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10x Bugatti Veyron


Red Coupé - Nr. 72

White Grand Sport - Nr. 19

Blue Carbon Supersport - Nr. 24

Black Coupé - Nr. 71

White Grand Sport - Nr. ?

Grey Coupé - Nr. 230

Silver Grand Sport - Nr. PreSeries

Grey Coupé - Nr. 172

Blue Grand Sport - Nr. 41

Blue Coupé - Nr. 40


Neulich an der Ostsee • The other day at the Baltic Sea

When it was really windy the other day I was going to go to Newhaven but the wind was supposed to be coming directly from the South & rain was also forecast - which would have meant a face & filters full of almost hurricane force spray.

I've learnt that these aren't ideal conditions for a fully satisfying photographic experience, so I gave it a miss & decided to do more archive - diving instead - lazy I know.

Some fairly serious pounding going on here on this occasion so the long drive was worth it. I'd recently taken a long drive to Newhaven to find little ripples when I'd been expecting massive waves which was rather disappointing.

When I went to Porthcawl to get this, I pretty much filled a card with shots - most of the waves were dramatic but there's just a small window where the light got through the clouds giving this great moody contrast & highlighting the lighthouse.

Luckily I got a whole bunch of these because the camera was in burst mode.


Isn't it light that puts the photons in photography???

Otherwise wouldn't it just be graphy?


The seagulls here seemed to spend most of the time kind of surfing, almost riding the real monster waves - playing a game of dare - like playing a game of chicken.

Only you're not allowed to say "chicken" in front of a seagull as it's been decided that it's inappropriate, may hurt a seagull's feelings & could even contravene seagull rights legislation.


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On Saturday morning:

Wakeboarding Langenfeld.


I accompanied my daughter to wakeboarding.

I could make some interesting images from other wakeboarders.


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The Olympiastadion (Olympic Stadium) is a sports stadium in Berlin, Germany. There have been two stadiums on the site: the present facility, and one that is called the Deutsches Stadion which was built for the aborted 1916 Summer Olympics. Both were designed by members of the same family, the first by Otto March and the second by his son Werner March. It is the second biggest stadium in Germany behind Signal Iduna Park. It is the home stadium of the Hertha Berlin football team playing in the German Bundesliga.


The current Olympiastadion was originally built for the 1936 Summer Olympics in the southern part of the Reichssportfeld (today Olympiapark Berlin). During World War II, the area suffered little damage. After the war, the British military occupation used the northern part of the Reichssportfeld as its headquarters until 1994. From 1951 to 2005, the Olympischer Platz had a giant antenna transmitting for all the portable radios in Berlin.


Aside from its use as an Olympic stadium, the Olympiastadion has a strong footballing tradition. Historically, it is the ground of club Hertha BSC since 1963. It was also used for 3 matches in the 1974 FIFA World Cup. It hosted six matches, including the final, in the 2006 FIFA World Cup and was renovated for that reason. The German Cup final match is held each year at the Olympiastadion. The stadium sees use in other sports as well; at one point it held the world record for the attendance of a baseball game, thought to be over 110,000.

From Wikipedia

Taken at the new Singapore Sports Hub

flight of Daniel Bodin at a sports festival in the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. .Daniel came in freestyle motocross in 2003. Winner of most competitions in Sweden, a member of the show Red Bull X-Fighters Exhibition in Moscow in 2005, Nizhny Novgorod - 2008, freestyle motocross tour Red Bull X-Fighters Exhibition Tour in 2009. .Daniel masterly as a motorcycle and a snowmobile.

(Puerto Deportivo de Alicante)


Taken for the DIYPhotography's Bag O' Goodies Assignment (Sports).

I won! Congrats to the runners ups, nice competition!



Snooted 580s on each side of the swimming pool, bare 580 II for the backlight, all of them almost at ground level.

Yongnuo remotes (the swimming pool is 25 meters long).

Fog machine for the fog ^^


Easy DIY used: the snoots are made out of Tetra Briks, black spray paint on the outside, black tape for the borders.


Canon 70-200 at 200mm, 1/250 at f/8, ISO 200.

Enduro Cross in Krasnogorsk. One of the difficult parts of the route.

A local fishing spot in Zhiangjiajie. China



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Spada Vetture Sport Condatronca Batmobile style.

Coda tronca is Spada Vetture Sport (Italy). It is the developed concept car.

Nach diesem Bild war ich von Kopf bis Fuß Staub bedeckt. Ich finde das wars wert. Was meint ihr?

MX Hausham.

Every spring, when the water level is high on the Ottawa River, kayakers take to the water to enjoy the waves created by the strong current.


Chaque printemps, lorsque le niveau d'eau est élevé sur la rivière des Outaouais, les kayakistes profitent des vagues créées par les courants très forts.

The elusive Aurora Borealis brought out a lot of photographers on this night. Astrophysicists predicted a level 2 geomagnetic storm which caused a lot of hustle and bustle in the local photography scene. Minnewanka Lake provides a fantastic vantage point to the northern sky where the Aurora was expected. Unfortunately it was a bust in this part of the world. Can't say I didn't stay up late enough as I got home at 4:30AM.

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One of my favorite thing when capturing sport photo is to freeze the moment. Suka bila dapat mengambil gambar saat kesemua kaki mereka terapung di udara, pegun selamanya! ;-) Foto diambil ketika hari sukan sekolah anakanda saya di Sekolah Kebangsaan Ampang Pecah pertegahan tahun 2014 lalu.


Location, Date & Time:

Ampang Pecah, Kuala Kubu Bharu | 28 June 2014 | 10:23am (+8GMT)



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Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Pur Blanc

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Have a fantastic weekend everyone. I thought this is an ideal post for the weekend. If you love to participate in this sport, let me know:-))


Taken using a Sigma 150-500mm lens handheld just before the sunset. Soon I saw the activities I thought of trying some sports shots.


They got a lovely setup by the beach with accommodation facilities and Kiteboarding gear. A lot of tourists come to this place during the windy season. This guy was so close to the woman in the water, but I noticed that he knew how to handle it perfectly.


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Una delle atlete che si allenano sulla pista d'atletica dello stadio Pinto a Caserta

had to upload this one, I'm getting a 10X23" pano printed of this one, its gonna be awesome!

She's absolutely fabulous!

1860 München : St. Pauli

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