, but because of your beautiful

sunset and cloud photographs!!!


if you have time, listen to jimi hendrix



Skin – Modish – Dunia -Applepie- Sunkiss NEW! for Structure Your Skin

Outfit – Vita’s Boudoir – Baroque Burlesque NEW!

Pose – maretch.waffle – Cherry & Cream Poses – 3


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Ensconced In Velvet

Created for Textures for Layers Challenge #21: Smile!


Original from Telzey

Used one of my own and free stock photo given Smile and three textures from the pool, thx to ,andy emcee and ghostbones

During one of my morning walks, I noticed the sunlight teasing the neem leaves and making them blush!. I had to take the picture.

Have a great day, friends!


Beautiful on black too.


EXPLORED #235 - March 24, 2011.

~ Skin by Lionskin, Sunkiss 27

~ Hair by tutinwaguma, Lairry ebony

Men Only Gacha 2

1st - 15th February


More info:



Elysium - "Boy" hat - gacha item

Elysium - ..meh..optics - gacha item

Elysium - Pluto necklace - gacha item


Skin: Elysium - Hikaru - sunkiss (coming soon)





part 14


She sensed the drooping purple-flowered tree

and drifted toward it;


In its joy over her recognition,

it unfurled its petals in a fanfare

of royal petaldust;

The passionate soul blew a sunkiss to the tree.


"Soon the beautiful Slave from the Other Universe

will come to my Soul Day!"

she was heard to say

as she touched the face of the purple-flowered tree

and kissed away its tears;

She floated up beyond it

Until all that was left was the imprint

of her fragrant, Lily-Of-The-Valley Laughter,

calling, "Do come with me to my Garden of Passion!"


Her laughter became music

cascading throughout the sky,

and creating multiple bursts of colour

beyond the spectrum of the Old World’s Rainbow.





Finally, the completion of this project!



Ellyn & her Imaginary friends


The original 'model' for this picture was found in the Royal Ontario Museum as an odd exhibit.


the ROM, Toronto, Ontario

my textures


just loved the colours ... and the light!!!


on drackr



(that's what i am with lulu .. a fool for love :)



already its april fool's day

i'm so very sorry i've had to be away from your streams

and even from responding to emails..


a warm sunkiss for you as april begins.. from us with love *








Locking to the sea

Crowds of people wait for me

Sea gulls scavenge

Steal ice cream

Worries vanish

Within my dream


I left my soul there,

Down by the sea

I lost control here

Living free


I left my soul there,

Down by the sea

I lost control here

Living free


Fishing boats sail past the shore

No singing may-day any more

The sun is shining

The Water's clear

Just you and I walk along the pier


I left my soul there,

Down by the sea

I lost control here

Living free


I left my soul there,

Down by the sea

I lost control here

Living free


A cool breeze flows but mind the wasp

Some get stung it's worth the cost

I'd love to stay

The city calls me home

More hassles fuss and lies on the phone


I left my soul there,

Down by the sea

I lost control here

Living free


I left my soul there,

Down by the sea

I lost control here

Living free


I left my soul there,

Down by the sea

I lost control here

Living free


I left my soul there,

Down by the sea

I lost control with you,

And living, living,

And I, living, by the sea




Skin – Modish - OneWay-Kiss- Sunkiss For SYS project

Hair - EMO-tions * RACHEL*/ snow NEW!

Outfit – Vita’s Boudoir - The Sweetest Surprise NEW!

Antlers – Vita’s Boudoir - Frosted magic antlers NEW!

Pose – Motionless – African Child 006 NEW! from the upcoming Around The World Event. start date for Around The World will be November 15, 2012 at 12pm (noon) SLT

Motionless poses can be found in the Marketplace here:

Did I tricked you?


No worries, I won´t change my skin :) Just played a bit with it

(that´s what we all love to do with sexy skins, no?).

But hey, it´s not me, I´ll put it back to my inventory again in a second.


-Belleza- Jesse Sunkiss 11


Its Tricky- RUN DMC

This beautiful necklace can be found free at the Magic of Oz Candy Cane Hunt that starts December 17th @ 9am SLT.


slurl to Oz: of Oz/131/120/24


Read Berry's Blog for more info:



Skin: Belleza - Belle Sunkiss

Hair: ETD

Eyelashes: Cake

Necklace: Eye Candy


Camera+ recipe?

? scene: Auto

? effect: Sunkiss?d

Im enyoing the last sunshine of this summer, im not at home so i can't comment your pics, im back in a few days ;) The computer here crashed every 5 min....

yes She got sunkiss during the vacation :P

View On Black


Model / Photographer - Braunwyn Cleanslate

Eyes - Bliss Couture - Realistic - Opal

Shape - Alady 2009 Perfect Tribute to Jula

Skin - LionSkins - SU - sunkiss 23

Hair - ETD - Jolleen - Black Purple

Dress - Seldom Blue - Francesca Set - Multi-color

Shoes - Baby Monkey - Ultimate Wicked - Aqua

Necklace - Primalot - Glimpse of Hope - Purple / Bronze

Pose - LostAngel Industries - Summer Ottoman - Multipose




Skin – Modish – PoshLatina Sunkiss {MAGG} NEW!

