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My favorite subject of course - I just cant resist it. I doctored it a little bit.... Yesterday a visit to the dentist and a root canal solved my week long migraine - I could not touch my ear or over the top of my eye without pain! Today - I am a new girl!!! Pain free....


Hope no one minds me indulging in my favorite uploads - these boidies always do well in the groups - I like to get lots of views - I am 8000 views short of half a million!!!


Tags, invites, comments, notes, all welcome! No flickriver stuff though, I will delete it!


Sparrow searching for food in the snow.

Sparrows are a family of small passerine birds, Passeridae.

Juvenile tree sparrow (Passer montanus) perched on a barbed wire.


Młody mazurek (Passer montanus) siedzący na drucie kolczastym.

Male house sparrow (Passer domesticus) perched on a yew tree branch.


Samiec wróbla domowego (Passer domesticus) siedzący na gałązce cisu.

Savannah Sparrow (Passerculus sandwichensis) on a fence row bordering a grassy meadow along the south end of Beaverhill Lake east of Tofield, Alberta, Canada.


15 May, 2017.


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The earthly colors and patterns look great in the rain.

Savannah Sparrow's are fairly common around Barrow although they can be tougher to get a picture of due to there small size and there hunkering abilities within the tundra grasses.

However they do like to get up and sing but there is not allot of aesthetically pleasing higher perches so I elected to try to get this guy on the Tundra.

Explore # 117 ! 24-09-'08 ! A Photo' For the Sparrows and Swans Group ! (to close the bloody contest) !

The Sparrow sits at the branch and looks at me

Savannah Sparrows tend very strongly to return each year to the area where they hatched.


Cape Spear, Newfoundland



30 June 2017

Making eye contact with a Savannah Sparrow!

So thanks to some great flickr contacts I have a feeling I am getting the hang of speed and exposure - today we sunshine, so it meant I was able to really experiment. I was glad to get this little sparrow sharp. Behind him, rather fuzzy looking unfortunately was a dove about to land - I had such a laugh when I saw the shock and horror on his face.


Invites, tags, notes, everything welcome.


"The Ipswich Sparrow is a geographically isolated subspecies of the Savannah Sparrow. This small sparrow breeds strictly on Sable Island, Nova Scotia and winters along the mid-Atlantic coast. Their nape, back, and rump are dark brown with varying degrees of streaking. Their crown is typically beige with a pale yellow eye-stripe. Ipswich sparrows have a whitish colored throat, breast, and belly. Light streaking occurs along their sides and chest, but not much along the belly. The Ipswich sparrow is overall paler and larger than the continental savannah sparrow."


This is Sparrow Blue, my newest custom!

Sparrow's Cave, Manatí, Puerto Rico

Ipswich Sparrow at Barnegat Light State Park in New Jersey


The Ipswich is a very pale subspecies of the Savannah Sparrow that winters in the Mid-Atlantic sand dunes and breeds in Nova Scotia


2017_02_06_EOS 7D_0654_V1

South Llano River State Park, Junction, Kimble County, Texas

Wróbelek z jedzeniem w dzióbku dla swoich bliskich :-) /

Sparrow with food in the bow for his loved ones

The little sparrow sitting on a balustrade was cold this morning.


Der Spatz

Der kleine Spatz saß frierend auf dem Geländer.

Photographing sparrows in winter can be a bit of a challenge. The birds are often very skittish and tend to hide. I'm wishing for spring when they sit up and sing. Won't be long now :)

Young house sparrows leave the nest when fully feathered, but many are not able to fly for a couple of days. Since the parents continue to look after it for a fortnight, a fledgling is extremely unlikely to be abandoned.

An alternative composition to the previous photograph I made of the Sparrow at Dungeness. This is actually a long exposure, largely because I wanted to reduce the texture of the sea so as to focus the image on the boat itself. The shingle seems to lend itself to a relatively high contrast post-processing treatment, so have treated this version in a similar way to the previous post.


The nice folks over at the ADIDAP blog are featuring me as their photographer of the week - really chuffed, thank-you guys!


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House sparrow "Passer domesticus"


Thanks for stopping by, take care, stay safe and have a wonderful weekend everyone !!!

On my snow expedition to the park in turned out there were some tree sparrows out feeding with the song sparrows, though I unfortunately didn't realize it until I got home and looked at the pictures. I've been trying to get a better tree sparrow shot for my prairie wildlife species set. This one was a bit far away and I had to crop more than I like, but it's a better take on species than the one distant shot I got previously.... This one is feeding on Maximilian sunflower seeds.


Some info:


Sparrow not enjoying the rain very much

American Kestrel, aka Sparrow Hawk.


A friend and I took our cameras for a walk this morning and although we were keeping on the trails we interrupted this falcon chasing a meal. A sparrow and the falcon were darting about a bridge when the sparrow charged us. The falcon stopped short of us and hung mid air like a hummingbird. It kept its distance from us which allowed the sparrow to escape.

The SPARROW, (Swift Pursuit Atmospheric Response Reconnaissance Or Whatever) marks a new phase of atmospheric flight with the combination of hover technology with angled control surfaces for optimum maneuverability. It provides a perfect balance of swooshability, style and technoyaddayadda...


Build notes: The primary focus in this was compact swooshability around a new concise cockpit. Letting go of the idea of an enclosed canopy allowed this to progress from a mere sketch. Incidentally, those flags park at that angle quite securely. More are definitely in the pipe. These two were finished during the Saskatoon Train Show. On the left you can see the flyover at that event.


Sound Notes: Range from Nik Bärtch's Ronin to Carbon Based Lifeforms with a finish of canned railway sounds from the next exhibit. I can't quite reccommend the latter, but we can't always control the build environment.

These little guys live in the houses we made out back. Have been for years.

I saw someone feeding sparrows by Shinobazu Pond, Ueno and decided to take the challenge to capture them in flight. These may be my best shots. The head is not quite sharp in the first one but it is good enough for a beginner like me : ) Cropped from landscape form.

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Explore Page.


My first effort with layers and textures, created for the Dictionary of Image pool.


My thanks to Jude for her inspiration and guidance.


Thanks to nesster for the TTV layer.


Here’s some information about the song sparrow.


As with most of my bird shots, this was taken through my office window.


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