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« Le romantisme est ce qui touche à la sensibilité, il invite à l'émotion. » de Atsuro Tayama


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"En croyant à des fleurs, souvent on les fait naître." d'Edmond Rostand


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In my opinion...not a bad way to observe a spring day...from the vantage point of water drops on a hosta leaf!


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« Il est difficile de voir le beau tout seul. » de Per Olof Sundman


Thanks for all your comments, awards and faves.

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Reflecting on a perfect afternoon at Museo de Bellas Artes de Sevilla.


Musical Accompaniment courtesy of Miles Davis


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"Solo March Sunset, Soaked in the Brilliant, Cold Atlantic Waters." Southampton, New York, United States of America; 3/9/13.


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iPhone - Hipstamatic - Chiusdino - Aprile 2013

Polas terras do Mariscal Pardo de Cela.Lugo-Spain

April 13, 2007. Just one of the many different kinds of wildflowers growing in our yard.


April 13, 2007. Seen in EXPLORE Interestingness.

The dark winter is upon us here. Finally. As it is Sunday and gloomy, I thought a dark, moody photo appropriate. Taken end edited on my iPhone. Happy Sliders Sunday folks!!!

These 14mm eyes are not her final ones, she will get 16 mm. Color will be the same though!

(and yes, that's a filthy piece of hair...these are some leftover strands from her reroot!)

While waiting for one of many ferries we had to take while travelling in Norway, my attention was attracted by the seaweeds right at the shore... I can imagine they would seem the most mundane thing in the world to someone who lives very close to the seashore - but I am not one of those lucky people... so to me they looked fascinating, and they still do.

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