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For the "Smile on Saturday" theme: 'Hairstyle'.


Happy Smile on Saturday everyone ;-))


If anyone can translate what is written in the right upper corner, please let me know.


The artist also wrote his/her name, next to face left, but I can't read it either……….anyone???

It is the same artist as 'Snake Woman' or Medusa (see first comment box).


Street Art

Location: Grindbakken, Dok-Noord, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

Artist unknown


Happy Fence Friday ;-))


"If you obey all the rules, you’ll miss all the fun. "

Quote - Katharine Hepburn


Don't know the name of this artist.

Street Art Ghent , Belgium.

""With his work, which he placed at the end of the street, Matthew Dawn wanted to encourage people who were struggling.


The work tells the story of people, who hide the pain they are feeling on the inside, by making themselves look beautiful on the outside. He wanted to show these people that they're not alone, that there are people in similar situations and that talking can help.


This freelance graffiti artist from Ghent wishes to convey good, colourful art to the outside world. He creates brightly coloured works with a sense of reality which is not often found in graffiti.


Location: Warandestraat , 9000 Ghent""


Information from the website: Visit Ghent


Here you can see another work of him, called 'After all, Strangers again'.


"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."

Quote – Audrey Hepburn


Happy Wall Wednesday ;-))


Street Art, Ghent, Belgium.

Artist unknown.

A 'prehistorical' mural with the title "Velo'ciraptor' or 'Dormaeosaurus Cyclist, Fig. 1". ;-))


Artist: Nesh

Street Art Ghent, Belgium


Location: Tweebruggenstraat , 9000 Ghent, Belgium

“If the person you are talking to doesn’t appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.”

Quote - Winnie the Pooh


Wishing you all a very relaxed and joyful weekend ;-))


Street Art Ghent, Belgium. Artist unknown.

Saw this intriguing mural during a walk in Ghent, Belgium. It is on a wall between other street art, some more interesting than other. Valentines Day is coming up, so I thought I show you this 'red lady'. Unfortunately some added more red paint to it, at least that is my guess, it's a shame, but you often see this happen…..

Not sure if 'Lolly" is the artist.


Street Art Ghent, Belgium

Don't know the name of this artist. Probably the work of the same person of the 'Street Art'-photo I uploaded yesterday (See first comment box)

Street Art Ghent , Belgium.

I couldn't find any information about this intriguing mural…..

The added text says:

~~'You don't kill me….

I'm a furious chicken!'~~


Happy Fence Friday ;-))


Street Art Ghent, Belgium

Artist unknown

""Every year, Miramiro (a festival for circus, theatre, dance, performance in Ghent) invites an artist to design the poster for the Ghent Festivities. During these festivities, the artist in question is also asked to create a mural.


In 2017, Miramiro invited an artist called Bisser, who later made a mural inspired by the 'neuzekes war' in Ghent. ‘Neuzekes’ or ‘cuberdons’ are a Ghent candy which is sold at Groentenmarkt square, among other places. The salespeople were very competitive when it came to their products, so competitive in fact that at one point it even led to a trial and the conviction of one of the sellers.


Bisser has been drawing all of his life, it is his passion. His older brother was a great role model for him, together with The Simpsons and the Kid Paddle comic books.


Location: Berouw , 9000 Ghent, Belgium""


Information from the website: Visit Ghent

In Japan you don't find many mural or graffiti, it is forbidden and illegal to do so, if you are not officially asked to make it.

There are murals though, like this one, but I don't know who the commissioning company is (I guess the HIPANDA), nor the name of the artist.


Street art, Tokyo, Japan.

""This work was commissioned by Open Street Ghent, the most successful street fishing competition in Europe.


Peter Perch from the Netherlands was introduced to fishing at a young age and began drawing his catch at the same time. He works as an illustrator specialising in fishing and all things related to angling.


Location: Batterijstraat 31 , 9000 Ghent, Belgium""


Information from the website: Visit Ghent


Happy Wall Wednesday!!


Information from his website:

""Peter Perch is a fish, fishing and wildlife illustrator based in the Netherlands but working worldwide, combining street art and traditional techniques to a new and spicy kind of fish art.


Peter Perch was born and raised on a farm close to a river surrounded by a 600 year old canal system , rivers and some small lakes. As soon as he learned to walk and swim his father and grandfather taught him how to fish, which is about the same time that he picked up a pencil and started drawing his catch.


If he wasn’t outside he would spend his days flipping through encyclopedias, field guides and biology books, looking at all the images absorbing them. At age 8 he was confronted with Japanese Woodblock prints (ukiyo-e) through the work of van Gogh and Monet which had a big impact on his work.


Peter’s favorite media are: Big murals, paintings on wood, wood burning, screen-printing, etching and above all his sketchbook. Next to his Art career Peter now works for a wide variety of clients in the fishing industry. Magazines, apparel, logo design stickers, but also does commissioned work for non-commercial clients and the occasional tattoo design.""


Local artists Harold Egn Eswar and Kwan Thung Seng are among those commissioned to bring some patriotic spirit to the city's walls with a street art project #tanahairku.

