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I miss having these around the pond, I still have the flowers but my Dragonflies all have gone South.

I often wander the Devonshire countryside at this time of the year, it gives me inspiration to try and capture the summer feeling in the English landscape. So here's a sunrise image, I didn't realise bales could make such and interesting landscape subject matter!

WINNER of our picture contest at Impressed by your Beauty! Congratulations! For the IbyB team Steve


summer song


Summer song

summer long

summer sounds

of summer throng


summer light

summer night

summer feels

alive and bright


Floating breezes

fresh and free

gentle sunkissed

bumble bee

curling creatures

sleeping so

marching ants

they come and go

tall grass bends

in sun lit beams

medows shimmer

golden gleams

birds call out

their summer song

dawn to dusk

singing long

bubbling brooks

with silver waters

bluebells dance

like woodlands daughters

velvet moss

enfolds the boulder

tree stumps covered

shadied; colder


smile in their place

mischievious little dainty face


Summer song

summer long

summer sounds

of summer throng


summer light

summer night

summer feels

alive and bright

Alice Anne Gordon

...Makes me feel fine...


Have an excellent Friday everyone. Not much Flickr time at the moment so I'll catch up with you all as and when I can.

Taken this summer in my garden... :)) I like the yellow on blue! | | Google+


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Going through my summer pictures, I found this one that I really liked. I had a request from Bulgary to buy a picture from that day.


I am still amazed that someone from the other side of the earth is touched by my picutre.


Mazzy Star - Fade into you would be the song.


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TGIF my friends. Have a beautiful day and a wonderful weekend. xoxo


Thanks for visiting, kind comments and favorite my friends! Wish You a great weekend, my friends! Series with two images



For Monochrome Bokeh Thursday

Heat, like the Summer.

Cool, like the rain.

Together, like the steam. Illusion, like my mind.


Sometimes, I like to find impressions of ideas. Creating an impression from nature. My first model, this simple Crepe Myrtle tree with Its delicate flowers and buds. Then, I signed on Mother Nature for a brief shower. Finally, I cooled down, got wet and enjoyed the shoot. Continuing the abstraction of nature.

For the time being my working days are over and I'm on a holiday until the school starts in August.


Igor went under surgery yesterday: his naval rupture was fixed. For the next 10 days he bumbles around the house with a HUGE protective collar around his neck (I call that thing "a bucket") and breaks everything that comes in his way.. He's like an elephant in a china store. But never the less..




When Igor has fully recovered, hopefully I'll be able to go out and shoot some landscapes again - it's been such a long, long time.. Well anyway: Happy Wednesday! Hope these daisies make you smile, I sure liked them.


July the 8th, 2009

Espoo, Finland.

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Waaarm hugs to All !!!


Colourfull and summer greetings


With love




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Spreading some light and colour :)

Rivière Matapédia River

Matapédia (Gaspésie) Québec



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The end of the rainy season announced today.

Summer is here at last!




Only just one poppy blooming and it seems like this one is looking at the other buds and encouraging them to get ready for the summer too ;-))

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to look at my photo, comment and to mark it as a favourite, thanks!


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Flowers, bees, and bokeh ... fine things of summer.

A kayak on the Deschutes River in Sunriver, Oregon


Explore # 424 - Aug 2, 2008

Summer seeds, blow in the breeze.

Welcome in warmer skies, take away all pain and sighs.



summer comes

decked in yellow array



I'm thinking I should change my screen name from to something else...not sure what, though.


click! :)


explored, highest position number 12! :O

There's a time in each year that we always hold dear,

the good old summer time;

With the birds and the treeses and sweet-scented breezes,

In the good old summer time.


Thankyou once again to DistressedJewel for the use of four of her textures


jerry jones for the use of his brushes and two beautiful textures

Happiness is a bowl of cherries and a book of poetry under a shade tree. ~ Astrid Alauda

Image on burlap, finished with edges to be printed around sides as Gallery Wrapped version. - Zachary Breaux, "Lagos"


60+ years of living have passed in my life and the apprentice work is done.




I don’t know the day I realized the apprenticeship had passed. I think it was a day or two ago.


I didn’t know it was going to take that long. If I had known that, I probably would have given up long ago. That is what youth sometimes does when it knows how long “something” is going to take to get good at.


But, now, it feels…..a little scary, but so wonderful too.


If I told you this story before, you can stop reading now.


At age 30 I received a black belt in Aikido. My buds and I (all about the same age) knew; we were good. And, we were.


So, my Sensei - Master Hackett - arranged for us to go to Japan to participate in some matches. The Japanese students we faced looked to be much younger than we were. They looked like kids. We were told that they too, had black belts and we would be fighting them. There were smiles, and hugs, and laughter between the and us.


They then proceeded to beat the shit out of us. All of us. Real good. (We all had brown stains in our undies to illustrate the thoroughness of the whipping).


Our Sensei, Master Hackett, then told us, “none of them had a black belt. They are a good two to four years behind us in their training.”


Gee thanks, Master. Make us feel better why don’cha’.


Master Hackett (who was 70 then and had been studying for at least 50 years - and could also brown-up our underwear pretty damn good - all of us at the same time) said,


“In America we think a black belt means that we have arrived: that we are good: that we are have learned something of this art. In Japan, a black belt means we have adequately served our apprenticeship, and that we are now ready, to begin, to learn.


....we are now ready, to begin, to learn." he repeated slowly.


"And that with that attitude, training, intention and attention, with discipline and sacrifice, we may just yet make something of ourselves.”


“When did you become good, Sensei,” one of us asked.


Master Hackett smiled, closed his eyes and began to meditate, “Oh, about a day or two ago.”


60+ years of living have passed in my life, and it would seem the apprentice work is done. I don’t know the day I realized the apprenticeship had passed. I think it was a day or two ago. I think I have actually earned my black belt in "living," and that I am now ready, to "begin" to learn; about life, being alive, art, myself.




It feels a little scary, but so wonderful too.


On his deathbed, at age 89, Michelangelo is reported to have said, "I am dying; just as I have learned the alphabet of my profession." Imagine that; such grace, such humility, such openess. Although I am not on my deathbed, I know what he meant.


We often stand before the Heavens, and say "Come to me Life, I await you with open arms." Too passive, I think; too much waiting for life to happen to us, yes?


Perhaps we may say, "I come to you Life, open your arms; it is time to live what I have learned, and to learn some more. I Come to you."


Don't waste it; not a moment of it.


Zachary Breaux, the exquisite guitarist you hear playing on the attached music, died in 1997 at age 36. He made three CDs.


Beach/Wetlands/Savanna at South Shore Cultural Center Park, 71st & Lake Shore Drive, Chicago.


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Distressed Jewel:


Jungfraubahnen, Switzerland.


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