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This are the steampunk cufflinks that i thought of wearing at my wedding but they where too big to be used. The cufflinks are actually work, they just need the charge, on the right one we can see the metal parts of the golden mechanism, instead we can’t see them on the left cufflinks because they’re in motion

Steampunk is suspended in a time warp in living continuity with the Victorian period as a framework but not a confinement.

The era breathes life into the perspective but never creates entrapment for the unique person living in the Steampunk dimension of time and space.

Dim vales—and shadowy floods— And cloudy-looking woods, Whose forms we can’t discover For the tears that drip all over: Huge moons there wax and wane— Again—again—again.......


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Taken on Ippos


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Tunes >>> The Cog is Dead - BAD GUY (Billie Eilish steampunk parody)




Dress, hat, shoes: :Moon Amore: Nutcracker'sTales gacha

Tree, ornaments: DaD Steampunk Nutcracker gacha

Wreath: -Mint- Steampunk Wreath


Steampunk - das ist eine kulturelle Bewegung, bei der verschiedene Elemente aus dem viktorianischen Zeitalter mit Technik vermischt werden und woraus sich eine gewisse Mode und Lebenseinstellung entwickelt hat.


Im Rahmen des Historischen Jahrmarktes in der Jahrhunderthalle Bochum 2018 fand der nunmehr 4. Steampunk Jahrmarkt statt: Die Besucher erwartete ein stimmungsvoll hergerichteter viktorianischer Jahrmarkt im Stil der Jahrhundertwende des 19. Jahrhunderts, mit freier Fahrt auf den historischen Fahrgeschäften sowie antiken Jahrmarktsständen, Kirmeswagen, Straßenkünstlern, Steampunk Gerätschaften und vielem mehr.

2018 06 25


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Hair: .Olive. the Dae Hair // Streaks FATPACK

Tattoo: {Luxuria} 10. Steampunk Tattoo HUD - RARE copper


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Eyes: CURELESS[+] Anesthesia Eyes

Skin: CURELESS[+] Anesthesia Skin / BEIGE


Gloves: A&Y Electra Cyber Gloves - Black

Rifle: [n.i] big.stick.rusted ' Nefarious Inventions '


‐ Decoration -

Scooter: D-LAB SKY PIRATE-17-Hover Scooter-Beagle Two-seater @Gacha

Duck: D-LAB SKY PIRATES 2-07 air dock @Gacha

Rubble: {-Maru Kado-} Rubble set


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-- Outfit -- ***Lady Jolye Outfit Exclusive for The Darkness Event by KEY STYLE***

- Maitreya

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Pic taken at Roleplay: Piltover & Zaun - A Steampunk Tale of Two Cities


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OUTFIT: Steampunk Extravaganza {Dress, Goggles, Boots, Hat and Ring} by Belle Epoque ~ Available at Lootbox {June 20 to July 19}

HAIR: Nayeli by Truth

SKIN: Lilou CATWA Appler #6 by Pink Fuel ~ Available at Lootbox {June 20 to July 19}

HEAD: Kimebrly by CATWA


KYNNE: Steampunk Extravaganza {Jacket, Goggles, Top, Hat, Boots and Skirt} by Belle Epoque ~ Available at Lootbox {June 20 to July 19}

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DRD – Steampunk Airship

HIDEKI – 1/72 Scale Steampunk Submarine RARE


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Cecilia Dress @ The Vintage Fair


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Steampunk costume seen at the 2019 Texas Renaissance Festival in Todd Mission, Texas

From the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition at Brighton Beach in Adelaide. Taken back in time - 28 January 2020 - a time we remember now as normal. I have since learned that this style of sculpture is called Steampunk - thank you []


Sculptures by the Sea, Brighton, South Australia

Full Credits,with links, on my blog listed below.


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Ahlure - Steampunk Complete Outfit:

Top, Shorts, Stockings, Leg Band, Boots, Gloves, Hat & Eyepatch

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Leven Ink Tattoo - Gia [Read more]

Steampunk costume seen at the 2019 Texas Renaissance Festival in Todd Mission, Texas

HE made me late for the hospital, ha ha, but I hope you agree, he was so worth it!! Happy Steampunk Fenced Friday!! I leave you now for a little while … two weeks deep in the country where the internet is a law unto itself and as fleeting as the sun on a typical English Bank Holiday, ha ha!! ; 0)) I will pop in when I can my dear friends. Wish you all the very best and thank you all for your wonderful support and friendship!! Lots of love, Poppy xo


“Steampunk is...a joyous fantasy of the past, allowing us to revel in a nostalgia for what never was. It is a literary playground for adventure, spectacle, drama, escapism and exploration. But most of all it is fun!”


