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Longsheng Rice Terraces

Longsheng County, Guilin

Guangxi Province China


My tribute to our Mother Earth.

Happy Earth Day.


Explore & Front Page, April 22, 2009

A big huge thanks to Everyone!!!!


FP #12

Longsheng Rice Terraces

Longsheng County, Guilin

Guangxi Province China


Have a great Monday to ALL!!!

see you later in your streams....

I'm rather chuffed to be posting this shot. It's hardly the best bit of light painting I've ever done, but it's one of the most satisfying shots I've produced.


Being on holiday in Florida, I had hoped to be able to hook up with the likes of Tackyshack and Duane Schoon, but the full-on family nature of the holiday prevented this. The chances of an nocturnal torch-bothering excursions have been minimal. But I found out I am staying just around the corner from an abandoned theme park, and the opportunity was too good to miss, and I've blagged bandwidth to post it now, in the middle of the night, so I don't forget when I get home.


So this evening, after some useful advice from Surrealist303, I plucked up the nerve to do a solo recce to Splendid China, a spot which was briefly brought to my attention by TxPilot a short while back when he and Mr Schoon contemplated a visit.


So this shot is for the Dalai Lama, bless his (allegedly) reincarnated cotton socks. A sort of swirly mandala-like thing in front of a replica of his old house in Tibet, under the light of a swelteringly hot Florida full moon.

Spotted while biking around Yangshuo countryside.

Guangxi Province China


~This image is dedicated to Edgar Moskopp aka traumlichtfabrik  for a lovely testimonial he wrote on my profile page! Thank you Edgar of Austria and we'll see you soon here in Asia:-))!

Please check his amazing stream here !


Thanks also to everyone for your support! :-)


Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

Taken in Splendid China Miniature Garden, Shenzhen.

Guilin Li River via Xingping and Yangdi

Guilin, Guangxi Province China


~One of the highlight of my Guilin escapade and never miss the chance to cruise this river when you visit Guilin or Yangshuo. Best view of the karst (limestone) mountain formation can be seen along the stretch of Xingping and Yangdi or vise versa. Tour usually start early morning from Guilin to Yangshuo or other option via xingping by a small boat.


A breathtaking experienced!!! :-))


Happy Monday Blues everyone!!!


Explore, April 20, 2009

Thank you very much Guys!!!

Taste Of Asia Press Conference

Splendid China

June 25th, 2010


All images are copyright © 2010 Jessie Lau. All rights reserved. Please contact for usage rights.

Taken at LongSheng County

Guilin Guangxi Province China


Happy Pretty Pink Tuesday to Everyone!!!


~catch you later.....


Countdown to Valentines day!


Happy Bokeh Wednesday Flickr Friends! :-)

and early Imagoism Thursday!


Light and Sound Show in Shenzhen is one of the most amazing experience

~Taken at Splendid China Park~

Overseas Chinese Town, Shenzhen China


Explore, February 17, 2009

The new way to Discover Shenzhen city, China.

Shenzhen city community information portal

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