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...Anastasia Steele


Skin: Glam Affair December II [NEW @ Uber]

Hair: Clawtooth [NEW @ C88] heavily post-processed

Scarf: S&S

Been out of pocket from SL quite a bit over past months. Felt like trying something inspired from RL (...a lil 50 shades of something)


Used my tablet, drew all hair, eyebrows & shadows/shading from scratch, no brushes used.


Skin: Glam Affair December II (post-processed alot-a-bit)


Raw Image

"To Nature, one need be neither too scrupulous, nor too sincere, nor too submissive." (Paul Cezanne)


When I began my commitment to prairie photographic journeys just a few years ago, the Alberta landscape felt immovable and permanent. Determined it would last forever, time was on my side.


Today I believe only the miles of perimeter barbed wire fence have a healthy shelf life, as testament the faded shell of a country church within this image has all but vanished. Every corner of Southern Alberta brings surprises, and takes them just as easily. Of course I'll never see everything, formidable wire keeps those secrets at bay.


*Please view LARGE for best rural Alberta detail

**Textures courtesy of various sources on Flickr

***Thank You for your generous support, visits, comments, favourites, and galleries.

Y en su interior se encontraron

Encarcelados y sumisos en

el mundo de la corrucion

el poder y el deseo


And inside they found

Imprisoned and submissive in

the world of corrucion

power and desire


Bryan Adams - Heaven

the Finishing School of angels RFL Team

of The Finishing School for Submissive Ladies

Build Team


Captain Emma Rose Shaw

co-captain Barristan Shaw

co-captain muffin shaw

co-captain Mone de'maris

team member: ju

team member: lacey


Sponsored by: BBM, PoD, Elite Unversity


Land Here!

The Finishing School Of Angels


I'll kneel down

Wait for now

And I'll kneel down

Know my ground


Sculpted Beauty "Emily" for Catwa Head Kimberly and Maitreya Body.....


Pose: [DB]Poses - "submissive"



More Credits:

Happy Easter everyone!


Even though it's freezing in England, spring is out there somewhere, and all us horny bunny girls are in season and ready for breedin'! A x

“There are moments when, what ever the position of the body, the soul is on its knees.”

– Victor Hugo

Listen to Meeee



Marh 25 is the Indipendence Day of Greece. I uploaded this image for the symbolism and value of being free rather than for any other reason. At a time when we are taught how to be obedient, fearful and submissive, it is useful to remember that freedom is very often the result of acting against 'common sense', of saying no rather than yes. Happy indipendence day to every single human being on this planet!

Στα μάτια μου, το νόημα και ο συμβολισμός της σημερινής ημέρας είναι πως τα σπουδαία πράγματα επιτυγχάνονται όταν παύει κανείς να είναι δέσμιος των φόβων του, όταν μάθει να λέει όχι αντί για ναι. Πολλές φορές σκέφτομαι πως η υπακοή, η υπομονή, ο 'κοινός νους' δεν αποτελούν απαραίτητα προσόντα, όσο κι αν προσπαθούν να μας πείσουν για το αντίθετο. Από άλλες ιδιότητες πηγάζουν τα μεγάλα και τα σπουδαία. Χρόνια καλά και ελεύθερα σε όλους τους ανθρώπους, με λιγότερο φόβο. λιγότερη υπακοή και περισσότερη δράση, αυτή είναι η ευχή μου.

One day

You will go your own way

Without getting burned from the fires of passion

Or the horror and blood

And you heart will be honest again

Humble and submissive

As a person that has traveled hard roads

I have not been able to find any references to a courtship ritual between males and females of the Nymphalid Angled Castor (Ariadne ariadne), which is surprising because it was quite a drama.

The female (on the left in this image and partially concealed) plays a very submissive wings-down, abdomen-raised role while the male fans her, pushes her, almost drags her around and hides her from view beneath his fully spread wings. This is all before the actual union is consummated. More images will follow.......


Pu'er, Yunnan, China

Available 11.20.14 for The Fantasy Collective!


4 prim impact

RLV enabled

Lockguard enabled

Contains custom neon blindfold/gag/cuffs to match the set

Security Access enabled (public/group/owner only)


Modifyable so you can make the neon any color to match your decor, increase/decrease glow etc. (Just select the neon face in edit mode and change color, but leave the base texture and other faces alone)

Copyable so SL can't eat your angel.


