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Thanks to all for your wonderful comments,faves


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Sorraia River, Benavente. Portugal

i want dedicate this picture to John_Alyssa_Griggs [] for the special gift i got to day ..wish every sunset makes happiness for your family ..

>Location Conrad maldives rangali island<


Era afinal quase nada,

e tudo parecia imenso!


David Mourão-Ferreira

Out east on the plains of Colorado...or what I call the Outback.

oggi è stata una giornata molto particolare. stamattina ho ricevuto un pacchetto davvero inaspettato che mi ha reso tanto felice e nel pomeriggio sono andata a fare delle foto con una mia cara amica. qui siamo in un campo praticamente dietro casa mia... e io non lo avevo mai visto! ma ovviamente la giornata non poteva restare stupenda per troppo tempo e infatti mi sono resa conto di aver scattato in formato piccolo alcune foto - che per inciso sono le mie preferite. che culo, eh?


a parte questo ringrazio le due persone che hanno reso speciale questa giornata C=


ps. ne arriveranno altre, ho deciso di infischiarmene del formato. alla fine mi sono divertita tantissimo e questo resterà per sempre.

"At the touch of love everyone become a poet"



Image and textures are mine


Magic of Lake Trasimeno


Thanks for your recent visit ,comment, fav and invite, always all much appreciated...


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I say special because for several years we never saw the bea- eaters in Etosha. Two years ago we saw our first and this year they were several. They are so small and so fast that it is difficult to photograph them unless they perch or you get them as they take off. To capture two was awesome and this pair were certainly ready to be photographed. They are the only species of bea=eater that has such a defined forked tail !


Wishing you all a very lovely and blessed week !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image may contain: bird

Well my Dear Friends, May you all have a good night/day and will see all of you in my A.M.---thanks to all of you who drop by my thread and photos and leave your awesome comments..sure do appreciate it....those of you who don't I know your very busy as there is other things besides Flickr :):):) right love all of you hugs ♥

Just remember, during the winter, far beneath the bitter snow, that there's a seed that with the sun's love in the spring becomes a rose.

~Bette Midler


Wish all my Frickr friends a wonderful weeekend!

Registro de um entardecer muito especial para mim, numa tarde do mês de outubro de 2007, no interior do estado de Goiás - Brasil

Questo è lo Special Admin Award di Optical, e lo dedico a tutti i membri del gruppo che, con le loro magnifiche immagini di alta qualità, rendono il pool un bellissimo Eden variegato di luci, forme e colori.


3000 membri e più di 52.000 immagini in 10 mesi dalla creazione di Optical




This is the Special Admin Award of Optical, and I dedicate it to all members of the group that, with their magnificent high quality images, make the pool a fabulous variegated Eden of lights, shapes and colors.


3000 members and over 52,000 images in 10 months from the creation of Optical




♪♫♪♫ " ...

Cause it's so rare that I'm here, don't plan on staying too long

So you should come here, sit your ass on this throne

This a special affair, better act like you know who I am, who I am


I bet this Patron make you feel nice and comfortable

Tryna act nice girl your cover's blown

But you already knew that

You already knew that

You already knew that


We can burn one ... " ♪♫♪♫

I've been attempting to do a full minifig decal application, this is what I have so far. There are a few flaws but I am happy with it. I am useing clear waterslide paper and it hasnt been easy, I think I have gone through enough decals to make 5 of these. If it goes easier from here I will include the full torso with my custom green beret figs.

Lo amava, ma non aveva più fiducia in lui. Era stanca di sentirsi sballottata da quell’altalena di sentimenti affannati e in lotta tra loro.


- Margaret Mazzantini


ne era prevista un'altra di foto di quel giorno, ma non sono dell'umore giusto

“I'd rather have a moment of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.”


This was one of the first shots taken with my new camera in September, straight out of camera, I just underexposed it slightly and saw this wonderful painterly sky.


Listening to: Someone exactly like you by Van Morrison

....“Distance never seperates two hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever I start feeling sad cuz I miss you I remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss....


Enjoy your Sunday....smiless

Here it is jotKa26! This is as good as it gets..... couldn't get any closer, because I didn't have my ladder with me.

It's always two make the " ONE " very special ....... !!!!

Does anyone of you know what kind of flower we found here? I think it looks so special with those dark blue mini flowers in the middle and those yellow little "stars" framing them.


I don't know your feelings when you are admiring a sunset on a beautiful landscape ...


I feel a deep sense of ♪♫♪♫ Freedom ♪♫♪♫, serenity and pleasant chills ...




Special Emotions ... - FRONT PAGE - Explore #2


Best View: Large On Black



kimberley's horse Dilayla, a very special horse..

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