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A mural of speakers, the Space Needle and Mount Rainier painted on the side of a Downtown Seattle building.


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Commencement Speaker at a College graduation ceremony...Behind the podium


I find These indoor shots quite difficult with low lighting conditions...forced to crank up the ISO and slow down the shutter speed.

Just laying around with my new toy and this picture ended up being a keeper from my test shots.

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I've used some poetic license and changed a few of the lyrics:


Baby you're now on fire, puppy you're on fire

Out in the dark, wrapped up in the stars

So right, girl I'm so high

You and me, wild and free

Way out in the woods nobody for miles

Play in the back of the truck with the tailgate down

Just us and the speakers on

Skating in the back of the truck with the tailgate down

Just us and the speakers on


I love my dogs :)

The view from the front of the lecture theatre at Pritzker Fac abandoned college/university in Belgium


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Beats Pill speakers in Jessie J's music video It's My Party (2013, Lava/Island, screen capture)


You can read more about product placement:

Here is a close-up full-frame shot of a speaker.

This CreativeMornings/Melbourne was generously hosted by The Good Copy.


Raph Rashid was our speaker.


The event was sponsored by Billy Blue College Of Design and Shutterstock.


All photos by Mark Lobo Photography

The Jabra Solemate MAX

- Wonderful speaker!

*** This is just a pic ♥


♫ Dream With Me ♫

Prayer tower in the old city of Jerusalem. The speakers broadcast prayers five times each day.

Location: Khulna, Bnagladesh

In January I attended the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) conference Imaging USA in San Antonio to learn more about my craft. Like many other professional organizations, professional photographers also have continuing education. One of my big take aways from the convention was how to better present my work in competition.


Last night I went to Austin’s PPA monthly meeting and took a print of this image to enter in the monthly competition. Looks like the tips I picked up for entering images in competition worked as I walked away with the Speaker’s Choice ribbon for this one. And last night’s speaker was none other than Steve Kozak, a director in PPA and the executive director of Texas PPA. Steve is also a PPA Master Photographer, one of the top honors in PPA.


For me, getting this recognition for my work was HUGE. It wasn’t a merit, which is an award presented for outstanding photos by PPA, but it helped me know that I am producing images that photographers I respect believe I am doing nice work. Who knows, maybe I’ll enter this in a competition that awards merits to see how it will do. ;-)


In the mean time, if you’d like a 16”x20” Steve Coyle original, message me and let’s talk.



A wet day at speakers corner, Hyde Park, London

Bi - wired ProAc Tablette speakers. And Target stands.


The original ProAc Tablette was launched 30 years ago to instant critical acclaim and redefined performance in mini-monitor class loudspeakers at that time. There have been nine incarnations of the Tablette to date and each one has seen improvements in bass extension, midrange transparency and imaging.

Reproducing a large soundstage is a difficult task for a small loudspeaker, because of lack of bass power due to the limitations of the cabinet size. After a year's intense R and D however, ProAc are confident in having significantly improved this area of performance with only marginal increments to the cabinets dimensions. Extra bass power and soundstage size comes from a new 5 inch mid-bass driver which utilizes a Kevlar cone designed by ProAc. This drive unit gives uncanny bass extension, and is loaded by one large, rear port. A new ProAc developed 20mm dome tweeter features a special material on the front plate to dissipate phase anomalies and cancellations. The drivers are seamlessly integrated via a high quality crossover network. As well as improved efficiency and power handling, the Tablette Anniversary produces a significantly larger soundstage. Shut your eyes and the classic Tablette, trademark ability to produce of a large soundstage from such a small enclosure, is now taken to a much higher level

TED TEDxCooperUnion



In this picture you can see my speaker, but I'm not really happy with this picture because is in movement, and this is an example of radial, also you can see how I used Pixlr to change the color of the table (behind the speaker) to Blue

Speaker: Jason Holt


Photo Taken by Toshie Kaligis

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