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no stress

Zeeland (means 'land in sea')

FujiFilm X-S1

No stress day

Zeeland, the Netherlands

FujiFilm X-S1

Stress free day


FujiFilm X-S1

Detail of a Gun emplacement at Battery Mendell, at Fort Barry in the Marin Headlands. Battery Mendell was the first of the batteries built at Fort Barry. Construction was started in July 1901 and was completed in 1902.


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Explore #1, Jun 25, 2009

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Strobist: 2 strobes Nikon SB 800 in manual mode (1/32), one on the left, one on the back right @ 45 cm


Lines are confused and don't know where to go to. Stress between the lines.



When I have too much stress I have a recurring dream. I am back in Graduate School and already have a job lined up for after graduation. It is the night before a final which it an essay final on a book I haven't read. My entire grade in this class rides on that exam and the realization that there is no way for me to pass sets in. I usually wake up before the exam starts.


Ayres Hall, University of Tennessee

One of the oldest buildings on campus. Currently going through renovations, including adding a clock to the tower.

Young Buck at Sunset, Big Meadows, Shenandoah National Park. Deb Snelson


Taking a break from uploading photos from Ireland to share this young buck photographed last night with my flickr friend Christine. We had beautiful light in the park and saw many young fawn as well as a young bear, grouse, and wild turkey. Too bad the sunset was a disappointment. Thanks, Christine, for another great excursion into the park.


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Subway 14th Street, NYC .... direct out of 6D

She had jumped of her bus and seemed to be a bit stressed. She told the person in the phone that she was going to be late to her job.

I hope she wasn´t a time study engineer.

Se sugiere ver a mayor tamaño.

Gracias por su visita y comentario.

Getting out & hiking into a place like this is always good for the mind, heart, & soul. At least it is for me! My son & two of my nephews went with me to Turkey Foot & Mize Mill Falls Saturday. Great day to be in the woods.


Reduce your Stress

Ready to go to Barcelona on Monday for a new Sony event. Perhaps I can tell you something when I´m back :) // Listo para ir a Barcelona el lunes para un nuevo evento de Sony, puede que pueda contar algo a la vuelta :)


Sorry, I´ve decided not to write the "larger version" link due to the fraudulent and abusive use of my pictures // Lo siento, he decidido no poner el enlace con un tamaño mayor debido al uso fraudulento y abusivo de mis fotos


None of my photos are HDR or blended images, they are taken from just one shot


Calas de Roche, Conil (Cádiz - Andalucía)


Sony A900 + Carl Zeiss16-35mm + ND8 + Cokin filter: X121S


Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved

-not really..but that was what i was feeling when i snapped this picture...

Tipping's Pond, Newfoundland.



Ive decided to remove myself from facebook and other social media. I get tired of comparing my life to other people and feeling less valuable as a person because I cant achieve the same as the fortunate. Its been almost a month without Facebook and I feel alot more focused without it. Things are slowly getting better, i just need to find a good stress release ...


This is a little different to how I like to edit my photos, but lately ive been so trapped in my own head, it felt good to me to try something unusual just to keep the dark sides of my thoughts fed.

Like many I've been stressed with Yahoo's lack of respect for us artists and photographers. I am worried for those with slow computers and slow internet service. This new format is here to stay and although it takes me longer to do most everything and causes me visual hardship I have decided to renew for a year. I have invested much to be here, to keep up with my friends and host groups for a good place to show in.

I hope we can all continue at some level and not lose what we built.


-Credits in first comment box-

Managing Stress Depression

Are you so stressed that it’s causing depression? Don’t feel alone. Many people today are having problems coping with the stressful events and situations bombarding our lives. When stress occurs, it triggers a “fight or flight” response in our brains and, if this occurs...

#DepressionDisorders, #Destress, #ManagingStressDepression, #Stress, #StressAndDepression, #StressDepression

Chẳng biết làm sao bây giờ.. Mìnhđangrốilắmmmmmmmmm. Ai ôm cái >:D< :) :-<

Nothing beats a weekend at the beach.

After a busy day at the office, I was happy to be able to get to the beach and enjoy the warm hot breeze before nightfall. And the best part was that the clouds didn't disappear as they usually do

my hands and shoulders look really weird here.


i'll do tag on friday.


i apologize for being a terrible contact. i dont reply to comments, i dont try to be creative, and i dont even comment much. i feel like im missing out on so many great photos and it just sucks. i feel like being "inactive" has made me lazy and less enthusiastic. i hope it all goes away after next week.

stress Test 1 , feat T.A


Holga 120 FN . LOMO Redscale XR 50-200 .

Kuala Lumpur . Malaysia .

Now, whatever is going through your mind is your problem :astonished:


my stress relief chilling out watching the colours pass by while the LE does its thing...

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