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The spring mist in the forest.

I walked along the River Dodder in south Dublin this morning for the first time in eight months. It was a glorious sunny mild morning. I didn't see many birds, but here and there were little signs of spring like this one.


The rain returned at midday.




Large view

This is the last month of spring in Adelaide~~ summer is coming soon! But i afraid it gonna be too hot~~ as i don't like it hot!!

I took an early morning drive on Sunday and found this stunning tree in all its glory around Batesville, Georgia. Of course, I had to stop and take its picture!


Explore, Front Page, 3/25/2009


It's my favourite tree again in all her spring glory

I took this photo a couple years ago. I love the sky in spring storms.


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Texture: Perfect Effects 9: Rice Paper


Spring in Toronto's Edwards Gardens.


Have a great Friday and Happy Weekend!

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You know it's spring when the Salmonberry Flowers are blooming and the male Hummingbirds are out showing off their vibrant colors! This male Anna Hummingbird has a female that he has been persueing diligently and while she feeds at the feeder, he perches close by on the Salmonberry branches, so he can keep watch over her incase any competition may enter the territory. Apparently the Salmonberry Flowers are also suposed to be symbolic in the Pacific Northwest to the arrival of the Rufous Hummingbirds and though a few have already arrived on the island, I have not personally seen any as of yet.



Due to cloud cover it was getting darker out and the soft blurred lighter areas in the photo are rain drops.

Photo taken on south east Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada

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One of three first place winners of the TMI May "Textural Landscapes" Contest


Tis' The Season - SECOND PLACE WINNER-May 2016 Challenge ~ Spring Landscapes ~


Chosen as cover photo 3-25-2015 for Studio for the group Various Pastels & Soft Focuses


I have created free textures to share.


Betty Jo's Textures

Spring blossoms adorn the South Window in Arches National Park.


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Most of us are experiencing rain most of the week. I decided after a rain session (and before another one unfortunately) to look for "a slot of blue sky and sun" to capture something. I found these hair grass that I shooted from below in order to capture that blue sky and using the little sunshine we had briefly to make us feel that spring is actually on his way and winter will end soon.

Back in winter 2013 I took a picture of this tree in the snow and I decided then it would be nice to have one of every season. In Autumn 2014 I managed to cpature the Autumn one and last week I finally nailed this spring shot. Hopefully everything will fall into place this summer so I can get the last in the series.


Winter Shot -


Autumn shot -

Springtime landscape.Tree in oilseed.


A loan camera and a wake up call at stupid O' clock to drive nearly 2 hours for 'a predicted epic' sunrise at the iconic Clifton Springs Jetty. The upside was, I wasn't fighting for a prime spot on the beach :)

When spring starts to breath


no rules, no limitations, no boundaries it's like an art™

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I took this capture of four small Painted Turtles trying to catch some spring sunshine at the Patriot Place Trail in Foxboro, Massachusetts.


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Spring Colors by Irene Becker © All rights reserved


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Yes, a little preemptive. But it has been so warm, that I feel I need to post something "springy" ("springish"?). May the green return to your frigid, ice-bound tundra soon! 5D Mark II, Tamron 90mm Macro.

Enjoy Spring's first weekend


Still chasing spring with the Lensbaby...this time early in the morning...never imagined how inspirational and liberating this little piece of equipment could be!

"La Primavera está llegando"

Created for Let's Go YELLOW !! GLOW March 2017 and Spring Nature Challenge - March 2017 in Awake Art for a Cause Group.

Images and textures of my own.

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Querétaro City - México.

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Hello friends,

I've been far from Flickr for a very long time and I'm trying to visit your recent uploads. Please be patient ;))


We're having some wonderful days, Spring is finally here. What about you?


Have a great time, love XX

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Spring has finally arrived :)


Spring's first flower and bee are a real treat after the past winter!


Finally another post, after having to deal with some other pressing matters and their time constraints.

It's supposed to be the first week of Spring.

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Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!'


52 in 2015 # 3. Purple or Lilac.

After a long and very wet winter in Washington State, spring finally emerges, and hopefully with it more dry weather and oppurtunities for picture taking.


Personally, for me it has been a very tough and challenging 3 month healthwise, and even though I am not totally healed yet, I am well enough to get out occasionally, weather permitting.


I want to thank all you so very much who have thought of me and wished me well!! It meant a lot to me!

Created for the Award Tree Contest "Signalling Spring"


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Spring in Toronto's Edward's Gardens

(my photo shoot with Coleen)


A mother and daughter (I think) enjoying time together.


Processing/Texture: Topaz Simplify - Subtle Glow


I was having problems with Flickr this morning - perhaps it was very busy.

"Spring is strong and virtuous,

Broad-sowing, cheerful, plenteous,

Quickening underneath the mould

Grains beyond the price of gold.

So deep and large her bounties are,

That one broad, long midsummer day

Shall to the planet overpay

The ravage of a year of war."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson




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