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The newest and consequently most popular 'board game' in the house at the moment are "Rory's Story Cubes".


You roll the dice and have to create a story using the images that land face up.


For example: Once upon a time, there was a princess who was afraid of the dark. Every evening at a quarter past 7, she would lock the castle doors. One night, as she lay in her bed, she saw a shooting star and made a wish: "I wish that I wasn't afraid of the dark anymore", said the Princess. The next morning, as a bee buzzed in her window and landed on the apple she kept on her bedside table (just in case she got hungry in the night) she realised she was no longer afraid of the dark. In celebration, the Princess decided to go parachuting and rang to invite all of her friends to come with her.


The wonderful thing about these story cubes is that there in no right or wrong way to tell a story. It's just whatever comes to mind as you look at them!

A collection of StoryCubes and eBooks from the Outside the Box game.

Set of ten StoryCubes by Warren Craghead.

A set of eight StoryCubes, promoting Proboscis and the their type of work.

A Collection of leaflets, eBooks and StoryCubes from the Social Tapestries project.

If you are a writer, poet, lyricist, etc., and have even short bouts of writer's block, these little dice can be quite helpful. This is a pairing from two different sets (the original and the action) of "Story Cubes." I tried to pick the ones where the picture was easiest to see and decipher. Since it's about writing, I liked the idea of the PIP (picture-in-picture) of a laptop. If you look at the dice and write anything, please add it (or a link to it) to my comments below. I would love to read your writing.

A StoryCube game set by Proboscis. Designed and Illustrated by Mandy Tang

#Macro Mondays #Games/Game Pieces

It'll be FUN TIME!!!

小鬼們~ 快考完囉~ 再忍耐一下就可以大玩特玩惹~~

neu: Ordner und Rory's Story Cubes

schon etwas älter: Notizbuch und Kulturbeutel

… Mehr Kreativität statt Technik


Mein Beitrag zur Happyshooting Aufgabe "HSVORSATZ"


Aufgenommen mit meiner Sony A450 einem 30 mm Makro und dem eingebauten Blitz....

Abgebildet sind die bekannten Story-Cubes :


StoryCubes, a creative tool develop-ed by Proboscis

This latest speaking and listening class is much the most challenging I've ever had. I got these story cubes in an attempt to make speaking less frightening for the kids. Maybe the cubes will inspire them. I hope.

cube size = 80 x 80 x 80mm

with original size (55x55x55mm) for comparison

more scenes from DodoLab

more scenes from DodoLab

A set of Storycubes, large and small, and associated artwork created by Proboscis for Total Place Birmingham, Early Intervention Project,

more scenes from DodoLab

The Pask StoryCubes were created by Karen Martin with Giles Lane and illustrate various themes found in Gordon Pask's work. The images are drawn mainly from Pask's own work and show the projects, Musicolor, Colloquy of Mobiles, SAKI (Self-Adaptive Keyboard Instructor), Entailment Mesh and Eureka, as well as photographs of Gordon himself. Other images show work by Richard Brown that has been inspired by Gordon Pask's work with electro-chemical computing.

Images copyright and courtesy of Richard Brown, Paul Pangaro and Jasia Reichardt.

A cube of StoryCubes of images taken during the Urban Tapestries trials in 2003 and 2004.

Look closely at the world and you will see a million stories.... or write the earth...

The images on story cubes can help to spark off conversations, link to experiences and help participants to communicate issues, concerns and stories.


Further information on Rory's Story Cubes is available here

Slogan for campus initiative celebrating the diversity of Waterloo students. My theme.

I made a set of around 70 cubes as a three dimensional storyboard for a short video about a trip I made to Ivvavik - in the Canadian Arctic.


Using thumbnail images from the key bits of the footage, writing done while out there, sections of the unfinished script, quotes and drawings I created a huge pile of storycube lables. I put them on the cubes associating text and images into sets. Becuase there was to much material and it was hard to work out that was essential it was helpful to have to focus it down to the lables and then once they are stuck on the cubes you can only choose to show some of the sides - other sides are always hidden so I used them to work out what to keep and what to edit out of the film and more importantly what the overall shape of the film would be.


Its a very immediate and physical way to try out changes looking at what happens if you associate this clip with that and so on.

From a flat, blank StoryCube to an illustrated, constructed one

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