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"...το να σου έχει δοθεί εξουσία πάνω σ' έναν άλλο είναι σκληρό,το να επιβάλεις με τη βία την εξουσία σ' έναν άλλο είναι λάθος,το να παραχωρείς την εξουσία του εαυτού σου σ΄ έναν άλλο είναι συμφορά..."Τόνι Μόρισον:"Το έλεος"


Details of port and ships.


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Meenakshi Temple, Madurai, India

"It's going to pour down any minute " I heard Lady Wife say.

The heavens were darkening by the second when this beautiful Gull landed in front of us, but thankfully we had a low sun over my left shoulder .

Adjusting several settings on the camera as quickly has I could I managed too get half dozen shots of as it took off and flew past us.

Thanks for viewing :-)

[DB] Poses "the gift of submission"

A rotating wall cloud looms over the open country side of SW Oklahoma on Easter Sunday, 20 April 2014, south of the town of Eldorado. This did produce a couple of small tornadoes that lasted only a few brief seconds.

Like a grass blown by the wind, pliantly vowing its every stem,

I am submitting to You my life.

Observing a couple of Canadian(?) Geese.

Submission for this week's Mastermind's Contest. The subject is "Taboo".


With enough money, one can satisfy the most vile of desires.


Best Viewed Large size



I would like to thank the lovely ladies who helped me with this project by donning child avies and climbing around in the playground for the photos on the desk; Cheercoach, Peony, and zanner. We all hope the photo serves as a reminder that it isn't always the drug addicted, unemployed abusive screamer down the block you have to worry about.


Stay Connected. Stay Alert. Visit National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Funerary monument from the Staglieno Cemetery in Genoa, Italy.


These are the five pieces I´m going to submit to this years Bologna bookfair contest (schools usually have more time than individual artists, hence the later deadline). I´m actually surprised how well the work together - I thought the different ways they fill the format would look weirder than it actually does: The two "larger" kids to the far left and far right make a nice little change, and makes them look more interesting together.


I´m actually a bit ahead of time, I think I will spend the rest not tinkering with them anymore but instead look for a nice print shop. My submissions for Bologna during the last years have suffered from being hastily thrown together, but also being printed on a pretty nasty laser color printer on unpleasant paper. I hope this year won´t be as hectic ;)


This also serves as a nice little summary of my major pieces from the last two months, seems like I finally got a stable, solid and practical style I´m satisfied with.


(The colors look a bit dull, being that these are just screencaps stitched together as a quick preview. For a more detailed look on each of those, check out the rest of my photostream)

Rain clouds and gloom yesterday..

Bright early morning sun today...

I'm a happy happy Bunny !!! :-)

Thanks for viewing

Best regards Martin

You are the comfort of my soul in the season of sorrow. You are the wealth of my spirit in the heartbreak of loss. The unimaginable, The unknowable, that is what You give my soul when it moves in Your direction....



La soumission à l'autorité peut être une bonne chose et aussi une mauvaise chose. Il y a des fois ou on doit se tenir debout. Je pense entre autre à un soldat qui reçoit l'ordre de tuer un civil.


Submission to authority, can be good but also bad. For example, if you're in a war and your sergeant ask you to kill a civil, and you do it, it's wrong!

Revisiting a theme I did way back.

Ok, here's the updated version with the interior. I thought it would be cool if you can make some wallets this way, then flip everything and make some the other way...if it's not too much work.


A wallet submission for Tinymeat™. I'm planning on painting a "aa" battery themed one, but thought I'd try with this vector based piece in the meantime.

WINNER: Icon of the Day, The World Through My Eyes flickr Group (April 21, 2007)

Ana & Yumi - BW.

All rights reserved - :copyright: Sohmi.

This was taken just before I headed off for a fab night at Submission.


Corset and skirt by the fabulous Velda Lauder.

Bustier from Dawn Stretton.


Photo taken by Angell.

piro piro boscherecci

(common sandpipers)

All finished now, and very soon you can vote for it here!

Joseph Burns's Submission into the Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk leader competition.

This was my final submission for the Puffin cover competition, with some tweaks here and there from my first version.

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