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permanent marker on paper, 8 1/4 x 10 1/4 inches, hbt08-p049, 2008

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Space Invader AW

Grackle and blue heron share some air space.

this tiles as desktop wallpaper - fubear invaders.....feel free to download and use...

finding a space invader was definitely the highlight of my graf hunt in vancouver.



image digitale composite

11715X8076 pixels - 2009

I finally finished it! Hooray for vacation days!

Spiny Orb Weaver Spider


They have total of 69 species, spreading all over the world.


(The local species is more spiky and fierce in looks! Maybe it learn Hokkien vulgar language. hahaha!)


Spiny orb weavers are one of the many beneficial spiders we have, since it preys upon small pests that are present in crops and suburban areas. They help to control overpopulation of these insects. Spiny orb weavers are not dangerous and would easily be overlooked if not for their unique coloration.


Spiny orb weavers do not invade the indoors unless carried in while residing in a potted plant. Spiny orb weavers are not dangerous—they are beneficial animals. They should not be killed, if at all possible.


Unfortunately, the spiny orb weaver does not live very long. Females die after producing an egg mass, and males die six days after implanting sperm in the female.


This is the front shot found at Singaproe Zoo. Not easy to shoot due to the small size (less than 1 cm) and outdoor uncertain conditions like breeze. Focusing also a big challenge, it's even more difficult than shooting diamond. Tripod is a must! Unlike other spiders, it will stay calm as long as you don't touch their web.

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Tokyo Wave 5



This is an old photo, but it's a space invader in Covent Garden, London.

pigment transfer on canvas, 10 x 13 inches, hbt11-003, 2011

Originals - Reproductions

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imaginary friends

castle street, on railway arch, looking east towards deansgate locks

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