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Summer thunder come again,

You're hard to wish away

I just keep on drifting with your rain,

Charmed by dangers,

Just love how the small flowers of this Clematis cascade over the pergola that supports them.


Thanks for all the kind comments and faves, they are so appreciated.

Its Summer in Oregon, that means waterfalls. I had the good fortune of hanging out with Bill McIntosh while he was on a trip to the Pacific Northwest. Per the usual Bill it was 3 hours of sleep each night and usually 7 hours of driving each day. Chasing light. I am far less adventurous when near home, and in between work days, so my radius was less forgiving. We found a common time, but it was mid day, not the best light to shoot anything except waterfalls. Well, we have one or two of those here in Oregon.


We met at my place and I drove form there, hoping to do a Bill-like whirlwind tour of about 6 waterfalls in one afternoon, literally. We set out for Lower Downing Falls first, my favorite. Nope. Bad traffic accident in Detroit, so we turned around and headed for the mighty, the favorite, Abiqua Falls. They were close at that point. So it was through Scott's Mill and into the dirt. Bill was zonked before we started (that's why I was driving) and I had just spent 6 hours walking around Seattle the day before. I thought Abiqua would be good because you can drive right up to it, then a short scramble down the hill. I had been there twice, but it seems I did not remember the 'scramble' all that well. The hill was tougher than I recalled. Down was not so bad. I alreday let him down by missing Lower Downing, so I was hoping this one would blow him away. Success.


All the pain, all the tiredness washed off his face in a flash. Especially this fall because its situated around a mossy-tree-covered corner, so it has a dramatic reveal as you approach it. His camera was out in a flash. The crowds were not all that bad, but they are usually ant-like in this huge cavernous basalt cathedral. We split up occasionally shouting great compositions to each other. Bill is GREAT to shoot with because he does not horde great comps. He shares. He will actually move his tripod to let you get the same shot if he loves what he saw. I appreciate shooting with Bill because some photographers will get a stunning comp and then keep it a secret in some kind of competition. I called out this scene but by the time Bill got there the light rays were gone.


It was my plan to go from here to Silver Falls State Park to shot the many fantastic falls they have, but by the time we went back up that evil hill...forgetaboutit. So it was off to punish Bill by having dinner with my kids. My beautiful wife balances out the pain though because she is a delight to everyone who meets her.


Bill was then off to the coast to get a Milky Way image at Hug Point, and I was off to bed to go to work the next day.


So thank you for the company Bill, it was great and I can't wait to see your post of the Falls. Everyone, go look at his stream (actually, you may not ever come back to mine if you do :)).

Sunflower field with lavender and wheat fields beyond on a typical english summer day.

The blobs of bokeh are humans picking lavender.

It is hard to be on flickr when the weather is warm and sunny......although it has dipped down quite a bit this week, and we've seen plenty of rain. But it is summer, we wait all winter for its return, so lots of things keep me busy these days and I've caught up on plenty of good books while soaking up the sun on my deck. :)

Summer landscape near Puth, Limburg.

Summer summer summertime

Time to sit back and unwind

~Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff

Listen to Meeee



I love the summer !!

Summer has arrived with a vengeance this week in England – we’re sweltering! To celebrate, here I am wearing the prettiest Second Life dress of the summer so far, a gorgeous pink and white number from Me Sew Sexy fringed with lace. With this dress I don’t care how hot it gets, I’ll still feel cool!


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Always maintain a kind of summer even in the middle of winter.



Summer's Coming...Featuring Swank with { wren's nest }, Sinful Curves, P O E M A, Spyralle


Summer's Coming...Featuring Swank with { wren's nest }, Sinful Curves, P O E M A, Spyralle


Summer Nights in the City


Mood Luis Fonsi - Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee






Head: Catwa Stanley @ Ultra

Body: Signature Gianni

Skin: Stray Dog Andreas + Body Appliers

Beard: Volkstone Klaus

Ears: No. Ears Bento @TMD

Hair: Tableau Vivant Angy @TMD

Earings: Mandala Taper Neko


Going through my summer pictures, I found this one that I really liked. I had a request from Bulgary to buy a picture from that day.


I am still amazed that someone from the other side of the earth is touched by my picutre.


Mazzy Star - Fade into you would be the song.


Taken at Newhaven Harbour, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2017.

Summer , Bretagne france

The light was perfect, I just wish I paid attention not to burn the brightest spots. Shot in raw, if I brought down the highlights it would lose some of the light and "oumph!".

The two trees are lovely with their shadows, I wish the bench were facing other way :))


What do you think ?

Summer beauty.

Photo taken at 9:18 pm.



Many thanks to everyone for your visit, comments and faves! Much appreciated! :blush:


Have a nice day!



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Sony A7II (ILCE-7M2) with e-mount adapted lens Trioplan 1:2.9/50 Meyer-Optik Görlitz. ISO 100. f/4. 1/1000s. Extension tubes for macro usage. Manual mode. Used camera/lens combination --> Sony A7II - Trioplan 1:2.9/50 V Meyer-Optik Görlitz.

"Summer means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach, going to Disneyland, having fun."

Brian Wilson

I’m so thankful for Summer’s bounty. For days stretching long, and light reaching far, for flowers bursting with color and joy, for birds singing happy their praise-filled songs, for warm breezes that flow lovingly through lace curtains – making shadows dance all fancy upon the walls. I’m thankful for a slower pace with iced-tea in hand, and poetry in heart, watching the sun set slow, filling the sky with flames while fireflies fill the evening air with magic. And it all brings my heart a little closer to heaven, where the beauty, the grace, the peace, will have no end.

Canon 7D + Zenit Tair-11A 135mm f/2.8

A different perspective to see the city summer fog during the sunrise time. It was with some colors from the east bay.





#summerfog #sanfrancisco #luckysnapshot #三藩市

Summer days are long and full of play and exploration

Summer Forever...Featuring Swank with Virtual Diva, Heartsdale Jewellery, Luxe Paris



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