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another street in Limoges

Sony Nex-5 with Sony SEL1855


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A shot I took last year that I've edited using Topaz Adjust. This shows Hope Street looking towards the Metropolitan Cathedral. Many of the buildings on Hope Street are fine examples of Georgian Architecture

One that I wasnt going to upload due to the light, but in a sense it is very english being overcast, and the colours really help the scene.


This was actually a capture required as a background for a poster, but I ended up liking it so much it has also gone to print and looks fantastic on paper.

Took some extra shots whilst doing the panorama, and this one seemed to come out not too badly. Sadly with the roadworks, the street isnt busy enough to get any interesting light trails. Having looked at it on the computer, I may go back and focus on Maxie's bistro which is (I think!!) one of the nicer parts of the shot.

Mornings are harder for some than others...


Seen at Norrköping, Sweden, February 7, 2008


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Das ist die Brücke des St. James Einkaufszentrums in der Leith Street

This is the bridge of the St James Shopping Centre in Leith Street


Hauptstadt von Schottland (Capital of Scotland)

Schottland (Scotland)

Vereinigtes Königreich (United Kingdom)

Mai (may) 2012


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Broad Street looking south towards City Hall, Philadelphia PA


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Aufgenommen in Lüneburg, bearbeitet mit den Filtern "Dream Smoothing" und "Rodilius", aus dem Gimp Plug-in "G`MIC".

Not sure where or when, but around the early '60's.

This is from the cityscapes section in

In Rye, East Sussex, England. Yesterday evening.


Self Develop: 6“30' in Tmax developer

Leica M2

Carl Zeiss Planar T* 2/50

Straight negative scan

*Explored - 2014.03.02*



Nikon D5100, Sigma 17-70


Australia, Victoria, Melbourne


some rework with Gimp & Photomatix.

The above image was taken late in December 2013 for the Welshot Imaging monthly facebook challenge under the theme “The Weather”. I shot this during a wet and windy day in Chester trying to do some street photography style images. For some of these images, the crop (of a 1:2.7) was intentional as this is the ratio of the facebook timeline photo.

A bus passes through….


Tim and I had a little jaunt to London :)


It’s been a while since I’ve done any real kind of street photography so a day out with the Welshot bunch and Mark Scholey wasn’t to be missed. The day was very different for me (and a little terrifying) as one of the challenges was to interact and take a portrait of a complete stranger. The first time I tried it, it was a nightmare but it really was surprising how friendly and open the majority of people are into having their photos taken by a complete stranger.


For more information about Welshot Imaging see:


At the end of the day we even had 20 minutes spare to walk around Afflecks, a place I’ve not been into for around 25 years. For more information about Afflecks see their site:

Street in New York

One of the oodles of great things about Tokyo Disney Resort is that they still keep the small side areas intact to immerse the guest in the theme and atmosphere of the specific land. (unlike Disneyland and the Courtyard of Angels)


This little side street is not well travelled but it sure feels like you are in a Tuscan village. Obviously it is also great to photograph!

Emphasizes in the streets

A typical Lisbon street scene, taken in the Alfama district.


Alfama, the oldest district of Lisbon, spreading on the slope between the São Jorge Castle and the Tejo river. Its name comes from the Arabic Al-hamma, meaning hot fountains or baths. It contains many important historical attractions, with many Fado bars and restaurants.


In the back the Lisbon Cathedral is partly visible.

Isaba, Valle de El Roncal. Navarra

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Wide angle shot along Church Street in Whitby, North Yorkshire, England.

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Back from Lisbon. It was the first time since I broke my spine in 2013 that I took a flight again. Hilly Lisbon is a challenge to disabled people like me but everything went well. Nevertheless after the flight back my left foot was swollen and I had to go to the hospital today. Hope treatment will help.


All the best. Have a nice weekend;-))



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