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It'll be FUN TIME!!!

小鬼們~ 快考完囉~ 再忍耐一下就可以大玩特玩惹~~

36/365: 27/10/11


About Miss Curiosity


It was late and there was nothing to do. Miss Curiosity got her amazing cubes out and what story is she going to tell me?

neu: Ordner und Rory's Story Cubes

schon etwas älter: Notizbuch und Kulturbeutel

more scenes from DodoLab

Not really gonna start writing from these until February, but I wanted to see how well they photograph from my cell for sharing with other writer friends. Here's hoping they'll inspire some great creativity.

The newest and consequently most popular 'board game' in the house at the moment are "Rory's Story Cubes".


You roll the dice and have to create a story using the images that land face up.


For example: Once upon a time, there was a princess who was afraid of the dark. Every evening at a quarter past 7, she would lock the castle doors. One night, as she lay in her bed, she saw a shooting star and made a wish: "I wish that I wasn't afraid of the dark anymore", said the Princess. The next morning, as a bee buzzed in her window and landed on the apple she kept on her bedside table (just in case she got hungry in the night) she realised she was no longer afraid of the dark. In celebration, the Princess decided to go parachuting and rang to invite all of her friends to come with her.


The wonderful thing about these story cubes is that there in no right or wrong way to tell a story. It's just whatever comes to mind as you look at them!

StoryCubes, a creative tool develop-ed by Proboscis


To make a StoryCube contributors can use the StoryCube Cairn web-interface at


left to right: Simon Pope, Gordon Joly and Giles Lane of Proboscis. Shot in the little known or used Barbican Art Gallery sculpture court, City of London.

let´s start a story with the storycubes, a story that links together all 9 face-up images.

This latest speaking and listening class is much the most challenging I've ever had. I got these story cubes in an attempt to make speaking less frightening for the kids. Maybe the cubes will inspire them. I hope.

A collection of StoryCubes and eBooks from the Outside the Box game.

A mixture of StoryCubes and the inside of eBooks for the Outside the Box game

more scenes from DodoLab

sketch by Alice Angus for Proboscis' Public Authoring StoryCube

A set of 6 Storycubes by Dodolab.

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The copyright on this picture are under Creative Commons license. You only can use nonprofit, without modifications and provided that mention my name as author thereof, after my explicit consent.

more scenes from DodoLab

Geography can make us cry sometimes...

Set of 8 StoryCubes and an eBook, as part of the Rijeka project by Dodolab.

The instructions for the challenge can be viewed here:




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