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An old shot I took at the Cathedral Rocks after sunrise. Always difficult with the increasing light....

This is a horizontal version from a little farther into the sunset was quite the thing to behold...wish I was sitting in Iceland at the glacial lagoon when this sunset went off...but I'm mostly happy I was out with the camera to see it period.


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Plaza de las Pasiegas. Granada. España.


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Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade?


Benjamin Franklin


The base of the Sundial Bridge tower. The sundial bridge, designed by Santiago Calatrava, is a footbridge spanning the Sacramento River in Redding, CA. Follow me on Instagram @rjohn97

Sundial Bridge, a pedestrian bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava, in Redding, CA. Follow me on Instagram @rjohn97

Happy Easter!

Latin reads; "Take to thyself a wise mind"

Lost and found.

Lost after a hard drive crash.

Found, as I had sent a copy to Martine! :-)

Original better version still on on my profile.

Commissary courtyard / Cour de l'économat

Staré Město Prague 1


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This house that I have literally been working on is only a mile away from my home. I have started striping the interior cabinets and carpet out. For such a simple little farmhouse this may actually get restored to its former self.

I have been digging up history on the house and property. Charles Carter born in Penn. was orphaned. When older he moved to Clark County, Mo. in 1859 near Luray. We don't know the age of the house yet, but it has a stone foundation and cellar,(collapsing). It is at least 1906 when it was written that Charles died here in 1906. He was a Union Civil War veteren. His son William lived here after and also died in this house in the 30's. In 1908 the Carters treated themselves to an addition of a kitchen onto the back. In the late 60's I was babysat by the Keller's that lived there then. I remember their candy bowl well. In recent years a number of tenants have kept the house barely livable. Another interesting modern side note for its history is that it was also used as a meth lab and was raided. The Smith family gave it the name "Sundial Farm" that stuck since the 80's.

Bohnická 149/79 Staré Bohnice - Prague 8


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Just a shot of a colourful umbrella that I came across on the opening day of this year's WOMAD Festival at Charlton Park.


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My thanks are due to Alex Hewitt from The Scotsman as well as Giles Cooper from Borkowski PR, for helping to arrange my photo pass.


Time for some more frequent posting...too many shots in the queue as I have had some extra time to edit and go through archives lately. Here is another take from a trip down to the Sundial bridge while in Redding on business. Hope you enjoy, let me know what you think along with any suggestions for editing!


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A happy little House Wren is seen in the midday sun forming a perfect sundial shadow effect.

World renowned Spanish architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava conceived the Sundial Bridge’s unusual design, his first free-standing bridge in the USA. The Sundial Bridge (also known as the Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay) is a cantilever spar cable-stayed bridge for bicycles and pedestrians that spans the Sacramento River in Redding, California, and forms a large sundial. completed in 2004 at a cost of US $23,500,000.

Caius College, Cambridge, UK.

From the Adler Planetarium, Museum Campus, downtown Chicago.

Detail of a Sundial @ Molenvijverpark, Genk (B)

Beachy Head lighthouse, East Sussex.

Taken for Assignment52 week 31 - Abstract.


We spent the night in Redding on our way to Medicine Lake. While we were there, we visited the Sundial Bridge.


To get the orange colors, I did a color negative.

Large On Black


This sundial has a lot of symbolics embedded within. In fact I don't even know what is encoded there, but what became evident from this perspective is that once the carvings become filled with water like how it was when I took this photo, you can clearly see an eagle holding the earth.


Canon 450D, Sigma 10-20mm @ 15mm, f/11, 163sec and ISO100


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Redding, California. The river is the Sacramento River.

Kota Baru Parahyangan

Cranmer Park. Denver, CO.

I saw this Sundial with the wonderful inscription in a local Garden Centre.

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