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Sydney Opera House at night.

Actually, Zen style part two, because a long time ago I did almost the same composition, but this time with flowers. One can also call it Tao style, yin and yang.

Enjoy the silence.

Hair Styles - Smile on Saturday

A Cockerel with lots of plumage.

warm, too warm actually, sticky night, bright moon, full, artificial light show no competition, mixed emotions, tree transplants, silhouettes against a subtropical sky, holiday style.



I’ve been fortunate enough to visit this treasure of Paris on two different occasions. It is filled with incredible beauty, but also great sadness. “The Musée Nissim de Camondo is an elegant house museum of French decorative arts located in the Hôtel Camondo, 63, rue de Monceau, at the edge of the Parc Monceau, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, France.

The mansion was built in 1911 by the Comte Moïse de Camondo, a banker, with architect René Sergent, to set off his collection of eighteenth-century French furniture and art objects. Its design was patterned upon the Petit Trianon at Versailles, though with modern conveniences. Both house and collections were bequeathed to Les Arts Décoratifs in honour of his son, Nissim de Camondo, killed in World War I, and opened as a museum in 1936. More tragedy followed a few years later when Moise’s daughter and her family were deported to Auschwitz, where they died.”

New photo with the collaboration of my dear Anuska

Thank you very much ♥♥


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Jacket :Native Tokyo Jacket Black

Pant : Native - Matisse Pants Black

Cap : [ SpotCat ] Street time - Baseball cap #16

Hair : NORA "nightwish" black hair for hoodie

Bag : [ SpotCat ] Street time - Bag photo #20

BMX : [ SpotCat ] Street time - BMX #05



True style never goes out of style.


For Slider Sunday.

1940 LaSalle at the 2015 Back to the Fifties car show.



(Exile) / Ryan Hair @TMD~Ends 30th September

(Galvanized) / Mason Coat


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(Tiller) / Ryan´s Cap

(Velour) / Ryan Crop Top @Access~Ends 8th May

(Cordewa) / Cargo Male Pants @ManCave~Ends 11th May


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Galvanized "New location soon" / Grey Shirt

Galvanized "New location soon" / Capri Pants

FashionNatic / Maverick Shoes


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(Tiller) / Yogui's Sweater @ManCave~Ends 11th February

(Sintiklia) / Dylan Hair


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@ ORSY (Apr. 08th / Apr. 20th) : BANANA BEAUTY - Papillon Makeup

(L'Emporio&PL) / Bullet Top Hat

(Volvér) / Parket Jacket @Fameshed~Ends 29th May


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Kuni / Ryan Hair Standard Edition

Mister Razzor / Keith Facial Hair

The Owl / Everything is in Your Hands Pose

Tiller / Cole's Pants II @TMD~Ends 30 June

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Tiller / FREE Protest Signs - Come by our booth to pick up!

Thanks to my love ❤Alexandra❤ for her support in this photo

You can visit his wonderful flickr at credits

(Volvér) / Jorge Shirt with Vest @ManCave~Ends 11th May


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(SVP) / John Pose Pack @MenOnly~Ends 15th May

(AYO) / XII Glasses @Dubai~Ends 10th May

(Gestalt) / Give Me Freedom Chest BOM Tattoo @Dubai~Ends 10th May

(Volvér) / Miles Loose T-Shirt @Dubai~Ends 10th May


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(Exile) / Mark Hair

(Chuck Size) / T-Shirt Alfred @Equal10~Ends 5th May

(Tiller) / Cole's Pants III & Jesus Shoes "Luke:Walkers" @TMD~Ends 30th April

(Rose & Thorn Poses) / Sultry Wave "Only 50L$ for Manly Weekend" @Mainstore


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Hello my amazing Flickr friends !!

Today we celebrate a pink or purple day at Color my World Daily and at the fabulous Smile on Saturday the theme is hair styles !! So happy pink hair style day ! I’m just kidding …. You don’t have to dye your hair to celebrate this day !!


Who is the best to present a hair style on this Photostream ? Mr. Egg of course ! In his teenage years, Mr. Egg and his friends started the punk movement in the whole dairy and egg section of our local grocery store !! Mr. Egg was the first egg to wear a mohawk hair style ! As you may know from experience, mohawk hair style is rather difficult to achieve ! First of all, you have to be sure to have time… and lots of it…. Mohawk hair style is not something you get right in 15 minutes before jumping on subway ! It takes hours (if you are like me : not very talented with hair) Also, be sure to be patient … Those Mohawks have a mind on their own and they will do everything possible not to stand straight ! You have to use some hair gel, hair spray, lots of egg whites with sugar and some magic in order to make it straight and standing for hours ! And you have to be very, very aware of the weather if you are planing on taking your mohawk hair style outside !! If it rains all your efforts will be instantly destroyed and you will never ever gain your reputation as a professional punk back !! Some gin & tonic may be necessary just to relax after the whole process of building your mohawk hair....


Luckily for us, Mr. egg is very experience with his hair style and he was wearing it since like seemed forever in his egg life and his mother Madame Chicken was a very popular hairdresser in the chicken house …Mr. Egg was very happy to be my inspiration for this picture !


So who had a mohawk hair style during your teenage years ? And what colors it was ?


Happy CMWD and happy SOS to all participants !! And for the rest of us : happy day !!


Thank you so much for all your lovely comments / favs/ general support / happy thoughts!! Stay safe and healthy!! And see you soon on Flickr !!

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