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Den Bosch


Museumkwartier Den Bosch

Bierman Henket Architects

I'd visited the Monument as a tourist to London many years ago, but this time I specifically came to photograph the spiral staircase. Monument is 202 feet tall and 311 steps. It was built to commemorate the great fire of 1666.

The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs.~Vance Havner

Happy Weekend for all


Ich habe ewig gewartet bis die Treppen leer waren...-)

Treppenhaus im Wohnpavillon, erbaut 1902 - Beelitz Heilstätten • A staircase in the living pavilion of the former Beelitz Sanatorium, built in 1902.


© Bildwerfer • Stephan Gies.


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A photograph of stairs..


Historic Site of Lyons

Date of Inscription: 1998

Criteria: (ii)(iv)

Treppenhaus von unten gesehen im Versmannhaus in Hamburg.


Arch.: Frank O. Gehry 2008

Stairs near St. Martin Tower in Frankfurt am Main

National Grid liquid natural gas tank. Newtown Creek, at the edge between Brooklyn and Queens.

This office building in a well-wooded setting was the first work realized in the Netherlands by Richard Meier. It consists of a cube-shaped public section in four levels and a raised oblong two-storey office wing with parking space below. At the core of the design is a four metre wide central corridor in the office wing, toplit and spatially unified by voids. This corridor is separated from the offices by partitions of glass block, the office’s primary building material together with Meier’s characteristic white aluminium panels.


Eine schöne alte Treppe

Happy Saturday for Stairs! Looking down the basement stairs without a light on.

I have seen these stairs in the Vatican museum photographed many times. The trick is to get there when the place is not covered up with other tourists. I was fortunate to be on a private afterhours Tauck tour so there were only a few of us there and when we got to the stairs I was at the head of the small group.

For a few seconds only I had the stairs completely to myself. No one was on the stairs but 40 people were lining up to go down. I leaned out and with my camera set at wide open I hand held four shots before I started to get tourists. I thought this was the best. I had to use an ISO of 1600 but it turned out ok and the lighting was amazing.

How lucky can you get!


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