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Calm waters and reflections

Portencross Pier as the tide is coming in. The sun was setting off to the right and the long exposure allowed the colours although muted to the eye to be picked up by the sensor.

Or maybe it was just the glow from the nuclear power plant around the headland!

Still need to reset the time for summertime


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Bow Lake Dramatic reflection. cool clouds, mountains, glaciers, calm lake on the icefield parkway, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. Taken with the Canon EOS 5DSR.

Metal, Acrylic and Canvas prints:

Fisherman's village in Ko Samui is one of the most popular parts of Bophut, which some people regard as being one of the oldest locations on the island. Here you get to look out onto quaint little shops and old wooden houses.

Koh Nang Yuan consists of three small islands connected by a double sided white beach in the middle.

Never wanted to leave this place

The sun setting behind Little Cumbrae on Scotlands wild West Coast. Taken from Portencross in Ayrshire. Home to the best potatoes.for sure


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Stunning layers of green at Cheow Lan Lake

One of the most breathtaking beaches in Thailand, Railay Beach boasts stunning white sands, azure blue waters and towering limestone cliffs. It’s a must-see if you like being on the beach.

View from Buda across to Pest

One of my favourite cities in the far east is the wonderful Kuala Lumpur

A windy river flows through the Dominican Republic. A helicopter ride over this beautiful islands reveals so much majestic terrain and unspoiled land.

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Sitting back and relaxing on Cheow Lan Lake

Serene waters at cheow lan lake

Dawn preparation for the journey ahead

Arnarfjörður (e. Eagle fjord) is the 2nd biggest of the unique and magnificent Icelandic Vestfirðir

(e. Westfjords), which is the name of the large peninsula in northwestern Iceland.


For more info on Vestfirðir, please check:


Drifting through these waters was like a dream.

An incredible coast around the Amalfi area

Quietly heading upriver through the backwaters of Krabi

The Red Chairs Experience Program is intended to provide opportunities to connect with nature, and to experience the most unique and treasured places within Canada. Whether it’s a place to rest after a leisurely stroll or to cheer your successful completion of a strenuous hike, the red chairs offer a place to slow down, to relax, to contemplate on the place you’ve just discovered and the journey it took you to get there, and to truly discover the best that nature' and/or the landscape has to offer.


You are, by Parks Canada - who took the initiative - , encouraged to seek out these Red Chairs to enjoy these special places and to share your experience through social media. Parks Canada believes that when you can connect to a place personally and emotionally, you will want to come back again and again, and share these unique moments with friends and relatives.


These two chairs are situated in Kootenay National Park located in British Columbia Canada, in Marble Canyon to be precise. The turquoise, glacial waters and startling canyon walls grow ever more impressive along this short snowshoe trail. Marble Canyon is a 40m deep gorge, forged by Tokumn Creek. Much of the rocks of the gorge(ous) valley consist of a thick blanket of Ice Age sediment. These sediments are deposits from over 10 000 years ago during the Ice Ages when Canada was encompassed by continental glaciers (much like that one's visible in Antarctica today and are composed of till (glacial debris).


The surrounding area of Marble Canyon is predominantly made up of burnt trees because of a blazing fire that swept through the area in 2003. During the fire that raged for a month, over 170 square kilometers of forest was burnt. At first this was considered as an environmental disaster, but in the end resulted in a lot of new growth and animals flourishing in this region.

When sitting in these chairs you can see the Stanley Peak on the left and Vermilion Peak on the right. As it was becoming dusk the sun did the rest to shape the landscape for this photo.



This an HRD image. It consists of three handheld photo covering -2, 0 and +2 stops. Post production was done with Photomatix, to create the HRD, and PS CC for the finishing touch. The later consisted of cropping, toning and balancing the light and underlining the dusk pastel colors a little (with a vibrance layer with an opacity of 26%). Last and least I added the copyright sign. Alas, it's there to stay due to the frequent copying of my photos. So, don't bother commenting on that.


This was a special view but very difficult to capture both room and view, hence some grain. Hope I still managed to convey some of the feeling from this incredible room with a view.

Harmony between the land, sea and sky.

Stunning sunset over the clyde coast and sea along the beautiful countryside that is Ayrshire. A long exposure image using and ND filter to darken down the setting sun and make this image possible

Please note the time stamp is inaccurate i really need to reset the camera for summer time...


No person may copy, distribute, or share this image without the written permission of John Farnan. Do not use the sharing buttons around this artwork without first contacting him on

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Wish I was swimming there on days like these

Mount Mat Cincang is the second highest peak on Langkawi and the oldest mountain in the whole of Southeast Asia. This majestic mountain range is covered in dense rainforest and features some incredibly old and impressive rock formations. Mount Mat Cincang is one of three UNESCO World Heritage Geoparks on Langkawi.


Maligne lake is famed for its stunning color, one of the most scenic spots in the Rockies and the Spirit island; one of the most photographed locations in the world. It is located 44km south of Jasper town. You can drive or get the shuttle service. There you can get the tickets for Spirit island boat tours. The only way to reach the Spirit island is this boat tour which operates spring to autumn. When you reach at the middle of the lake, the water color changes to shades of blue, spectacular indeed!!


