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This year the Spring has taken a break at the end on April...

If one week ago green and blooming fields were starting to color the Alps, now it seems to be back in mid February!

Here Lomo Br151.074 is descending to Innsbruck with a steel train from Brescia in St. Jodok. (29/4/17)

Wearing ([RnR]Swag & Image Essentials)


Head-Catwa Catya

Skin-Amara Beauty

Body-Maitreya Lara

Hair-Truth June VIP group gift

Nails-[ZOZ} Opal Summer Grey

Makeup-catwa lipstick

Clothing-[RnR] Swag Spring Break (includes glasses, shoes & Jewelry)

Pose-Image essentials Vogue Idea @ Jersey Shore



The Jersey Shore Event-


This year, spring is coming early to Newfoundland. You are looking at the ice break-up on New World Island. Harp seals were sunning themselves on the ice this Easter weekend but I couldn't get a photo because they were too far away. In a couple of weeks, the seals should be closer to shore on the pack ice..

Spring break in land of cherry blossom. See full size. Thanks for comments or critiques. This image is copyrighted. It may not be copied, displayed or reproduced without permission.


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So deep down I was a little excited to be going to Florida for Spring Break a quick work trip because of the proximity of crazy spring break kids possibility for good sunsets and the prospect of a good work environment. But instead of bringing suntan lotion and a Borat “mankini” I should have brought an umbrella and rain booties. Tampa experienced one of the fiercest storms on record dumping as much as 4” of rain in an hour, 80mph winds and was in an all-day tornado warning. Two tornados touched down within a mile of where I was working which put the base on lockdown and the building power went out.


Being the typical Californian, I wanted to go out in the middle of it to experience the crazy weather, so I drove to Clearwater Wednesday afternoon hoping for a sunset, but instead got an intense electric storm. I met another guy there who was much more experienced in photographing lightning and was willing to share some secrets. I positioned this shot straight down the middle of the old slabs used to keep the pier up, and was safe under the existing part of it (as you can see from the map to the right) I was doing rapid-fire 15” shots and then commanded lightning to strike right in the middle (yes, I pointed like Babe Ruth), and sure enough a couple minutes later… I got it. I was thrilled but he was upset because he’s been trying to get that shot for years. Beginner's luck.


This was all I got from my trip. Literally. Well besides the drunken shots of us all salsa dancing at night.




First Place - Ventura County Fair 2011 - Professional Division - Scenery/Nature

Spring Break at the Woodland Park Zoo

This is prolly one of the most beautiful views of downtown Miami i have discovered during my recent evening walks. And yes this is spring season. Not that season changes really matter is Miami. It is always a season here in Miami called " fun season"


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My Mother in law takes all the grandkids to her sister's farm every year for Spring Break. Last time I was lucky enough to go along. It was a great time. My Mother in law is going to meet her sister today so I made a dvd slideshow for her to take and give her. This is pretty much it but as usual, I had to speed it up and take out a few pictures so that it would all fit in flickr. I hope you all enjoy watching it! .... and a little note...that snow was waist deep in many places!!


Have a great day!

It's spring break here in Dallas, and I guess teens just don't know what to do with themselves.


I saw this teen jogging by my house twice. She then came back by a third time, this time walking, and she stopped at the corner to dance to the music she was listening to while jogging. I watched her dance for about a minute or two, and I just went back to working. I happen to walk by the window again, and now she is laying on the curb. I guess all that jogging, walking and dancing really made her tired.


Too tired to go rest IN her home? LOL

As I was shooting the action on the sand bar, this skinny little drunk came up to me and told me not to photograph his girlfriend. Not wanting to risk getting my camera wet in the process of holding his head under water, I walked away, zoomed out and took one of my MOST viewed photos of that day. Suck it, jerk!

Spring Break

Most of our Spring Break has been spent outside with the puppies. We sure are going to miss them when they have to go. I wish I had enough room to keep them all.

tonight will probably be one those "no sleep" night for me. errr.

and two out of my ten fingers have band-aids on them.

i hope there's no, like, glass on the cut in my pinky :/



i'll catch up on your streams on the weekend! <333

An Empty Campus.

Or pretty much so.

On my way to Burrito Bros. there is no competition for any lunch spots.

This is one of the tree lined walking paths, located just outside the School of Business. Picnic tables wait for the lunch crowds and returning students.


Spring Break


Tasty Flowers


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Every year I make a habit of doing this. =D For Spring Break I want to take two of my Pullips with me. Sorry, no Nanette and Onyx, both seem to be on vacation for a while, but I assure you they are still around. =D


Thanks everyone!


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Spring Break 2009 with Stingers Nightclub and Z95 Radio on Padre Island, Corpus Christi, TX

Please View In Large...

So, as you can see, my Spring Break Weekend was a bit windy and stormy. No worries here about catching a sunburn, although we did get a bit of wind burn... Despite the bad weather, we could not have had a better time.

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Winter is loosing it´s grip on Iceland these days.

I can smell the spring. And summer is just around the corner.

I cant wait. This has been the worst winter i can remeber for 20 years. Ice cold and full of snow. Some people can say thats the best but i say this has been to much of the good stuff.

Have a nice day people

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