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One of those precious special moments. After waiting for their scout to come back to tell them he has found a field for the day, these geese fly to that particular field and will return to the lake again at night.

slc = special light condition


When the sun shines directly after a thunderstorm, the grey clouds slowly disappear and the freshly washed facades shine in new brilliance, a very special light is created like here.


Medienhafen. Düsseldorf, Germany.

RAPTURE-Dress Erika


Wasabi // Sugar Mesh Hair - 🚕@ Anthem


#Kira TattOO ~AMANDA 🚕@ Darkness


:studiOneiro: Scorpio BENTO set /poses/ HUD 🚕@ ORSY

BENTO hand position is not showing at this picture!

👉*** Check here for the correct hand pose***


📚 Credit



[MF] Photography © 2019

I meant to add this to the previous image but forgot so will add it now :)


With Valentine's around the corner - this is a great week for heart filled images.

And for those who think this is nothing but a commercially fabricated holiday...hear me out :). It doesn't have to be!

I'm not saying we should celebrate love only once a year...but why not have a day where it is super special. And, this day should NOT be reserved for romantic love. Because let's be is love right?? And the love I get from my friends and family is just and valued and important!!

And..this holiday doesn't need to be about spending money. You can do something for those you love that cost nothing :)

So I am dedicating my images this week to my friends and family. Thank you for your love and support. You mean the world to me.


If the forest has a day of fire and the heat of the flames does not consume a special tree, it will still be changed; charred, but still standing.

– Dan Groat


Sun shining on the conifers against a backdrop of smiling blue skies in Bear Head Lake State Park near Ely, Minnesota.


Blue skies smiling at me - hmmmm, I think that I need to dedicate this one to my recently late brother-in-law, Dick Parker, who sang that song like nobody else could. He was also a very good photographer who taught me a lot. Here's to you, Dick!


"Explored" on Flickr, June 16, 2020

That special day.


you remember it.


22-12-2007, there was frozen fog on the trees and a blue sky. It was just a few hours. It was marvelous.


regard jaap


Dordtse Biesbosch


The part of the Biesbosch that borders the city of Dordrecht. It is located between the Sliedrechtse Biesbosch and the Hollandse Biesbosch. Although the Dordtse Biesbosch has largely an agricultural destination, it also contains several recreational areas which serves as the "playground" for the people of Dordrecht.

Getting ready for Epiphany and Seasons Story events<3

We are waiting for u!

I looked to the left and it was all foggy, I looked to the right and most of the fog cleared. A special moment

It's always special when wildlife accepts you and come close without fear or aggression.

Beautifully restored Buick Special 370UYX seen at Prescott Hill Climb in Gloucestershire on 12th July 2020. Sadly, due to Covid-19 restrictions, no public access to this event.

An early start for me this morning, I love 'Me' times

Thank you two fore being so crazy & cute Num Bing & Clifton Howlett and we thank you so incredibly much about this beautiful, sweet and funny gesture.


We for sure will remember this moment and place forever!

Thank you two for being part of it and make it so special for us …


With a lot of love, huggies and appreciation ♥

-:¦:-ε.м.ị.ε-:¦:- & ĴąđεŃ


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-Friends of Zamonia-


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Clifton Howlett & Num Bing

Just remember, during the winter, far beneath the bitter snow, that there's a seed that with the sun's love in the spring becomes a rose.

~Bette Midler


Spay a village of less than 2000 people has a million dollar view and a special relationship with the Marksburg, it is hard to escape a view of it from anywhere in the community the castle is ingrained in every residents memory.


What could make a view of this story book castle any finer, why fireworks of course and this is exactly what happens around the middle of August in Spay as part of the land program for the “Rhein in Flammen” that takes place throughout summer.


This fireworks and music program is best enjoyed from one of the floating tour boats from Koblenz to Rudesheim but if you really want to keep your feet on dry land Spay offers a great place to take it in with the Marksburg as a backdrop.


There can be no more a Disneyesque sight in Germany than fireworks launching from behind the Marksburg high atop its cliffs with the Rhein and the little village of Spay for its witnesses.


I took this with my D750 and Tamron SP 24-70mm 2.8 G2 Lens processed in LR, PS luminosity masks and DXO Nik


Disclaimer: Not trying to be realistic in my editing there is enough realism in the world, my style is a mix of painterly and romanticism as well as a work in progress.

Photographed using the special effect functions in the camera when we had torrential rain and bright sunshine at the same time, and photographed through a window.

"At the touch of love everyone become a poet"



Image and textures are mine


Magic of Lake Trasimeno


Thanks for your recent visit ,comment, fav and invite, always all much appreciated...


All rights reserved. Image can not be inserted in blogs, websites or any other form, without my written permission.

vanuit de achtertuin, (NL), februari 2016



My Flickr stream photos best to see on Portfolio | Fluidr

It's so good to know that we all look at the same sun... for this reason it can be a sunset and a sunrise at the same time... one of the "observers" might be more tired than the other one ;-), but in best case it's a magical moment for both...

I posted this photo in December 2018 and it was taken only a few days after the Dragon had come to live with us. He was about 4 months old at the time and the photo shows his very first encounter with snow. There are many special moments in the life of a kitten as everything is new and exciting. but this was indeed a VERY special experience for him.

Added to the Happy Caturday group for the theme "Special Moments"


Here is Kakashi as a kitten and on his very first walk outside. He took to the harness and leash like a pro and we have been taking daily walks together ever since.


Happy Caturday Theme - Special Moment

i want dedicate this picture to John_Alyssa_Griggs [] for the special gift i got to day ..wish every sunset makes happiness for your family ..

>Location Conrad maldives rangali island<


La Habana Vieja, Cuba


- A Buick Special 1956 in Old Havana. Founded by the Spanish in 1519, Old Havana is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Havana lies on the northwest coast of Cuba.


- Une Buick Special 1956 dans La Vieille Havane. Fondée par les Espagnols en 1519, le quartier de La Vieille Havane a été reconnu au patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO. La Havane est située sur la côte nord-ouest de Cuba.


- Un Buick Special 1956 en La Habana Vieja. Fundada por los españoles en 1519, La Habana Vieja es un barrio de La Habana y declarado Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO. La Habana se encuentra en la costa noroeste de Cuba.


I say special because for several years we never saw the bea- eaters in Etosha. Two years ago we saw our first and this year they were several. They are so small and so fast that it is difficult to photograph them unless they perch or you get them as they take off. To capture two was awesome and this pair were certainly ready to be photographed. They are the only species of bea=eater that has such a defined forked tail !


Wishing you all a very lovely and blessed week !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image may contain: bird

She hold a special place in my heart <3



Macro Mondays - Buttons and Bows


#MacroMondays and #ButtonsandBows

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