― George Mann


Soundtrack :



I was driving by

and you caught my eye

I did an emergency stop and a u-turn

on a busy road

where a little green toad

hopped safely across; missed my wheel burn

I spun the car around;

red hot splinters on the ground

just had to see you close-up for a hot shot

you were dressed so fine

and I wished that you were mine

but you obviously didn't feel the same pop

so I took my lucky shot

mistook you oh so hot

I imagined you were real for a small time

with your passionate stare so wild

and your old clothes super-styled

like a rock star from the old days

steampunk rocks you

man, I mean it rocks me

and I can't help looking closer

to examine all your clobber

what do I like the most

well, I think it is your buttons

and your cool tie-pin to match

and the Christmas tree that holds you up

sticks out your hat like thatch

ok, I must admit

you make this fence

look kinda cool

so I think you'll make a killing, man

for fence Friday, in the pool

I hope you will be happy

to see yourself in print

an accolade; you've got it made

my Steampunk Scarecrow

you are mint.


- AP - Copyright © remains with and is the intellectual property of the author


Copyright © protected image please do not reproduce without permission

On Helhis : EGOZY / AVI-GLAM / IRRISISTIBLE & 2 gifts !♥ See the blog:

Part of the Race the Waves Weekend included a Steampunk Fair at Bridlington Spa.


Parked outside was Steve Kay's incredible Sterampunk VW Camper.


What a jolly crowd of Steampunk enthusiasts at the Sheffield, Tasmania STEAMFEST 2020.


I asked them for a picture and the man in the brightly coloured waistcoat immediately sprang to order. "Spread out," he said, "Time for the man with the light box to do his thing!"


They made all their own clothes and accessories, and did their bit to brighten up the place. Strange how when these Steampunk enthusiasts appeared, the black and white landscape was peopled with colour. Kind of reminds me of that fabulous movie, "Pleasantville".

Je remercie cette famille qui a accepté gentiment de poser pour moi pendant la fête Steampunk 2018.


Muchas gracias por vuestros comentarios y visitas. Thank you for your visite and comments.

Je vous remercie de votre visite et commentaires.


©: Maria Dolores Acero. Todos los derechos reservados.

A small ad for the latest hat in The Happy Hat "store".


Thank you to yoonoo for the design, and the ease to work with this model.


The hats, you receive four, have two moving cogs to help keep the brain functioning.


If you are in-world, and have a landmark to where the shop used to be, you'll find them at even a lower cost!


Just something to let you know I am still building hats. In fact, just finished the Valentine 2020. Should have it available in a week...


"Macro Mondays" " Contraption"


A Steampunk diving helmet

of 1 1/2" that I added a gear and a seahorse.

Instigate Inspiration - Weekly Art Challenge - "Steampunk, Victorian Futurism"

Steampunk festival in Lincoln.


The Cathedral city plays host to the Asylum Steampunk festival, the largest and longest running event of its kind in the world.


Best viewed large, press L on your keyboard.

American Steampunk by Daniel Arrhakis (2020)


Work made for the Week Theme in our Recreating Masters Group :


*Recreating Masters Group - Theme Week : "American Gothic" - Grant Wood (1891–1942) - May 31 to June 6 of 2020 - LINK HERE


Composition based in the original painting American Gothic that Grant Wood, a master artist of the twentieth century, created in 1930 and sold to the Art Institute of Chicago in November of the same year. From Wikipedia in Public Domain :


For details you can see the group discussion in the link :




And for the next week we will have other themes for you have fun :


* Week Theme for our Mystic Challenge Group :


*Mystic Challenge Group - Week Theme - MYSTIC CATS - From May 31 to June 6 - LINK HERE


* And for our Art Week Gallery Group :


*Art Week Gallery Theme Group - LAMPS AND STREET LAMPS - From May 31 to June 6 - LINK HERE





A Mansion from Sintra, cats, plants and Steampunk elements from stock images and images from mine, all modified for this work.

Art collage, textured layered techniques and digital painting techniques.

Part of the Race the Waves Weekend included a Steampunk Fair at Bridlington Spa.


Parked outside was Steve Kay's incredible Sterampunk VW Camper.


