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This is only one of the many little critters that visits my backyard clockwork. If the feeder is empty, they come to the back door and look in. All I see is their little ears sticking up and part of their face peeking in. Sometimes if I don't see them, they will climb up on the patio chair and bounce off the door just to get my attention to let me know they are out of peanuts! Are they "trained"...or am I???


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Here is an image from earlier this year this squirrel I captured in florida last time I was there. Hope everyone is looking forward to the christmas vacation time, hope you have all bought your christmas presents and decorated your trees. Here it's raining - constantly. It's beastie migraine weather, the pressure is bobbing up and down huge swings in temperature too. The north pole is getting warmer - this is not a myth. I always think that this has a direct correlation with our health too. Who knows?!?!


I've had the opportunity to see some different regional parks and Yorba Reginal park was one of them. This squirrel greeted me when I first arrived.


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The squirrels and chipmunks have decided that our garden is a wonderful home. This Western Grey Squirrel was demolishing a fallen pine cone when I came along with my camera. This shot taken when he could not make up his mind whether to continue up the tree or to return to eat his pine cone.


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Squirrel on side of pine tree

got squirrels out of my system!

Our garden squirrel

An Eastern Gray Squirrel enjoys a cherry.

At Burwell Country Park

squirrel standing in a hole from a tree trunk

This squirrel was as surprised to see me as it came over the roof as I was ... but I was quicker on the shutter, and it was nice catching that last bit of sunlight sneaking in through the trees landing on its face and eye.

Grey squirrel picking sunflower seeds from under a bird feeder shortly to be chased away by a trio of angry Mallards!

close up of squirrel standing on ice and snow with icicles and berries

enjoying his peanuts

Squirrel - Weelsby wood Grimsby.

squirrel standing on a mirror holding a rusty iron circle

Squirrel waiting for peanuts.


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This afternoon I was sitting in my truck in front of my house, preparing to head down to the lake to check out the action. A car came down the street. It's a VERY quiet, VERY low traffic street. On of 'my' squirrels ran out into the street, and the car ran over it. Didn't slow, didn't swerve, didn't even tap the brakes...just rolled over the squirrel and drove on.


The squirrel was still moving, so I ran down to check. It was obvious that the damage was fatal...but the squirrel was not yet dead...legs were kicking and mouth was moving. Nothing else to be done, so I put and end to its suffering.


I know that many people intensely dislike squirrels -- irrational though that is. I know that hunters take great pleasure -- perhaps even orgasmic -- in blasting the little guys with big guns for the pure testosterone-surging fun of it. For my part, there isn't much of anything more cowardly. The world isn't really all that much worse off for the loss of one little squirrel, but I know that it unsettled my day.


(for what it's worth, I'm over six foot, weigh in at about 235, and have an arsenal of non-hunting guns of various types. I'm more than happy to 'discuss' my love of animals with anyone who would like to.)


I think it is a Douglas Squirrel at the Richmond Nature Park, Richmond, B.C.

A squirrel is just a rat with a cuter outfit. ~Sarah Jessica Parker~

A squirrel enjoying his lunch in Parc La Fontaine in Montréal. Not quite sure what the little fellow is eating, at first site it looks like some sort of a pod.

The delmarva fox squirrel ( also known as the eastern fox squirrel) is an endangered species! They are found now mostly in parts of the eastern shores of Maryland and Virginia! This photo was taken in the Chincoteague wildlife refuge in Virginia!

A squirrel enjoying his lunch in Parc La Fontaine in Montréal. Not quite sure what the little fellow is eating, at first site it looks like some sort of a pod.

Susie squirrel enjoying her peanuts. #Squirrel

One of Susie's kids from a couple of years ago is still here every day. While many squirrels have the stripe across the nose, the variations help provide some identity.

A little squirrel in one of the park in Turin along the Pò river

No matter how many times I say I am not going to photograph these anymore, I cannot resist

This was taken in Charleston, SC.

Squirrel giving thanks for his meal

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