Krabi, a province on southern Thailand’s Andaman coast, is an almost otherworldly region of labyrinthine archipelagos, where islands seem to erupt vertically out of the sea and secluded beaches are only accessible by colorfully adorned long tail boats. With attractions including hot springs, a wildlife sanctuary, sea caves, flourishing coral reefs and exotic marine life, limestone cliffs that draw rock climbing enthusiasts from around the world, and national parks that include the island paradises of Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta, one could easily spend weeks in Krabi and leave yearning for more.If that wasn’t enough, Krabi features some of the most photogenic sunsets in Thailand, often accompanied by spectacular displays of cloud to cloud lightning, that are best enjoyed from a beachside bar or restaurant.

Cheow Lan Lake


Home to wild Elephants, Hornbills, the rare Asian Ox, various monkey and ape species, a myriad reptiles, amphibians and floral species, Khao Sok including the Cheow Larn lake is one of the most unique and important rainforest habitats in South East Asia.


Khao Sok National Park in Southern Thailand is an amazing place. It is covered by the oldest evergreen rainforest in the world, huge limestone mountains shooting straight up in the air, deep valleys, breathtaking lakes, exciting caves, wild animals and much more.

Cruising down river Nile luxor at sunset

Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Ubud is famous for its beautiful scenes of rice paddies involving the subak(traditional Balinese cooperative irrigation system), which according to history, was passed down by a revered holy man named Rsi Markandeya in the eighth century. Tegallalang forms the three most splendid terraced landscapes in Ubud's shared region, with the others being in the villages of Pejeng and Campuhan.


Tegallang alone has an outlook that spreads down before you and away to the rice terraces on the slopes across the valley. The high roadside location is cool and breezy and it is a well-known spot for tourists to stop and take photos. Painters and nature lovers also enjoy visiting this spot, and there are numerous art kiosks and cafes near the ledge offering their ware.

A slight twist put on this often photographed scene. Thank you Andrew K Heyes for your processing...

« On croit que l'on va faire un voyage, mais bientôt c'est le voyage qui vous fait ou vous défait. », Nicolas Bouvier


« We believe that we are going to make a trip, but soon this is the trip which does or defeats you. », Nicolas Bouvier


Special dedicace to Florence


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A beautiful view of nature in Bali.

Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple is a special find for visitors to Central Bali.


It is one of the least visited temple complexes on the island Bali, yet is one of the most beautiful. It is a quiet temple to which surroundings are enclosed by the forest.


Feelings are said to be healed in this temple that overflows in beautiful water and green. The sound where the spring water flows is very comfortable.


The temple was built in homage to the God of preserver (Vishnu), who rules over water, and here one finds a number of natural spring and waterspouts. The Balinese believe that water is one of the forces of life. The etymology of Gunung Kawi means a fabricated mountain. It lies west of Sebatu village, which is elevated and its name means slipping on a stone.

Langkawi's forests are home to creatures like the dusky leaf monkeys, macaque monkeys, giant squirrels, Eurasian wild pigs etc that you can see during the day time. The forest is also home to a large number of birds like the Great Hornbills which can be up to 1.3 meters long from beak to tail end, mountain hawk & white belly sea eagles, wreathed hornbills, orange breasted trogons and lot more. You can spot many different butterflies as well.

Pantín, Costa de Galicia. España.

North Yorkshire UK

View On Black

Local Rock Star Chris Reas`s song about this area:


Misty eyes on a misty day

Come across a place like this along your way

You walk straight in to that sweet and tender trap

And you know you're lost and found

And there ain't no going back

Spend the rest of your days playing all the hardest games

Just to get back to that place again

And memories oh how they stick to you

You know there ain't a thing, not a single thing you can do

On Chisel hill


I've been ten thousand miles from this place and seen it I swear

I've woke up happy thinking that I was there

It's the place I love, it's where I wanna be

And I won't give up until I get to see

A little something in there to call my own

Pass the time of day and head off home

The evening shadows on the dry stone walls

The night draws in and the ale house calls

And happy I will be

When the road goes no further than what I see

When past here it's nowhere to go

And I ain't gonna give up until I get see

Those angel eyes looking up at me

The prince of peace and time is standing still

On Chisel hill.


Try youtube for it


I have scouted this site a few weeks ago and it's great because it offers opportunities at both sunrise and sunset. The day before I made this photo I was also here and the circumstances were almost identical.


I messed up though because I used the wrong focal distance of which I was unaware. I found it out when I saw the images on the screen of my monitor, every shot from this point of view was taken at 35mm:-(. Lucky for me I got another chance one day later.


For this shot I used a 2 stops soft ND-Grad filter, no ND filter was used. I changed the temperature of the RAW file to remove the strong blue color cast, which you get when you shoot at twilight. I turned it into light blue which I find suitable for this shot.


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