5 Capture poses for role play and submissive display

10 Adult M/f animations

= 25 total animations

"See… and this is a concept that is one of the hardest for me to try and explain to vanilla people who don’t ‘get’ my chosen role… being a submissive or a slave does not mean that you lack a brain or thoughts of your own. You’d be surprised, some of you who share many Facebook friends with me, you’d be surprised how many of those women (and men) identify as one of those two roles. Some of the most intelligent, eloquent, well-spoken people I’ve met… are slaves.


Now that’s not to say that slaves are slaves because they’re intelligent… that all intelligent people have to be slaves… or that all slaves are intelligent people. It just means that we’re not all mindless robots, or doormats, like some from the outside – and even some from the inside – might assume that we are."


Read More & Find Credits At:

Daebaucheri's new cutesy kneeling poses are meant to give submissives, slaves, and pets a new spin on the generic kneeling animations and poses of Second Life. Our handcrafted poses allow for our customers to pair their kneeling animations with their own AOs, creating a unique and personal feel to their submissive poses.


Get them now:



Stylist, Graphics & Photography :::: Clix Credits


“I wake up wanting you. I fall asleep wanting you. I watch a magnificent sunrise and can think only of sharing it with you. I glimpse a piece of amber and see your eyes… I’ve caught a disease, and the fever abates only when I’m near you."


"And the fever began to spread

From my heart down to my legs

But the room was so quiet oh…

And although I wasn’t losing my mind

It was a chorus so sublime

But the room is too quiet

(Oh, the fever) "



||Breath Of Life!|


Bigger is MUCH better

Tiffany Amber Rhoads "Playing Dress Up"

During a trip to Scotland in early May and after 2 days sitting in dire weather shooting Kingfishers, Peter (Spencer) had a great idea that we spend the night sitting in a damp cold...errr........'very cold' hide in the middle of nowhere in hope of shooting a Tawny Owl. Being the submissive type, I went along with Pete's plan and basically sat in a fridge through the night waiting in hope! However, to be fair, after just a short time we had our first visit (well we think it was the first as it was as black as the ace of spades!) and got this shot, using flash for the first time in anger! Both Peter and I used 2 flashes each set at 45 degrees apart, but had no idea how things would work out. So feeling chuffed with this one, but total respect to all those guys out there that do flash work so well.....and do it with the bird in flight! Pete and I are just starting/having a go, so-to-speak, but it's addictive to say the least! Anyway, we had one more visit from this owl, then that was it for the rest of the night.........we think! We definitely need a cheapo NVG so that we can actually see when something approaches (any tips welcome), so spent the rest of the night keeping watch but unfortunately we didn't capture any more visits.

كم نفوسٍ أبيّةٍ تُسلمِ الأْمرَ مُرغمَة




how many proud souls forced to be submissive

Ashlea Louise and Becky H

well, that only took an hour!! anybody else have to fight their way into flickr tonight? is it worth it? anyway, reading a great book on the nature of horses, oddly enough entitled "the nature of horses". domestication, submission, dominance, language. can you say "submissive photo harem"?

...Taller may be, but submissive and devoted :kiss:


Harness boots Maetreya ...Free on MarketPlace at [D'eVil]


i stop blogged because it's take me too much time...

But i love to take Flickr's pics with new Stuff

So if quality flickr presentation is enough for you contact me !

The LEA interim exhibitions evolve into a true eye-catcher.


This a collage of an installation by Eliza Wierwight. I overlaid a picture from the central hall of the installation with a scene of the movie „How I became an Elephant" of which a short preview is shown there.



I have a soft spot for elephants. Horrible, what is done to them! You can find a lot of informations an pictures inside the installation. „How far would you go to save a species“ is the question at the entrance !


It is a phantastic build. A must visit !

link to the destination




From a notecard at the installation


"Phajaan - ''Crushing" an Elephant's Spirit: Tourism in Thailand


Contributors: Brandy Michelle (owner), Jude Price, Lek Chailert and Katherine Connor


Phajaan directly translates to "BREAKING OF THE SPIRIT".

-- INFO: Phajaan or ‘Crushing’ is the traditional Asian torture of young elephants to break their spirit. It is done so that they are submissive to humans. Baby elephants are prematurely ripped away from their mothers. They are caged, starved, beaten, stabbed, poked and cut, and kept awake for days until they become submissive under the torture.