DaD- Spooktaclar Steampunk Gacha

01 -DaD- Spooktaclar Steampunk- Pumpkin Pot m/c RARE

02 -DaD- Spooktaclar Steampunk- Coffee Table m/c

03 -DaD- Spooktaclar Steampunk- Happy Pumpkin m/c

04 -DaD- Spooktaclar Steampunk- Shy Pumpkin m/c

05 -DaD- Spooktaclar Steampunk- Evil Pumpkin m/c

06 -DaD- Spooktaclar Steampunk- Pumpkin cup bronze m/c

07 -DaD- Spooktaclar Steampunk- Pumpkin cup oxide m/c

08 -DaD- Spooktaclar Steampunk- Skull Lamp Frame m/c

09 -DaD- Spooktaclar Steampunk- Candelabra m/c

10 -DaD- Spooktaclar Steampunk- Spiders with book m/c

11 -DaD- Spooktaclar Steampunk- Mister Skull m/c

12 -DaD- Spooktaclar Steampunk- Miss Skull m/c

13 -DaD- Spooktaclar Steampunk- Round Table m/c

14 -DaD- Spooktaclar Steampunk- Skull Lamp c/m


DaD- Spooktaclar Steampunk Gacha

The Arcade October 6th-31st



These products are 100% original mesh.








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22769 - The Magician (Gacha)

22769 - Magician Desk - COMMON

22769 - Gaslight - COMMON

22769 - Bone Wand - COMMON

22769 - Dice - COMMON

22769 - Magic Ball - COMMON

22769 - Spellbook - COMMON

22769 - Mirror Ball - COMMON

22769 - Hourglass - COMMON

22769 - Lion Armchair - RARE

22769 - Ouija Board - COMMON

22769 - Iron Cauldron - COMMON

22769 - Copper Cauldron - COMMON

22769 - Magic Ashes - COMMON


22769 - The Magician (Gacha)




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Taxi to Port Babbage


A seaman meets a steampunk pirate in a bar, and talk turns to their adventures on the world, more specifically, to the steampunk's adventures on the airship. The seaman notes that the steampunk has a peg-leg, a hook, and an eye patch.


The seaman asks, "So, how did you end up with the peg-leg?" The steampunk replies, "We were in a storm at the sky, and I was swept overboard, but managed to grab myself. Just as my men were pulling me out, the wind caught on and my leg accidentally went to one of the turbine blades, cutting it in the most painful manner."


"Wow!" said the seaman. "What about your hook"? "Well", replied the steampunk, "We were boarding an enemy airship and were battling the other pirates with rayguns. One of the enemy's rayguns ray hit my hand and crossed it from one side to the other. It had to be amputated."


"Incredible!" remarked the seaman. "How did you get the eye patch"? "A seagull dropping fell into my eye," replied the steampunk.


"You lost your eye to a seagull dropping?," the sailor asked incredulously. "Well," said the steampunk, "it was my first day with my hook"

El steampunk fue, en sus inicios, un subgénero literario nacido dentro de la ciencia ficción especulativa que surgió durante la década de 1980 de la mano de escritores conocidos por sus trabajos ciberpunk.1​ A día de hoy, este subgénero ha madurado hasta convertirse en un movimiento artístico y sociocultural y no tan solo literario.2​ El steampunk se desenvuelve en una ambientación donde la tecnología a vapor sigue siendo la predominante y por lo general localizada en Inglaterra durante la época victoriana, donde no es extraño encontrar elementos comunes de la ciencia ficción o la fantasía.


Las obras de temática steampunk a menudo muestran tecnologías anacrónicas o invenciones futuristas imaginadas por los visionarios de su época, todas ellas vistas desde la perspectiva victoriana en la cultura, el arte, la moda e incluso la arquitectura.


El steampunk se inspira principalmente en los trabajos de H. G. Wells y Julio Verne y del imaginario encontrado en sus obras,3​ por lo que, al igual que el dieselpunk, este subgénero se puede englobar dentro del movimiento retrofuturista, el género de las ucronías y la ficción especulativa, pero su tendencia a incorporar elementos fantásticos y el carácter más desenfadado y utópico de sus tramas lo alejan tanto del dieselpunk como del cyberpunk.



GingerFish Poses - Santa's Baby @ Tannenbaum 2018


Six pose set, incl. mirror poses, bento hands are needed with these poses.








@ Enchantment




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Steampunk HQ Oamaru

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