Street art is not a common sight here despite its popularity in many cities, but the people of Kota Kinabalu seem to be embracing the art form as is evident from the honks of passing motorists and the curious onlookers who stop to take photos.


~~Cultuur Gent wants to give artists the opportunity to use the streets as their playground and canvas and bring street art to a broader audience.


The pedestrian and cyclist passage situated underneath the railway is colourfully decorated.


Location: Leo Tertzweillaan , 9000 Gent~~


Information from the website: Visit Ghent


It reminds me of folded airplanes ;-))

So I searched on the internet and found that it is also an acrylic paint on canvas, 130 × 130 cm, "Paper Space Shuttle II, (2018), made by the same artist, Nuno Viegas


~~Mural made for the second edition of the Sorry, not Sorry festival in 2017.


Nuno Viegas (aka Metis) is an artist from Faro, Portugal, and founder of the Policromia collective. He works and lives in Rotterdam, where he has been developing his own specific street art style since 2014.

He draws most of his inspiration from photography and hip-hop culture.


Location: Désiré Fiévéstraat 20, 9000 Gent~~


Information from the website: Visit Ghent


There must be something of great value on the roof go this garage……. ;-))


Street Art Ghent, Belgium

Happy Fence Friday!

""At the beginning of May 2012 Ericailcane did a set of three wonderful murals in Gent. The pieces were painted on the outer walls of the artists' workspace 'het vogelnest vzw'.


Ericailcane is an Italian virtuoso, who has created a unique universe since his childhood, where people can certainly learn something from the other living beings on our planet.


Location: Nieuwevaart 118D, 9000 Ghent, Belgium""


Information from the website: Visit Ghent

by Liz_Art-Berlin - gesehen in Hamburg


Par Marc Chanel

Publié le 07/09/2016 à 10:25


Clet Abraham, installé à Florence depuis une dizaine d'années, réalise des oeuvres de street art dans le monde entier. Il est de passage à Mulhouse, à l'invitation de la galeriste Orlinda Lavergne qui lui consacre une exposition jusqu'à la fin du mois de septembre. Mais le travail de l'artiste breton est aussi visible dans toute la ville haut-rhinoise. Il a choisi d'habiller les panneaux signalétiques à sa façon, en les relookant avec des stickers.


Son matériau de base, ce sont les interdictions de stationner, voie sans issue ou sens interdits. Il affiche son côté contestataire, mais toujours avec humour et poésie et sans dénaturer le sens des panneaux. "J'essaie de ne jamais être insultant ou vulgaire" explique-t-il. "Je fais bien attention à ne pas empêcher la fonction du panneau, car si on ne comprend plus le panneau, mon travail lui-même n'a plus de sens".

Street Art @Marrickville

A street artist chalking on the street in Cologne.

Happy weekend

Danke an Michael für seine Hamburger Tips

Alcune persone vogliono rendere il mondo un posto migliore.

Io voglio solo rendere il mondo un posto più bello. Se non ti piace, puoi dipingerci sopra!



Some people want to make the world a better place.

I just want to make the world a more beautiful place. If you don't like it, you can paint on it!


Street art pops up everywhere.............this is classy stuff !

'Banksy style' wall art - Banbury

At Pireaus near Athens, Greece.

R. Conselheiro Fernando de Sousa, Lisbon, Porugal

Something a little bit different for me. I loved the public art in Rotterdam and some of the street Art was amazing.

Lisbon has an amazing collection of ancient and contemporary public art at every scale from back-alley calligraphy to this block-long mural collection on a major thoroughfare.


The photo shows a mural by BLU on Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo 26, part of the 2010-2011 Crono Project.


I'll post one more documentary photo of Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo this week, and then give you a break with some people & plants before returning to public art.



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Vous pouvez tous rejoindre mon groupe "Juste du talent" pour publier vos plus belles photos !!!


Merci et à bientôt.

Street art Glasgow, York Street

Street Art sur Poste de transformation

ZAC Panda, Dumbéa-sur-mer, Nouvelle-Calédonie


Auteurs : Yekso Atm / Yoan Moala / Jordy 873

Dark Vador Street art Paris Champs Elysées

Street Art sur Poste de transformation

ZAC Panda, Dumbéa-sur-mer, Nouvelle-Calédonie


Auteurs : Yekso Atm / Yoan Moala / Jordy 873

High brow street art! - from google translate: "Creation goes through you, You are the one who gives knowledge of things" Any alternative translations? Awesome Art - found a few of these and was obsessed to find more of them during my Zagreb trek!


Art from Lutajuca Knjiga aka the Wandering Book - you can see more here:

by Marshal Arts

Hamburg St. Pauli


Heute Morgen habe ich unterbrochen von einem Frühstück im Karoviertel eine fast dreistündige Street Art Tour gemacht.

Toll, wenn man am Ende der Runde durch die Straßen von St. Pauli mit einem neuen MARSHAL ARTS belohnt wird 😉

Street Art, Under à Bridge, London

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