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Stand still. The trees ahaead and bush beside you are not lost.


Albert Einstein


Listen 'Riders on the storm' - The Doors

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another shot from Shiprock..


headed out this afternoon to a gallery opening. So if you are out and about in NYC tonight.. hit the Jonathan Levine Gallery

A slightly different take on the previous version of this scene posted a couple of days ago. I really liked the soft water flow of the shorter shutter speed.


Which do you prefer?

I stand alone in the darkness,

the winter of my life came so fast

Memories go back to childhood today I still recall

Oh how happy I was then,

there was no sorrow, there was no pain

Walking through the green fields,

sunshine's in my eyes


I'm still there everywhere,

I'm the dust in the wind

I'm the star in the Northern sky

I never stayed anywhere,

I'm the wind in the trees

Would you wait for me forever ?

Today was the maiden voyage of my sailboat Standing Wave. I've spent the last several months learning how to sail, purchasing the sailboat and finding moorage. So... anyway, that's why I've disappeared from the face of the earth.


This shot was taken last June on one of the best road trips I've ever taken. It was with three other photographer friends (Orion, Amy, and Naveen) who also eat, sleep and breathe photography. We camped 3 nights under the stars, shot the redwoods during the day and raced out to the coast each evening for sunset. I'm sure we'd do it again just to connect with nature like that again - trying to capture even a fraction of it's mystery.

A lone crow standing guard for a flock of crows that appeared to be deeply involved in a noisy nearby convention. Or maybe he just wanted to escape the racket. Taken at China Camp, Marin County, CA



@ Callandish


For Doni... Meet me there :)

A lovely blossom from the Tulip Tree stands out from the crowd.

.. as my mother used to say 'stand up straight.. stop slouching'.. lol


Thanks for looking in! - Have a great weekend!

A stand of beech in the snow above Avebury Wiltshire


I have softened the image slightly and cropped colour as shot



very little in the way of processing but worth a mention, all adjustments made in RAW converter clarity slider at about 15% and slight adjustment to blacks , i find the clarity slider is very effective in mist and low cloud as it gives a softer smoother effect but you do loose some detail so subject matter is important. with an image like this is works wonderfully.

Standing tall over the land it surveys, a lone leafless tree at sunset seems to represent my impatience for the coming of spring.


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It wasn't you it wasn't me it wasn't anyone.

It was a day so long awaited and a chance to be as me.

I let the wind run through my hands as I turned to walk away.

In distant days I long to sense it all so clear.

And fighting time so hard I pray that this moment lasts forever.

And will the world stay standing still at least for me.

"Standing ( Still ) "- VNV Nation


“The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.”

- Oliver Wendell Holmes

I saw these two seagulls standing in a puddle at the parking lot around the lake area at Flushing Meadow Park. The wind was very calm giving the water a clean non-ripple look. I caught a nice reflection of not only the birds but the sky as well. My thanks to all in advance for your comments :-)

The neolithic standing stones of Avebury greet another sunrise

Stand By Me

Ben E. King


If the sky that we look upon

Should tumble and fall

All the mountains should crumble to the sea

I won't cry, I won't cry

No, I won't shed a tear

Just as long as you stand, stand by me


And darling, darling

Stand by me, oh stand by me

Oh stand now, stand by me

Stand by me


Every Photographers pet hate. You leave home on time to get to your location, you spend 20 minutes in pitch darkness scouting, walking, tripping, getting wet, etc etc, and eventually settle on your comp. You set up (another 5 to 10 minutes, and you're just about to shoot, and someone (who sees you) ambles into your frame, and stays there. Not another soul on the empty beach, but you just couldn't find another composition. That's my rant over.

I like the way this shot turned out, I think it is really pretty! I hope you all have a great day!



Standing Tall



I almost stepped on this little mushroom! I miss walking through the forest~


Btw. Great news.. I passed my test!!

This guy was so fascinated with the sunset that he stood still for four minutes.

The Stranglers "Dutchess" came into my head when I was processing this:


Duch of the terrace never grew up

I hope she never will

Broken down TV sits in the corner

Picture's standing still

Standing still


Duch of the terrace knows all her heritage

Says she's Henry's kid

Knows all her history in the family

Needs a man God forbid!

