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Bad weather for about two weeks now. Time to check the harddisk for some good shots from August...

"It was still early, and the sun's lower limb was just free of the hill, his rays, ungenial and peering, addressed the eye rather than the touch as yet." - Thomas Hardy


Summer Cauldron/Grass

Xtc - Skylarking (1986)

Track 1: Summer Cauldron

Track 2: Grass


Grantchester Meadows

Pink Floyd - Ummagumma (1969)


Wash me clean

K.D. Lang - Ingenue (1992)

The little snail went out to explore this rose...... ahhhh...... sweet summer memorie ;-))

Pentacon 135 mm 2.8

Can't wait to return to my summer office. Such a tough job....


Mt. Heyburn catching first light on a fine morning. Dang all those noisy birds....;-))


A wider view of my spacious office in comments.


Have a terrific Tuesday!


DUCHESS (left) :

OUTFIT: Summer Vibes Bangles {gold/rare}, Body Jewelry {Rare}, Headpiece {rare}, Tile Skirt and Blue Top by Luas ~ Available at upcoming Indie Teepee {July 8}

HAIR: Kylie by D!va ~ Available at Crossroads {July 3 to July 28}

NECKLACE: Tibetan Necklace {gold} by Empyrean Forge ~ Available at upcoming Indie Teepee {July 8}

TATTOO: Lights Out {black} by [White~Widow] ~ Available at upcoming We Love Roleplay {July 5 to July 30}

POSE: Oberon Series {four} by an lar ~ Available at upcoming Indie Teepee {July 8}


KYNNE (right) :

HAIR: Tableau Vivant \\ Koca hair [no hat ] [S]

HAIR: Wrapped by Lock and Tuft ~ Available at upcoming Indie Teepee {July 8}

OUTFIT: Summer Vibes Bangles {gold/rare}, Body Jewelry {Rare}, Headpiece {rare}, Pink Skirt and Red Top by Luas ~ Available at upcoming Indie Teepee {July 8}



Cute Camping Gacha Set: Caravan {rare}, guitar, table, cut, chair, crates, balloon lights ~ Available at Crossroads {July 3 to July 28}

Firefly jar by Meche


Found my first ladybug this summer. Actually she found me. She landed on me while I was looking for them in a field of wildflowers on my property :)

A window to summer through a wall of an utility building at a street corner in Rotterdam.

Have a nice Sunday!! Location :Greece /West peloponese /Achaia prefecture /kalogria beach.

Taking some time to relax...

Would love to do this irl also as it has been summer here for a while now. (´。_。`)

the last days of the summer

Summer cafe in Tallinn's Old Town courtyard.

Bartošovice v Orlických horách, Czech Republic

texture by Lenabemanna

the Hellesee in then Melle Area in June.

Hvidbjerg Strand Beach in July Sun

It's now here 31 to 35 degrees Celsius..... so we almost melt.......

Well, I guess, that's summer in the Netherlands, one week it's cold and rainy and the next week too hot......

Nevertheless let's enjoy the sun, that's what this flower reminds me off.

Took this shot on a lovely warm summer night

Another summer flower to hold us over through winter.

Let's hope this summer will be hot ;-))

Last evenings view of The Little Susitna River Valley as summer greens turn and the fireweed rules. Thanks for looking and may your day be good!

Summer memories, rediscovered. I took thisshot a few summers ago.

It's one of those things you never really consciously take note of: The specific characteristics of the trees around where you live. Until you move to another geographic area where the trees are different.


I've lived in a few different climates and each has its own unique trees that become associated with the experience. When you see those types of trees again after an absence, it is like seeing old friends! In that way, the sight of these tall poplar trees in their June foliage in Washington stirred strong emotions in me. Just like the closely related cottonwood trees, their leaves have a silvery backside that twinkles in the summer wind. They will always signify summer to me and I just love them!


Photographed in Fort Steilacoom Park, Tacoma, Washington.

I took this today. But it was really windy and the flowers moved around a lot. Therefore the focus is not perfect. But I think it gives a nice feeling of Summer :-)

Macro Monday " Summer Olympic Sports" theme

Submitted to Award Tree Challenge - Summer's End

Thought I would suspend the India trip briefly to add some summer garden images from Southern California. As i always try to warn though, our drought and desert doesn't produce the flowers and the plants one usually sees in the Northern Hemisphere. This is an emerging bud of a honeysuckle vine.

#Summer evening on the lake... #Finland


Many thanks to everyone for your visit, comments and faves! Much appreciated! 😊


Have a nice weekend!

Summer in full display in the high country. Wishing all a happy solstice or start of summer. For those in the southern part of the world guess it is time to bundle up. Cheers to all!

Hi All, hoping to catch up with Flickr again in the coming weeks, have been away the past few weeks due to the month of Ramadan and not much time for picture taking as a result, thank you all for your continued support! 😊

Chinese Garden, Sydney


A Happy New Year from Summer Country! 🎉

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