-- HISTORY: Elephants are a common sight in Thailand -- Asian Elephants living out their lives as nothing more than workers, a means of bringing in money for the family or camp that owns them. They are used to provide a holiday highlight for any tourist with the money. Top dollar is paid to see the elephant do a range of ''jobs'' such as street begging, performing in entertainment shows, painting, and trekking (giving rides to paying tourists).


Unwitting tourists, although smile at the antics of the planet's most powerful creature, are playing their part in a horrifying story of animal torture.


-- THE TRADITION: The Phajaan process originated in hill tribe communities in India and South East Asia, located in areas where elephants naturally occur. The ''ceremony'' of Phajaan is said to have originated from the belief that the tribe's shaman can separate the spirit of an elephant from its body, in effect driving the willful and wild spirit out of an elephant and leaving it under the control of its handlers, i.e. mahouts.


In reality, however, the Phajaan has nothing to do with the separation of spirit, and everything to do with torturing an elephant until it is so fearful of its human captors that it will do anything to avoid being hurt again.


-- THE RITUAL: Young elephants are captured from the wild (some may be taken from elephant camps). As elephants naturally protect their babies -- mothers having an incredible bond with their young -- they are not going to want to give their young up to strangers. Thus, obtaining a baby elephant in the wild involves killing each member of the herd.


Baby elephants are tethered and dragged to a clearing where there sits the crush cage. These fragile elephants will be kept in small crates, their front and back legs bound with ropes, as their limbs will then be stretched.


Repeatedly beaten with sharp metal and other tools, the helpless baby elephants will be constantly yelled and screamed at. They are stabbed, burned and beaten, as well as starved of food and deprived of water.


Bull hooks (a tool used in most forms of elephant control) will be used to stab the animal's head, slash the skin and tug the ears. Asian elephant used in trekking (elephant rides), circuses or any other form of entertainment, often have shredded or torn ears from their tissue being ripped and pulled away during the training process. They also often have scars on their foreheads from deep lacerations caused by beatings.


The Phajaan may last from several days to weeks, most elephants going through it when they are 3-6 years, but they can be younger depending on the age at which they were taken from their mothers. They have no rest from physical torture and mental domination. Gradually, their spirits are breaking as their handlers achieve control.


In the final stage of the Phajaan, the elephant’s mahout will bring the animal its first meal with water, and will be the one to ''release'' the elephant and lead it away from the crate. After weeks of torture of mental and emotional abuse, loneliness, confusion and separation, the elephant sees this human figure as its savior – the one it trusts. This is just another stage of mental and emotional manipulation, of course, but it is how a particular mahout gains such immense control over its animal.


Beatings continue regularly throughout the elephants' lives to remind them of their place. Some of these abused animals eventually snap from the strain of relentless torture, attacking and killing mahouts and tourists. Often, these elephants are considered too dangerous to continue working and are put down.


*** Phajaan is hell for wildlife in tourism; elephant trekking, street begging & entertainment shows (CIRCUSES & ZOOS, ELEPHANT PAINTING, ELEPHANTS @BEACH RESORTS) are part of a money-making industry.


Please EDUCATE yourself and others! Do not support this cruelty by feeding a street beggar (baby elephant begging for food), riding on an elephant's back (trekking) or attending a show. ***


* Phajaan Ritual (VIDEO):"



More pictures from the LEA-ART-project, see my set "LEA - Linden Endowment for the Arts" - Follow this link


(More information about the LEA project on the LEA-Website - follow this link)




The "Somewhere in sl" picture series (or "The Adventures of WuWai in Second Life") is my guide and bookmark folder to wonderful, artful, curious or in other way remarkably sims of second life with travel guide WuWai Chun.


(More pictures of WuWai's adventures: Follow this link)


You can find some of the pictures in world at my homeland


Martini Entertainment, the Submissive Union and Darkadia Sim present: Red Hot Bondage! Fetish dance event at Darkadia with people in their hotest red/pink/combo fetish wear - February 15, 2011

I am in love with this beautiful polar bear. She is so sweet! She is one of the few that you know they really saved. Being the submissive, she wouldn't have survive on her own being left behind so young. I see her several time in a summer, since i go to our zoo very often.

Satisfying my ego if pretending submissive, only your wife that makes me so happy to the point of not realizing how strong you are compared to me, a fragile man to the point of confusing me, not realizing your strength.

"Sérgio Anderson de Araújo Oliveira"

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