God forbid!


And it sounds like an empty house

Standing still

And it's quieter than a mouse

Standing still


Duch of the terrace never grew up

I hope she never will

Says she's an heiress, sits in her terrace

Says she's got time to kill

Time to kill....





This black beach lies just west of the town of Vik near the Dyrhoaley lighthouse. It's characteristic is the pitch black sand and since the day was very overcast, I thought that a monochrome look suited this best. The waves along this beach are pretty unpredictable and as a result, Marianne and I both got pretty drenched when one particularly large one happened to 'get' us both while we stood resolutely trying to get images like these.

The trees standing apart and is so beautifully shape at Yorkshire Sculptures Park

Standing In Snow, i have shot this tree a few times over the past year at different times and with different weather conditions. This was a target i had in mind as soon as we got some decent snow and it worked with me being off work. Today was that day, the snow, a lovely morning with some great light.

An artist must be a reactionary. He has to stand out against the tenor of the age and not go flopping along. Andre Maurois


*happy standing out bokeh wednesday*


Y aunque en los espacios silenciosos presintamos la nada, siempre tendrá el aire esa dulce caricia que nos susurra al oído un simple “TE QUIERO”

Porque cada caricia es el reflejo de nuestra alegría, de permanecer juntos y de sabernos mañana unidos.

♪♫ Stand By Me ♪♫

It has been quite while I didn't post any sepia photo~ so here it is my dear friends~~~

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one of those moments - when a day ends and one begins ... another of my favourite things. To all a great beginning of the week!


Listen to:


To all my contacts I apologize if I dont comment on all but I am OFF - will do my best.


Don't use my pictures on websites without prior authorization! They are protected by Copyright All rights reserved◄PLS DO NOT USE THIS PHOTO FOR PROMOTIONAL, ETC NATURE .. thank you.


Yesterday on the BBC I watched an interview with Jeannette Bougrab, partner of the murdered Charlie Hebdo editor Stephane Charbonnier. It was extremely hard to watch, and very moving. It is also moving to see the solidarity not just amongst the French people, but throughout the world. The message to these misguided, brainwashed fools , is that you achieved absolutely nothing at all.

If we all stand together we can weather even the worst of storms!


One of my very first attempts at long exposures after the sunset.


I was VERY pleased with how well it turned out.


It is going to be really hard to top this tonight...but I'll have to try!


RO - Aviator Ace - FlakJacket Green - No Hair (No Materials)


More RO can be found here:


An empty face reflects extinction

Ugly scars divide the nation

Desecrate the population

There will be no exaltation


Stand or fall

State your peace tonight

Stand or fall

State your peace tonight...


Shot taken at Wastelands

National Memorial Arch at Valley Forge Park

A grain mill in Whitman County stands tall in the rolling hills of the Palouse in southeast Washington. The warm light casts shadows creating beautiful shadows and highlights.



When the night, has come

and the land is dark

and the moon

is the only light you see

No I won't be afraid

Oh I won't be afraid

Just as long, as you stand by me So darling, darling, stand by me

Oh, stand by me

Oh, stand by me

Oh my darling, darling stand by me


If the sky, that we look upon

should just tumble and fall

Or the mountain should crumble

Into the sea

I won't cry, I won't cry

Oh I wouldn't shed a tear

Just as long as you stand, stand by me So darling, darling, stand by me

Oh, stand by me

Oh my darling, darling stand, stand by me

So darling, darling, stand by me

Oh, stand by me

Oh my darling, darling stand, stand by me

I thought it was unusual that these geese were standing on top of the hay bales, so I stopped to take a picture. Textures by Skeletalmess.

A Cedar standing just out of the reach of the ice.

Many more that have ventured to grow near the Great Lake are gone.

A standing wave in the Deschutes River near Bend, Oregon reflects the colors of the surrounding rocks, ponderosa, leaves and sky.

Tip to reach great heights in life - You cannot get to the top by sitting on your bottom :----)) a funny quote by unknown!

When the night has come, and the land is dark

And the moon is the only light we will see

No, I won't be afraid, I won't be afraid

Just as long as you stand, stand by me ~♥~


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