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Lago Trasimeno, Umbria. Italy

"On Stage" -

Blinded by the light.

Fearful of the light.

Swept up among the light.

Humbled by the light.

Fearful no more.


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Granville Island, Vancouver

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Old Jerome High School – Jerome, AZ

EXPLORED #30 May 3rd FRONT PAGE NO LESS. Thank you all. Your visits, fav's and invites are so wonderful to receive.


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Invites are always welcome, but please ... no animated ones. Your comments are exciting to receive and appreciated. Thank you for your daily visits, comments and fav'ing, I appreciate my Flickr friends. You are already here, please take a moment to comment.


the last couple of weeks I was freaking busy with my rl ... and missed my virtual friends a bunch ... but now I'm back on stage :D

Please, no awards or iconed group invitations.

View On Black was one of those weeks where I just wanted to exit the stage left.

With a background like that who wouldn't want to perform at center stage...

Three-image extreme wide angle panorama.

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Thank you !


Graham Coffey Rally Team and their Ford Fiesta at the 2014 Neil Howard Stages, Oulton Park.


Quite impressed surprised well and truly astonished how I've managed to pull this one back through Lightroom!


It was really difficult to expose for this time of night - actually, I think it might only have been around 5pm (bearing in mind it was November) - so I was overexposing a little to gain a tad more detail. However, as they came around the corner in front of me the headlights threw everything out the window!


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© 2014 tapa | all rights reserved

Photos for Poems




O encenador conhece o seu espectáculo

Há um lugar do qual noite após noite

o torna a ver sem de ninguém ser visto


Para que volta onde já nada é seu

onde a verdade se soltou do caos

e mente agora a uma luz fictícia?


(Gastão Cruz, in Escarpas Assírio & Alvim, Lisboa, 2010)



(rough translation)


The stage director


The stage director knows his show

There is a place from where night after night

he watches it again without being seen


Why is he back where nothing belongs to him

where the truth has unleashed from chaos

and deceives now under a fake light?


(Gastão Cruz)

This roses are part of the stage ,as you will to see on my next videos

A.M.B.V. / D.B.V

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à coté de la place de la victoire

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The stage was set, the players was ready & it's time to start the play..!

Have a great week fellas :)

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

― E.E. Cummings


Thanks to pareeerica for the texture:

"There is that smaller world which is the stage,

and that larger stage which is the world

~Isaac Goldberg

Back in 2013, fellow photographer Darrell and I headed out in the Corvette towards Keokuk, Iowa on the shore of the Mississippi River. On the Hamilton side and Just before crossing over the bridge, we turned off onto a sandy road that leads down to a boat ramp.


The river was receding from flood stage and water was lapping the edge of the roadway. Waves were rolling onto the shoreline where driftwood, logs, rocks and gravel were piled onto a sandy rise between the river and pools of flood water. When thinking of a river, one doesn't usually think of waves rolling up onto a sandy beach... but the mighty Mississippi is no ordinary river!


In this shot, facing away from the bridge, drift wood and logs were beached on top of a narrow sandbar between the river and flood water. The Keokuk - Hamilton dam is visible on the horizon.




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Explore 12/10/08 :) Thanks to my friends!


Good morning! This is a light in a local theatre's basement. Underneatht the stage, without all its bright lights, is a whole other world I've discovered! It's ancient and dusty and filled with a history I'll never know! I had to conquer my fear of the dark for this one ;) Enjoy! Can you tell I added the texture to the wall?


I'm in my Evidence exam in the morning, I'll be back in the afternoon to comment on your work everyone! Have a lovely day!


On White for a Change

Landing Stage

Dutch Coast, The Netherlands


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“we come fresh to the different stages of life, and in each of them we are quite inexperienced, no matter how old we are”


~ françois de la rochefoucauld, french classical author


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