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Eduard-Wallnöfer-Platz Innsbruck anders

Yet another planet from Nafplion City in springtime.

Staikopoulou Sqr.

The location is Rome, fori imperiali.

Stereographic projection of an hdr pano taken handheld with samyang 8mm fisheye and canon 60d. Used flexify for miniplanetize the panorama, then added my eye (just the iris) because, hey, that's cool.. isn't it? :))

Lausanne Stéréographique

Exposition au Bleu Lézard et au Java du 12 novembre 2012 au 28 février 2013

Lausanne Stéréographique

Exposition au Bleu Lézard et au Java du 12 novembre 2012 au 28 février 2013

HDR Stereographic Projection - Parque Recreativo do Alto da Serafina - Monsanto (Lisboa) - Portugal.


. Canon 700D

. Samyang 8mm

. Handheld (without tripod)

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Catholic Church, Langendorf, Switzerland



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Technical details:

Nikon D800

Nikon 20 mm f/1.8

Roundabout panoramic tripod head

PTGUI (stereographic projection view upwards)



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Projection stéréographique d'une rive du lac de Bret.


#140 on June 6, 2011


12 shots, Panosaurus head. PTGui, Photomatix, Photoshop.


You can see all my stereographic projections here.


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My first attempt at stereographic projection photography taken at Helix Bridge in Singapore

Click here to see this as a really cool virtual tour! (Adobe Shockwave required)


This is my third stereographic projection. I took this in Balboa Park outside of the Botanical Garden.


This image took about 216 pictures to make using my 18mm lens. I really wish that I had a good fish eye lens so that I could reduce that number to just 15 pictures if you count all of the pictures required to make it an HDR.


A Sigma 10mm f/2.8 EX DC HSM Fisheye Lens is now on my wish list and it would make my life much easier.


I used Photomatix to batch process the HDRs.


Then I used PTgui to make the equirectangular panorama.


I used Flexify 2 plug-in for Photoshop to turn that equirectangular pano into a stereographic projection.


Then I used Photoshop to touch up stuff.


*Update* 7/30/2010 -


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It's true, i live on my very own beautiful little planet. I prefer it that way.

For our 2-year anniversary...

The happiest two years!

a railroad bridge over the isar, munich.

taken with the 9mm body cap lens, stitched from 8 single shots.


London City Hall and the Tower Bridge in stereographic projection...

Some georgeous evening light lead to a frantic rush to the street corner. I clambered to the top of a 6ft snowbank, where upon I began to precariously spin. Snow does NOT make for a stable platform!


Shot near my aunt & uncle's house in Minneapolis, after a festive boxing day playing games and doing puzzles. Was close to -18ºC when I shot this, so didn't stay out too long!




First upload in more than a month after my computer died suddenly in early December. Back up and running now, and very thankful to have access to my photos again.

Projection stéréographique d'un panorama 360° en infrarouge

Hadrian's library internally, on a beautiful bright spring day.

Délire autour de la projection stéréographique. Je dois dire que le travail de

Frankba m'inspire beaucoup ;-)

Meitetsu train at Kanayama, Nagoya.


New version of Hugin finally works on Mac!


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Lausanne Stéréographique

Exposition au Bleu Lézard et au Java du 12 novembre 2012 au 28 février 2013

This NASA close-up image of a dust storm on Mars released August 2, 2012 was acquired by the Mars Color Imager instrument on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on November 7, 2007, around 3 p.m. local time on Mars. Scientists working with NASA's Curiosity rover, which is set to land on Mars on August 5, 2012 PDT (August 6 EDT), are monitoring Mars each day for similar small storms that could either drift over the landing site or stir up dust that moves as haze over the site. This image is centered on Utopia Planitia (53.6 degrees north latitude, 147.9 degrees east longitude), along the north seasonal polar cap edge in late northern winter. When NASA's Curiosity rover lands on Mars, it will be late southern winter. Scientists are looking at similar small storms that form near the south seasonal polar cap edge. The dust storm pictured here was short-lived, lasting less than 24 hours. The image also shows the seasonal north polar cap (at top of figure) and gravity-wave water ice clouds coming off of Mie crater, just south of the storm. Gravity-wave clouds, also called lee-wave clouds, are clouds that result from changes in atmospheric pressure, temperature and height because of vertical displacement, such as when wind blows over a mountain or crater wall. The projection of the image is polar stereographic and the image has a resolution of about 0.6 miles (1 kilometer) per pixel. North is indicated with an arrow in this image. The white scale bar is 93 miles (150 kilometers).HO/AFP/GettyImages

It reminds me of an angler fish :)


Stereographic Projection (aka tiny planet) shot on the Santa Monica Pier.

Lausanne Stéréographique

Exposition au Bleu Lézard et au Java du 12 novembre 2012 au 28 février 2013

I took this stereographic panorama last summer at Manassas Battlefield. Apparently I forgot to process and upload it then so I'm doing it now!


Here's some more info on Stonewall Jackson.

Stereographic projection. 56 photos. I think this one came out really well, I will go back here for sure......beautiful place.


You can see the epirectangular panorama here:


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