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Knitting pattern design by Amanda Berry

A kingfisher? Sure, so what's the big deal? Well, this one was photographed in the desert (Kgalagadi)! During our recent visit to Kgalagadi, we were fortunate enough to spot quite a few of them. We even pointed out some to other visitors, and the first reaction I got from almost all of the was a frown that wanted to say "you must be confused - there cannot be any kingfishers around here" !


Text I borrowed from Gerda: "Six of Africa's kingfishers do not fish. Among them is the Striped Kingfisher, which may seem out of place in the arid kalahari. This one was by water, not to fish, but to bathe. According to the Roberts Bird Guide, Striped kingfishers eat insects (mostly grasshoppers), small lizards, snakes and rodents."


Photographed in the wild close to Kij-Kij, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa.

Stripe-Throated Bulbul

Stripe-throated Bulbul, Pycnonotus finlaysoni, Merbah Luris Leher

Its hot season here in Malaysia, this birds is cooling off from the heat in mini 'swimming pool' in the middle of the orchard.

This kind of bulbul is found on both lowlands and hills in the north of Peninsular Malaysia but progressively confined to hilly area southwards. This species frequent gathers in small parties to feed in fruiting shrubs, typically feeding in lower storey and also fringing vegetation. Call a rising then descending series of about eight melodious notes.


Cope's gardens - Guápiles

Costa Rica

My second upload of this photogenic tunnel.

black-striped hairtail/anthene amarah amarah

I believe in organic gardening, so I don't spray my flowers. I smushed the bug between my fingers instead.

*Macro Monday

**This, I love

***Water!! I love, love, love taking photos of water....dripping, splashing, sitting in a big fat drop, you name it! If we've been friends for any amount of time, you know this is my obsession. Water, water, water. Then some more water. This is from my kitchen sink, with the same fun striped paper. Good times!!

Happy new week!!

Each Zebra has different stripes unique to each one, just as our fingerprints are unique to us. I know you knew that!

Shown above:

::K:: Stripe Beach Shorts Homme(SLINK) LightGray


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Knitting pattern design by Amanda Berry

Another image from my trip down to Valley of Fire. Such a fun place to shoot. I'm so used to the lush greens of the Pacific Northwest that anytime I have the opportunity to shoot something different all of my senses go berserk. Walking around I was constantly bombarded by the amazing array of the textures, patterns, and leading lines. I lucked out and had some great light shows while I was there. On this particular night these red/white lines provided the perfect lead-in toward the most intense color in the sky.




Welcome to the deep limestone caves

Halloween Pennant~ dragonfly


Sitting along a stream has some nice surprises sometimes. This juvenile basilisk was walking across the rocks in the river and showed up at a nice point to nail him with my camera. One of these lizads who can walk over the water, mainly supported with his hind legs.

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Mega busy few days..... catching up x


Just noticed I seem to have a thing about stripes :-) llllllllll


We heard this Striped Cuckoo calling when birding around Arenal Volcano this past March and after some searching we were able to locate it. We were all pretty excited to get some up close and personal shots of this little beauty.


Tapera naevia



Ian Boulton 2014. All rights reserved

What I think is a Striped Venus Shell (Chamelea gallina) on Lunan Bay beach.

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Stripe-throated Bulbul at Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand

Revolution, Parsonage Gardens, Manchester

Star And Stripes.

First of all I would just like to say thank you to all that turned up for Andy’s brilliantly organised day out in London; he even provided us with some fantastic weather, don’t know how he managed that so I’ll have to have a word with him in private. I’m sorry I couldn’t keep up the pace with you all but Pete and I had a great day anyway. I’m sure I will see what I missed when I see more of your posts, what I won’t see is the banter that went on between you all; next time. If you have seen my photostream before you will have realised by now that I don’t do Architecture or Landscapes (with a few exceptions) and what I do is people-candid’s, to me this is what my photography is about, not everyone’s cup of tea but each to his own. So, having said all that, here is my first image from the London outing, taken on the Millennium Bridge.


PS this one is for you Vince.


Blythe photo challenge "Blythe & Stripes"

Yay! Explored! 25th February, 2009 - #165


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Hypoestes phyllostachya, commonly called polka dot plant, is a herbaceous plant native to Madagascar.

The sunset reflects like a red stripe on the hills above Pauatahanui under a brooding skyツ ツ ツ


* Samsung GX10 - 3 shot HDR


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