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6/52 Weeks Project

Coral Bells, Alumroot, Coralbells, Alum Root 'Green Spice'

Seasoned it up with a dash of impressionism and served it on a platter for Sliders Sunday... thanks to my friend for spotting the orange umbrellas and matching autumn leaves from across the street and sharing with me all the fun of that day... hss

A landscaping supplies place seen from above. Those piles of "stuff" (mulch, sand, gravel etc) looked like cinnamon, ground pepper and whatever else that belongs in a "Spices" drawer.

Collective 52 Photo Project - Collections


I'm not much of a collector of anything other than maybe spices...I love to cook!



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14 October 2007

A huge thank-you to Thomas and Axelle! :)


:) Oct 14, 2007 #2 in Explore!!!


Star Anise

Chili Pepper Seeds

Black Pepper


Our Daily Challenge - Smell


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During the renaissance age there was no refrigeration, and very little natural ice or coolant so food needed the spice to preserve as well as ...."spice it up"

I was sorting my spice dabba today and just couldn't resist taking a quick snap :) Have a fantastic Wednesday Everyone :)

The annual Orchid Festival at Kew Gardens, London. February 2017 - Theme: India

Spices in spoons on white background. Curcuma, Saffron, Juniper and Garam masala


Strobe : 1/64 through softbox right triggered by cactus V5 and white reflector left.


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Macro Mondays theme : Spices & Seasonings

A very happy MM!

Spice's of my life...

I really miss Flickr but still confuse...?


Hello I am back... Give me some times to comments all you beautiful picture...

Give me time to get use to it ...


Thank you for all the wishes, comment and inbox too...

Some of you whose have follow me in FB also knew how happening with all the new works of my picture... I am getting new era in photography too....

A spice derived from the aril of nutmeg


Spice Sellers,

Chinatown, Bangkok.

I really couldn’t be spending time on Flickr today, but I saw the ODC theme and I was in the kitchen cooking, so it was hard to resist.


I messed up the cinnamon heart but no time to fix it...


What’s my favorite thing? Not a chance that I have only one favorite thing.


I am surrounded by so many wonderful things in life, (spiritual and material), here is the list of some of my today’s favorite things:


Being able to cook health meals to my family, my kitchen, my cook books, the smell of a homemade meal being prepared, my canon, my 50mm, my time spend on FLICKR, and the list goes on….


As always, its best viewed in light box!


For ODC2 - A Favorite thing

A single man has gotta know how to cook nowadays, right? I have a lot of spices, I thought they would make a good photo.


This has been uploaded for Macro Mondays random patterns display.



Life would be boring without...

cloudy day over the spice factory

In the Spice Bazaar.

Scavenge Challenge - 20. The specialty is spice. Spice jars, spices, spicy foods...let's see some flavour.


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