Hair – Vita’s Boudoir – Morana Hair NEW!

Roses Top – *TDS* Le Rouge (whole outfit posted in last blog post)

Fishy headgear – *SoliDea FoliEs* April Hat NEW!

Glasses – Air – Mercurius NEW!


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Ensconced In Velvet

I still remember...

Your last words before you leave told me: " when i met you, you was alone, covered with leaves of the death trees, crying for a lost smile, whishing the end of it just lost the meaning of life, the meaning of was a lost angel, crying for being misunderstood by everyone... let me help you to raise from the darkness and show you the wonderful light, let me make you happy..."

The truth is he left me behind on a autumn day... i miss him so much! You went with the autumn breeze, i'm still here feeded by hopes, trying to feel you again in the wind...




Place: My Private Land

Scene: Made by me


Necklace: {mon tissu} Floral Disk Pendant - Gold


Shorts: {mon tissu} Hanalei Shorts (XXS/XS/S/M/L) ~ Pinstripes


Sweatshirt -{mon tissu} Slouchy Sweatshirt ~ Pink Ombre


Shoes: {mon tissu} Montsegur Pumps


Bag: {mon tissu} Sophmore Satchel ~ Floral


Hair: !lamb. Blush (Mesh) - Chocolate Bars Pack


Mesh Feet: Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)


Mesh hands: ::M-Arc Mirror:: Real Hands


Mesh lashes and lids : Slink Mesh Lids and Lashes


Skin:*League* Skin Isla Sunkiss -Natural




Table: Zigana [ Drafting table ]


Basket: LISP - Dolly Days Basket - Lemon ( @Arcade Gatcha event)


Rabbit: HPMD* SleepyRabbit M -- with Cuddle AO --


Bird: HPMD* Little Birds (no script) -- yellow -- type A

Doors: *. emm ; garden entrance autumn store´s gift


Grass:Zigana - Wild grass .autumn


Grass2: Zigana - leaf .autumn


Stool: Zigana - stool .green


Paint Brushes: FLECHA sculpted painter pack


Pose: By Del May





Annan ♥

As you can imagine..I am slightly miffed at the fact that my main filter software is on the fritz! But, today I lived precariously and decided to shoot anyways and make due with the tools I had… So, this is the result of todays shoot. Enjoy!




Skin – Modish – Lamia Sunkiss NEW! For Private Room Event

Makeup – *JeSyLiLO*:::EYESHADOW:::*Blue

Eyelashes – Aliza Karu – Eyelashes doll

Hair – Analog Dog – madison 2 cornsilk

Dress – Dimbula Rose - Card Opi / Renewal opening Gift (Group Gift) NEW!

Stockings – Death Row Designs – stockings nylons checkered sheer

Shoes – Death Row Designs – Lolita Red NEW!

Pose – Icons of Style – Amy 2


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Ensconced In Velvet

it's friday people. futab.

Click Image for Full Detail. This one needs to be seen full size to appreciate the work that was put into it.




Skin – Modish – Chepe Sunkiss JuneGift NEW Group Gift

Shape – Modish – KastAspell Shape NEW! For Color Blocking Fair

Hair – /Wasabi Pills/ Claire Mesh Hair – Golden NEW!

Outfit – NONKO Circus Night set

Shoes – NONKO white alice teacup heel Shoes

Book w/ animals – HPMD* Pop-Up Book -Your story with stuffed animals- Not sure if this is still available, I got it from a past event.


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Ensconced In Velvet


Skin/Shape – Modish - LiLMay Sunkiss clev / LilMay shape NEW! For GSP

Makeup - "TSG" Maquillaje - Rainbow Eyeshadow

Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ Cookie Mesh Hair – Powder NEW!

Outfit – Nomine - Ariel Wedding Gown Lilac NEW!


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Ensconced In Velvet


Explored Sept 6/09


Spent Saturday afternoon boating with our best friends.

As they stood on the stern of the boat being crazy, the sun offered a few cool shots.


Skin: Isla (Sunkiss) - League - Nena Janus

Hair: Harlie - Chemistry - Kimberlee Miles

Chains: Chained Lust - deviousMind - Chandra Meehan

The many layers of Alabama Hills terrain.

~Hair i have on is new from CaTwA called Maria color shade is Honey from the Winter blonde pac headband is also color change threw a menu in the hair and is also all mod..

~Jewlery is from League called Wanderer -Oak- i got it at TDR

~Skin and brow shape are from League called Amber skin shade is Sunkiss makeup is called Greenglade

~Shape i have on is from Al Vulo called Matilde..xx

~Eyes are Fashism color Pale Absinthe size Med

~Eye liner tattoo is from Miamai called LesMakeups style Yuki no 25

~Top is from League called Spring Camisole color is Green

~Tattoo on my arm is from LaMalvada called El beso

~Lash no 1 is from Crissys called Irrestible look lash

~Lash no 2 is from Glow called Develicious00 i got them at TDR

~Teeth are from PXL ...


~For you ♫ he has an amazing voice ....

Another one for Artilleri :)


I'm wearing...not much...haha

Skin: Artilleri-Emi-Soft Sunkiss-Eden

Tattoo: Artilleri-Maggie Tattoo

Hair: Artilleri-Jami-Black

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